Monday, June 30, 2008

I've Got Nothing

I have absolutely nothing to say today.

I could bore you with random research articles, but I'll save those.

I could regale you with highlights of a subpar, boring weekend, but why bother? I'm tired and, quite frankly, the highlight was fixing my clothes line. I leave the rest of the weekend to your imaginations.

I could talk about the Sox or something sports related but I seem to be suffering a Celtics hangover and haven't been paying that much attention.

I could just make shit up. Want me to make something up? Me neither. What fun is that?

I could talk about how I took my son to see 'The Incredible Hulk' but it's basically me and him sitting in a theater staring at a screen. I'll review this in more detail later, but it's a thumbs up.

So instead, it's just today's distraction. I'm unmotivated and tired and will do better tomorrow. Promise. Hell, how could I not?

Today's distraction: Handy Latin phrases you can use everyday. We're using the first one in Boston right now!! Go figure!


son pere said...

Sorry your day isn't going as well, or being as much fun, as mine! I hope things change for you real soon.

I just sent this to you via e-mail, but I'll put it here, as well, just in case!

Check this out while you are being totally bored at work - might brighten up your otherwise dull day!
Check out #9, especially.

PS - French, if you're tuned it, you can check it out, as well, as #9 will be specially meaningful to you!

Hammen said...

Is 'ubuntu' latin? I've been using that quite a bit lately.

son pere said...

Sounds like Swahili to me!

Here's another:

Illegitimus non carborundum.
Don't let the bastards get you down.

BeachBum said...

Nice link, son pere. Although I don't wear ironic belt buckles or drink ironic beer. I'm a regular belt guy with regular beer taste. Not sure PBR would fall in that category, anyway. Think that would be more a Keystone Light or Schlitz.