Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good Vibrations

After re-reading yesterday’s entry, I realize I had a piss poor attitude. I’m here to rectify that. In an effort to change my state of mind and bring a positive vibe to Boston (and by extension – the Celtics) for tonight’s game, I bring you nothing but good news.

I should point out that this new found attitude coincides with the re-emergence of the sun in the Boston area. Waking to a beautiful morning after two days of drizzle and cold does wonders for the spirit.

Off we go.

- To be honest, this was one of the stories that helped get me in a good mood. Turns out drinking coffee is good for you. Coffee drinkers may be living longer than non coffee drinkers. Like I needed another reason to up my caffeine dosage. I can tell you already that I’ll be having a 4pm ice coffee in preparation for game 6.

There is a downside to this story as it seems women are more likely to benefit from coffee than men. I’m nearly positive it’s because coffee still doesn’t protect men from being nagged to death.

- I also read long ago that men who drink coffee on a regular basis have better sex lives later in life than those that do not. Wait, found an actual link that is cringe inducing on many levels. Who knew nursing homes were so happening?

- For all you Met fans out there, hope is now your new friend. They should have done this over a month ago or – many would argue – last season following that epic collapse.

- Hey, look! I’m not the only one asking questions about the ludicrous NBA start times. In fact, it seems the entire city of Boston is suffering from sleep deprivation. Meanwhile, LA – a city notoriously fickle in it’s fandom – cruises along with nary a care. Good for them!

Part of this article makes a great point that the NBA seems to be missing (or doesn't care about). An advertising professor from BU says ‘From an advertising perspective, from a common sense perspective, what the NBA is doing is clearly excluding a whole generation from being able to watch their games’. Well done, NBA, well done!

Oh, sorry, was that negative? Let me rephrase that:

Don’t worry, NBA, we can live with the 9pm start times. Especially if it brings the Celtics back to glory. Go for it, dudes!

- Ever been in a show down with some asshole displaying uncontrollable road rage? Well, help is on the way. Stanford is developing a ‘driver conscious’ car that will be able to judge what kind of driver is at the wheel and weather it needs to take control. No shit! Using voice analysis and facial recognition technology, the car would even be able to tell when a driver is a bad mood and apply brakes or stabilization if needed. I imagine this will only piss off the already angry driver more and result in many roadside ‘Office Space’ fax machine reenactments. Only with the car’s computer system.

- This story about a man coming back from the dead just as doctor’s were getting ready to remove his organs for donation is more good news/bad news. It was good for the 45 year old that was actually still alive but bad news for the doctors getting ready to cut him up and their malpractice insurance companies. Good news for the man’s family but bad news for all the people thinking they were getting new body parts. Not sure about you, but I was highly disturbed by the use of the word ‘re-animation’ and the not so subtle reference that the guy was ‘giving signs that he could feel pain’. I’m nearly positive it’s because they had his chest and gut wide open when he came to. Hey, at least he didn’t wake up in the crematorium or six feet under.

- For all you gay people out on the west coast, you don’t have to fly cross country to get married any more. California is having a gay marriage celebration! Congrats to all of you. I can only assume this will mean a gay marriage divorce spike in about 3 years.

- And, if you are gay or trying to decide which side of the fence you fall on, take note that your sexual preference may be genetic. More specifically, it’s all in your head. Literally. Brain studies show that lesbian woman and straight men have the same brain shape and activity. Likewise, gay men and straight women share the same traits. Don’t believe me? Look, there are pictures and everything! I wouldn’t lie to you.

Sidenote here: I was drawn to this story because the link read ‘Lesbians like straight men’. I initially thought it meant lesbians like (as in enjoy the company of) straight men and not ‘are similar to’. You can imagine my disappointment.

- For those wondering how life got started here on earth, here is some new information that may pique your interest. Scientists now think that the basic building blocks of human life may have originally come to earth on a meteorite. You can read the article for the details, but I’m wondering if this is true does that make the Scientologists right? Please say no.

- Good news for a Massachusetts state worker who was fired after child porn was found on his laptop. The laptop was state issued and used for work and the fired employee kept insisting he never looked at any type of porn on any computer. Turns out he was telling the truth and a virus is to blame. One note here, as this guy was vilified in the local media when this story broke last summer. Included in this story was mention that he was ‘ostracized by his community’ after the charges were filed and that his wife had to be hospitalized for a ‘stress related illness’. What’s not mentioned is the press coverage this story received and how most of the stations and papers here just assumed his guilt. Sure, they all put in the ‘alleged’ word to cover their asses, but when they interview neighbors and coworkers and they say things like ‘I would have never suspected him of this’ and ‘this is highly disturbing’ or ‘I’ll have to watch my kids a little closer in this neighborhood’ you are sending a message that this guy is guilty. Legally, you’re clear, but ethically perhaps you should take a second look at how you handle these stories.

- Tired of your old, boring, standard icons? Go here and download brand new ones for free. Just make sure no child porn is packaged in the downloads.

- And finally, remember my Man Hall of Fame inductee Ralph Baer? Well Leonardo DiCaprio has been signed to star as the ‘inventor of the video game’! Only he won’t be playing Baer. He’ll be portraying Nolan Bushnell, co-founder of Atari. No word on who will play Baer or if he’ll even be a character in this movie. He fucking better be, that’s all I can say.

Go Celts! Let’s wrap up #17 tonight so this city can get back to sleep.

Today’s distraction: Play Chronotron, a time traveling game that can be immensely frustrating.

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