Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Democratic Lunch

I'm fucking starving and need to get lunch.

Here are my options:

1: Rice and salad plate from Sue's Deli

Pros: Fantastic nearly 100% of the time and my sole healthy option

Cons: Starting to gain a 'been there, done that' vibe

2: Buffalo chicken burrito from Boloco

Pros: Yummy

Cons: about 1800 calories all from fat

3: Poor Boy from Sandwich Express

Pros: Cheap and filling

Cons: Roast beef and I'm staying away from beef lately

4: Taco salad from Qdoba

Pros: Haven't had a bad one, yet; contains the word salad which fools my stomach into thinking I'm eating healthy even when I'm not

Cons: Distinct possibility of heartburn later today

5: Mac and cheese and salad plate from Deli One

Pros: Absolutely delicious and filling even if it sounds boring

Cons: Have to fight my way through the ridiculous lunch line at that place. Maybe if I head over early.....

6: Italian Chicken sandwich from Pressed

Pros: New Pressed is now right down the street

Cons: Last few I've had have been sub par

7: Turkey Light from Cosi

Pros: Top of the line sandwich in all of Boston

Cons: Insane line ALL THE TIME!!

I'll reveal the winner later today, along with today's distraction.

1 comment:

Hammen said...

I vote #3, taco salad from Qdoba. Just grab a couple of tums afterwards.