Monday, June 16, 2008

Dad Day

You know what would have been a nice Father’s Day gift? A Celtics celebration. That would have been a perfect gift. Especially since I stayed up past midnight to watch something that never fucking happened!

At the very least the team could have mailed it in and gone down by 20 in the fourth quarter. But, then again, that doesn’t mean much. They still could have come back. So, I stayed up in vain, will be sleepy all day and will have to go through the same fucking routine Tuesday night. Seriously, an 8 pm game time isn’t feasible? Really? The NBA would lose that much money if things started at 8 and not 9? I find that extremely hard to believe.

And don’t give me the West Coast shit, either. The game times would be the same if it were New Orleans playing and not LA. For some reason 9pm has become the sacred start time for the NBA. No idea why since the golden era of Bird, Magic and even Jordan would play Finals games on Sunday afternoons all the time. Of course, the playoffs didn’t extend until July like they do now.

The pity is my eight year old (as of today!) would love to watch some of the games, but they don’t START until he goes to bed. Is the NBA deliberately trying to block new fans? Why is a Sunday afternoon game impossible? Wouldn’t it be a win-win all around? Kids could watch, fans could get home at a reasonable hour, east coast fans could get some sleep, and more importantly, the NBA would be the talk of the day. Imagine a great afternoon game that ends around 7pm. It would lead SportsCenter and be the talk of the sports world for the rest of the night. How is that a bad thing for us or the sport?

Whatever. David Stern seems to have slipped into a ‘our way or the highway’ attitude when it comes to scheduling games and supervising the league's referees. I’m sensing a troublesome decline towards irrelevancy if this keeps up. As much as Stern has done for the NBA, maybe it’s time for some fresh blood.

Wonder if a horse’s head will show up in my bed tomorrow morning….

Some thoughts from the weekend.

- Did anyone – no really, anyone? – think this series wasn’t going back to Boston? Even with Pierce, Allen and Garnett getting whistled for every tiny touch, the Lakers still couldn’t put them away. Which is why I had to stay up and watch the entire game. I kept thinking the Celtics could pull it off. Something tells me if I went to bed after the third quarter, they would have won and I would have missed everything.

- Still, it will be nice to win it in Boston. When’s the last time a championship was won IN BOSTON? The 2004 Sox won it in St Louis. The 2007 team did it in Colorado. The Pats have always done it at some neutral site. Was 1986 the last time we celebrated in Boston? Me thinks it is.

- Yesterday was eight year old’s birthday celebration. We got him that Nintendo DS handheld game system with the Hulk game from his younger brother. Well, he is officially a zombie. He sat on the coach going between the Hulk game and Super Mario for hours. I don’t think he even ate breakfast this morning because he wanted to play his game. Ahhh, to be young again.

- What the holy hell was with the weather, yesterday? It’s been gorgeous in the Boston area for the past two weeks. The one day I need it to be nice out, the temperature drops 20 degrees and it rains. Bastard!!!!

- I watched game 4 on ESPN Classic Saturday night and was struck by the lack of urgency the Lakers showed in the fourth quarter. It was like they were leading by 20 in a regular season game. Very odd demeanor from them in that game. Maybe they were in denial about what was happening.

- After last night’s game, I’m officially unafraid of Kobe Bryant. He doesn’t scare me at all. There. I said it.

- Paul Pierce, on the other hand, should terrify every Lakers fan in the country. I was convinced he was going to win the game all by himself. Almost!

- I forgot to mention this last week, but there was an interview with Will Smith as he sat courtside during game 4 and he mention that he was from Philly and that he wanted the Lakers to give him ‘that feeling back’. By this he meant a championship, but if he grew up in Philly how can he now be a Lakers fan? Shouldn’t he be rooting for the 76ers still? He did mention that he was used to the Celtics beating up on his team, so maybe he was just rooting against the Celtics, but it sure didn’t seem that way. It seemed like he has switched allegiances to the Lakers and abandoned the Sixers. What an asswipe.

- Or maybe he’s not a sports fan at all and just showed up because ‘Hancock’ is coming out soon. Either way, he’s still an asswipe.

- Wait, who was Will Smith rooting for when the Sixers played the Lakers in the Finals a few years ago? I need to know these stupid things.

- On a related note, it was great to see Matt Damon in the crowd last night wearing his Celtics gear for all to see. No doubt about his loyalties.

- I noticed Jack Nicholson and Doc Rivers were chatting it up before the game and couldn’t help but wonder what they could possibly be talking about? What do those two have in common? Is Jack just rambling on about filming ‘The Departed’ and his favorite places to eat in Boston? Was he giving coaching advice? Was he inviting Doc to the Playboy Mansion after the game to fuck with his head?

- Those Chevy Denali commercials are annoying as hell. You know the ones with the obnoxious parking attendant talking to some unseen professional athlete? I fucking hate those and I’d bet if any real life parking attendant acted like that the athlete would either run him down or start taking public transportation.

- If you’re wondering, I will be watching ‘Wipeout’.

- Watched ‘I Am Legend’ over the weekend and it was ok (more on this in the next review post). It takes a certain suspension of belief for movies like this anyway, BUT I couldn’t get past that one of the 1% of those that were immune to a virus that kills most of humanity just happens to be the guy working on the vaccine to stop it. Seems a bit convenient, no? The book was a thousand times better.

This has already turned into one of those days where nothing goes right and every attempted fix gets more convoluted and confusing. I hate days like this. I think it’s getting time for a vacation.

Today’s distraction: The strangest internet café’s from around the world. I don’t have to tell you which is my favorite.


Hammen said...

I love those car attendant commercials, I think they're hilarious! I laugh out loud at least twice during every one of them.

BeachBum said...

I just picture it being me in the car and having to put up with this idiot every time I drive my Denali into the garage.

I picture the unseen athlete just staring at him with outright hatred.

Anonymous said...

"Look at that, your car is so comfy, I put my hand in it and my hand fell asleep."

I also laugh at those car commercials. I'm glad you're with me on wanting the Celts to win in Boston. Even though I am nowhere near a Boston fan, I love KG and want him to win, and I want the mayhem to ensue in Bean Town.

Hammen said...