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Lost - Season Finale

Every Lost season finale is bittersweet, don’t you think? I get all excited for it and schedule my week around it, but the truth is I get kind of depressed. We now have to wait months to pick up where last night’s finale left off.

Still, last night’s show left us plenty to discuss over the summer.

Shall we get to it?

I think we shall.

You know the drill by now, but I will reiterate:

If you haven’t watched, yet (and if you haven’t I may have to stop talking to you) do not read any further.

What Happened: Where do we start? How about with Jeremy Bentham? Turns out he’s the one in the coffin from the end of last season. We know this because we see the continuation of last season’s conversation between Kate and Jack. Kate is so pissed at Jack she won’t even let him say Aaron’s name without a slap across the face. Still wondering how that fake beard didn’t come flying off.

Who’s Jeremy Bentham you ask? Why he’s the guy in the coffin. I just told you that. Seems pre-coffin Jeremy Bentham was a busy dude. He paid a visit to Walt, Hurley, Jack, Kate (and we assume Aaron since those two are together all the time), Sayid (possibly – it was never explicitly said, but Sayid spoke like he had) and still found time to get himself killed. Reports called it a suicide, but we all know better. Don’t we?

These visits spur on the Oceanic Six, Ben and Walt to take some action. Big Walt visits Hurley and asks why they’re lying about the rest of the survivors. ‘To protect them,’ he replies. ‘Even my dad?’ Even your stupid dad, Big Walt.

Jack tries to talk Kate in returning to the island, Ben tracks down Jack and tells him he alone cannot return to the island. It must be all of them. Including Jeremy Bentham, who, if you’ll recall, is the dead guy in the coffin. Sayid breaks into Hurley’s mental institution after gunning down some random guy in a car outside and tells Hurley they are going somewhere ‘safe’. Hurley’s biggest concern was whether they were going back to the island. He really, really is enjoying his time talking to dead people.

What we don’t know yet is whether Mr. Bentham paid a visit to Sun, but it’s becoming clear that she has her own agenda. This includes taking over her father’s company and approaching one Mr. Widmore with an offer of help. He doubts her of course, so she just gives him her fancy business card and goes her sulky (yet sexy) way.

Meanwhile there is a ton of action involving the island. After Ben’s surrender and subsequent head bashing, he is rescued from the mercenaries by Sir Richard’s band of merry men. They kick the living crap out of professional soldiers in a frighteningly efficient display of neck breaking, karate chopping, ass kicking! Richard himself kills lead mercenary dude by shooting him in the back after an entertaining fight with Sayid. Nothing like watching two professional soldiers go at it! Richard, however, has apparently never seen Kevlar vests before (hey, he’s old fashioned) and doesn’t really kill him. More on that later.

Locke and Jack face off for what is apparently the last time in the garden. Locke telling him that he is on the island for a reason and Jack telling him miracles do not happen. Locke is about to convince him other wise. ‘Wait until you see what I’m about to do’. At this point Ben comes back and helps Locke find how to move the island. (Hint: It involves blowing a hole in the back of a time traveling device. So obvious!). They are interrupted by dead – but not dead – mercenary dude who confirms that his heart rate is sending a signal back to the freighter and is hooked into 500 pounds of C4. That’s a lot of C4 for you novices out there.

Ben doesn’t care and kills him anyway. Which causes all sorts of worry lines for Michael, Jin and Desmond who are trying to figure out how to disarm the bomb on the boat. Mike freezes the battery to give them some time while Jin and Desmond try to trace back the lines. Not to spoil things, but they don’t figure it out. In fact, just as the light turns red on the bomb Jack, Sayid, Hurley, Kate and Aaron arrive on the helicopter. The chopper was running out of fuel and HAD to land. It was so dire that Sawyer threw himself out of the helicopter to save fuel and help the rest of them reach the freighter. So noble. He did manage to get one last smooch out of Kate, so it may have been worth it.

When the chopper lands and they find out there is a bomb, Kate goes to get Jin while Sun, Aaron, Hurley, Desmond, Frank (the pilot), Sayid and Jack all climb on. But not so fast, Jack grabs Kate and forces her onto the helicopter and they take off without Jin who is left waving like a fool just before the boat goes BOOM! Sun, as you can imagine ain’t too happy about that whole turn of events.

While this is all going on Ben is climbing into the arctic basement of the island to turn some cryptic, spoked wheel. The island starts making a sound like one of those Australian things and BLOOP, there goes the island. In your face, Jack! This is a problem for two reasons. First, the helicopter was heading back to the island to land and now it’s not there. You can see how that might be disconcerting. This means the chopper crashes into the ocean and everyone needs to climb into a raft and float around for a while before being picked up by a boat. Second, there just happened to be a bunch of other people on the island hoping to get off. Including Sawyer and a half drunk Juliette.

Who’s on the boat that picks up Jack et al, you may wonder? Why it’s none other than Penny. Desmond’s long lost love who have a much delayed reunion and a week’s worth of high seas romping to make up for lost time, I’m sure. Jack, after watching the island go poof realizes that what Locke told him is true. The survivors need to lie about what’s happened in order to protect themselves and the people still left on the island. He convinces the others and Penny to drop them off at a certain point so they can paddle to shore and get their official story straight.

But wait! We’re not done yet. It seems that while Ben moves the island, the consequence of the person doing the moving is that they cannot return to it! Ben seems a bit pissy that he is the one that needs to leave and kills everyone on the freighter with a shrug – ‘So?’ – and in a departure I want to discuss more in a bit, says to Locke ‘Sorry I made your life so miserable’.

Locke than leaves Ben and takes his place with the Ageless Wonders. Richard says to him ‘Welcome home’.

And we’re still not done. For when Ben and horribly bearded Jack meet up again, it’s at the coffin of Jeremy Bentham. This is where Ben tells Jack that everyone needs to return to the island. ‘Even him’ as he motions to the guy in the coffin. And as the camera finally shows Bentham we learn it’s actually John Locke.

Welcome home, indeed.

What We Learned:

Locke is now head of the island. Or at least it’s Others.

Jin and Michael both blow up with the freighter and are dead. Or as dead as people can be dead on that freaky island.

Sun is either setting up Widmore or trying to exact vengeance on someone else (Ben? Jack?) for Jin’s death.

A dead Mr Ekko isn’t very good at chess.

Ben arrives in the desert wearing his winter coat because he was booted off after he moved it. Love how things come together with this show!

Ben really is an ungrateful prick.

Jack’s father shows up at the most inopportune times.

Claire is still keeping her eye on Aaron and is a total bitch for someone that can do whatever she wants.

Kate, Hurley and Sayid are still totally opposed to going back to the island.

Jeremy Bentham is John Locke. Or maybe John Locke is Jeremy Bentham? One is the other.

Oh, and he’s dead, too. Forgot that part.

The people hired by Widmore to watch over the Oceanic Six aren’t very good. I mean really; falling for the old ‘have you got the time?’ from Sayid? That’s lame, man. No wonder you’ve been shot dead.

The island really can move! That’s a pretty cool feature for an island.

New Questions:

Why was Locke coming off the island to visit all the ones that left?

What were the ‘horrible’ things that happened on the island after the Six left?

What happened to the raft containing Physics Dan and his doomed cast of nobodies? Did anyone else think ‘Uh oh, there are no major characters in that raft!’ when he headed off the island?

Was Charlotte born on the island? Both she and PAD make some allusion to her having at least been on the island before.

If so, how does that effect the theory that no babies can be born on the island?

What did Christian mean when he said to Michael ‘You can go now’? Was he referring to an afterlife? Did he just mean that Michael was of no further use to the island and was expendable? This island (or Jacob) is cold, man. Cold.

Why do all the survivors refer to Locke as Bentham throughout this episode? Do they fear people are listening? Are Bentham and Locke actually two different people?

What was the meaning behind Sun saying to Widmore ‘We’re not the only ones that left the island?’ Was she referring to the Oceanic Six? Or does the know that Widmore was on that island at some point and returned?

When Widmore infers that he and Sun’s father are close, is that an indication that Sun’s father knows of the island, too? Is he part of the planted plane conspiracy along with Widmore?

Why is it freezing in the basement of the island and is that where the polar bears come from?

Did anyone else feel for Hurley when the copter pilot kept telling everyone there was too much weight on the craft? ‘I’d feel better if we were a few hundred pounds lighter!’

Finally, let’s end the season with a remark that is loaded with possibilities. When Locke and Ben part ways, Ben says to him ‘Sorry for making your life so miserable’. Three things we can take from this:

1: He was referring to his handing over control of the island to Locke, meaning with that responsibility comes much misery.

2: He was referring to the constant lies and deceit he used on Locke since they first met on the island.

3: And the more intriguing option. Ben and the island had some sort of control over Locke’s pre island life. Could it have been Ben putting Locke through his tough life? Could he have been pulling strings throughout the course of Locke’s life in order to keep him from coming to the island or realizing his true calling? In a previous episode, it was implied that Locke – not Ben – was actually the chosen one to lead the island. But Locke failed the initial test and Ben was put in charge instead. So, did Ben know he was the ‘course correction’ for the island and use his and the island’s abilities to keep Locke miserable and insecure?

As with most questions from this show, we may never have a definitive answer.

But I’ll be back next season to find out.

Won’t we all.

Today's distraction: The 8 types of annoying people you can find at Starbucks. Amen, brotha. Amen! Enjoy your weekends, all.

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son pere said...

Congrats, BB, on another fine column. Boy, I sure am going to miss these "Lost" synopses every week, almost as much as I'm going to miss LOST! What have we got, two seasons left?? Man, I don't think I'm going to make it.
I spent the entire episode trying to remember who the f*** Jeremy Bentham was, to no avail. When it turned out to be John Locke, I could not believe it! These writers sure know how to screw with your mind, eh?

I think Sun is proposing to help Whitemore find BEN and punish him. I think Locke did visit Sun and told her how BEN was responsible for blowing up the ship by killing Mr. Mercenary, thus killing Jin.

It's going to be a loooonnnngggg summer waiting for the next season to begin.

RE: Starbuck's - how can anyone drink that swill??? It doesn't even taste like coffee, to me. Give me good ol' Dunkin Donuts every time. I can't comment on the kinds of people at Starbuck's, since I do not frequent the place. I will say, though, that I liked the Dunkin Donuts commercials where they show different people trying to order at another coffee shop (Starbuck's, ostensibly). They go on to say (or sing) "your mouth can't form these words", referring to the various items on the menu.

Thanks, again, for another great post!