Friday, May 16, 2008

Lost - Part 12

While ‘Lost’ could technically be labeled a science fiction show, anyone who has watched this from the beginning will freely admit it’s the human element that keeps us coming back. Sure, there are science and fantasy elements to the island’s existence (as far as we know) but it’s the survivors themselves to whom we are drawn.

I was thinking of the reunion scene last night while watching my seven year old wolf down eight Eggo mini waffles and a bowl of Frosted Flakes for breakfast. I wasn’t thinking that it would be horrible to be separated from him for months (although it would be) or that having your family think you’re dead only to come back to life would be traumatizing on a level we couldn’t even fathom (although that is inconceivable – say it like the guy from ‘Princess Bride’).

I was thinking the producers and writers of this show are evil! EVIL!

By showing us the outcome of the Oceanic Six last night, they have cast a cloud of dread over everything that is currently happening on the island. We know who makes it off but not how and by so doing, had me on the edge of my seat as the pieces were being put in place. Only we still can’t figure out how the pieces fit into the puzzle or even what the puzzle is supposed to look like.


You know the drill by now.

What Happened: The opening scene was classic Lost. The freshly scrubbed Oceanic Six (Jack, Kate, Aaron, Sayid, Sun and Hurley) are being freighted back to the mainland. There they have a goosebump inducing reunion with their families, but not before Jack gives everyone the run down again about keeping their stories straight. Obviously something has happened and not everyone seems happy about keeping their game faces on.

The six meet with the media where some legitimate questions are raised ‘You all look healthy for having spent months on a deserted island’, ‘Kate, will you marry me?’ (Note: this may have only happened in my head), ‘So you were six months pregnant when the Marshal arrested you?’

This last was directed to Kate who is passing off Aaron as her own son and gave birth while stranded on an island. We also learn how the survivors got off the island. While they were stranded the most well timed typhoon in history washed up debris. Debris that happened to include an inflatable boat, outboard engine, and a bunch of gas. What luck!

We all know that’s complete B.S., of course, and it gives the writers of this show credit that not every media member is buying it. Some seem downright skeptical. Let’s see if anything comes of that.

After the press conference, Sayid has an emotional lip locking session with long lost Nadia. Again, the writers are evil (EVILLL!) as we have already been told that Nadia and Sayid’s happiness isn’t long to last. We know she’s gunned down very soon after they get married which prompts Sayid and Ben to join murderous forces.

Hurley – still sane and not talking to Charlie – disowns his lottery winnings, telling the media that the money is cursed. He then spends time in his mansion, has a surprise party sprung on him, freaks out when the odometer on his refurbished Camaro has THOSE NUMBERS on it (which I admit was pretty freaky), then runs, apparently for the first time in his life, down the street.

Jack has very, very delayed wake for his father and meets a strange, Australian woman who lets slip that he and his sister were on the same plane with each other and probably never met. Jack and the other five have agreed to the story that only they and two others made it off the plane. Two died on the island (although they haven’t said who, yet) and the rest died in the initial crash. ‘Her name was Claire’ says mom to a staggered Jack.

Kate, for her part, holds Aaron and hangs around the fringes of this episode. We already know what happens to her anyway.

Sun, on the other hand, has a new found confidence and vengeance on her mind. She uses the Oceanic settlement money to buy a controlling share of her father’s business. In one of my favorite scenes of this season, she literally crushes her father’s will to live by coldly telling him that she is now in charge and they will talk about the best interests of the company after the baby is born. ‘You will respect me, now’.

Meanwhile, on the island we had three things going on at once.

1: Post op Jack and Kate head for the helicopter using the sat phone. Halfway there they run into Psychic Asian Dude (Oh! Hi again!) and a baby carrying Sawyer. Jack tells everyone to go back to the beach and heads off by himself. Sawyer goes after him (Son of a bitch is stubborn) and they reach the helicopter with the pilot hand cuffed to it. They help him get free only to learn that Locke, Hurley and Ben are walking into a death trap. When Jack learns Hurley is with them he steals Sawyer’s ‘son of a bitch’ line right from under him. Both he and Sawyer head out to save Hurley, leaving the pilot to fend for himself.

2: Sayid arrives with the boat and starts getting people into the boat. But Kate arrives with Aaron and tells him what’s going on, so he and Kate head out after Sawyer and Jack only to run into the Ageless Wonder Richard and his band of island lunatics. Physics Dan – who seems to know what the mercenaries have planned when he learns that they went to the Orchid station – takes the helm and starts ferrying people to the freighter. He successfully got Sun, Jin, Aaron, and some others I don’t remember (which means they’re as good as dead) on to the freighter. Sun and Jin have a lovely, tearful reunion with Michael (not really) only to have things broken up when Desmond finds a room full of explosives. And I mean full.

3: Ben, Locke, and Hurley are heading to the Orchid station, too. On the walk Ben shares that it really is possible to move the island but they only do it as a last resort as it’s ‘extremely dangerous and unpredictable’. Ben uncovers a stash full of stuff that includes a mirror he uses to signal to somebody up on the mountain, a 15 year old bag of crackers (that Hurley tears into) and binoculars. Of course, by the time they get there the mercenaries are already in place. Ben instructs Locke on what to do (it involves the greenhouse, walking 20 paces left and a hidden elevator – forget the details) then proceeds to give himself up to the mercenaries. ‘I believe you’re looking for me’ he says calmly before getting bashed in the head, which is what every person watching this show has wanted to do for 2 years now.

What We Learned:

- Something has happened that the Oceanic Six don’t want the outside world knowing about.

- We know Sun and Aaron survive and they are on the freighter.

- We know Jack and Hurley survive and they most likely meet up at the Orchid.

- We know Kate and Sayid survive but they are currently prisoners of Richard.

- Sun blames her father for Jin’s death and is paying him back in spades. She also looks fantastic with her hair up. Or down. Either way she looks great.

- Someone – but not Michael as far as we know – has rigged the freighter to explode. We can assume it’s the mercenaries, but we really don’t know for sure.

- Jack does know that Aaron is his nephew.

- Ben always has a plan.

- Sawyer is still a wise ass. ‘Want me to grab y’all some lemonade while I’m at it!’

- Aaron’s head grows astronomically between 5 weeks and 3 years of age. Let’s hope it doesn’t disturb the earth’s gravitational field.

- The freighter can’t get close to the island because something is broadcasting from it and is disturbing their course heading. That something is apparently whatever head mercenary has strapped to his arm and a wall full of explosives in one of the boat’s rooms. It’s always something with these guys.

- Locke is learning to get his shots in on Ben. When Ben said ‘I haven’t been entirely truthful’, Locke jumps on it with ‘When have you ever been entirely truthful?’ Gotcha, Ben!!! BA-ZING! Ben’s lack of response, by the way, spoke volumes.

- Hurley is still haunted by the numbers even after he returns from the island and his father did a sweet job fixing up the car, if not getting a better hair piece.

- There is something going on between Physics Dan and Charlotte. Their quick wave and the look on her face when he was taking the first group to the freighter implied deeper feelings than we have been let in on so far.

New Questions:

- What happens that the Oceanic Six wind up together and on a boat?

- How does Sun get separated from Jin?

- Does Jin really, truly, die or does he just get left behind?

- Why does nobody ask how Kate looks so great after having a baby on a deserted island?

- Is the armband on the mercenary tied to his life? In other words, if his heart stops beating does freighter go boom?

- How does Ben get out of this one? We know he does due to his teaming with Sayid in the future, but how? HOW??!!!! CLAIRE!!! Oh, sorry, lost my bearings.

- How does Aaron stay fed when Claire isn’t around? Sawyer says they looked for Claire for a full day so what have they been feeding the baby. Do psychic babies not need as much nourishment?

- How, exactly, are they going to move the island?

- Does Sun somehow blame herself for Jin’s death? She tells her father two people are responsible for the loss of Sun’s life, but doesn’t mention the other one. Maybe she blames Widmore? Or Jack?

- How does Physics Dan know about the Orchid station?

- More importantly, does Dan have a problem with his memory? He uses that notebook as constant reference and we caught a glimpse of a memory game being played between him and Charlotte a few weeks back. Has he time traveled at some point and it’s effected his memory? Anyone remember when the show first introduced him? He was crying while watching the coverage of the ‘discovery’ of Oceanic 815 on the ocean floor. When asked why he said he didn’t know. Something tells me this will come into play very soon.

- Does the knowledge that Claire is his sister create the beginnings of the need for Jack to get back to the island?

That’s all I’ve got. I’m sure I’ve missed something so feel free to chime in.

No show next week, but we have a two hour season finale to look forward to. I, for one, can’t wait. No literally. I can’t friggin’ wait. I want to watch it now!

Stupid writer’s strike.

Today's distraction: 17 enduring mysteries of Lost. Something tells me we may never get all of these answered.


French said...

I didn't read this post because I DVR'd the episode but man, you are one verbose motherfucker.

I'm gonna go ahead and put the offer out there for us to grab a few cold ones sometime soon.

And I wait...

son pere said...

BB, another GREAT posting, as usual. I, like you, WANT TO SEE THE two hour FINALE NOW!!!! It's going to be a very looooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg two weeks waiting for this one.

Also, if you are considering taking French up on his offer (see above), better do it soon, or I may be included in the deal!

BeachBum said...

Tell you what, French, I'll meet you for beers when you post something new on your blog.

And I wait...

Son pere, all three of us should get in a few soon. I would like to wait for nicer weather so we can sit outside, but that should be coming any day now.

And I wait...again...

Stupid weather.