Friday, August 15, 2008

Fantasy Life

This Sunday is my fantasy football draft. That’s right, while the sun is still shining and we’re grilling up some dead animals and sucking down some hops and barley football season officially starts.

Now, since I’ve barely been following things, I need to put down some thoughts and get myself organized. Last year was a last minute thing and I went in woefully unprepared.

Not this year. This year I’ve actually read up and shit. I kinda know what I’m doing which can only mean I’m going to do a lot worse than I did going in blind.

Some thoughts for your consideration.


Cream of the Crop

Tom Brady
Peyton Manning
Tony Romo
Drew Brees

Notes: Obviously everyone wants Brady, but you can’t go wrong with any of these four. Romo proved doubters wrong with last year’s spectacular season and Brees now has Shockey joining him.

Take It and Like It

Phillip Rivers
Ben Roethlisberger
Matt Hasslebeck
Jay Cutler
Marc Bulger
Matt Schaub
David Gerrard
Jon Kitna
Kurt Warner
Jeff Garcia

The big issue with this group is Warner. Will he even play if Leinart is the starter again this year? Warner kicked ass the second half of last season, so if this is an open competition I would risk a late pick on him.

The Question Marks

Brett Favre – new team, new system, new crappy receivers.

Donovan McNabb – is he fully healthy? I get the feeling he’s going to rebound this year, but how much are you willing to risk on it?

Derek Anderson – Was last year a fluke?

Matt Ryan – Everyone loves the rookie gamble.

Troy Smith – Will this be his breakout year?

JaMarcus Russell – The biggest question mark for this entire season.

What Choice Did I Have

Vince Young
Matt Leinart
Alex Smith
Tarvaris Jackson
Chad Pennington
Aaron Rodgers
Jason Campbell

The most intriguing name here is Pennington. With Miami, he’s virtually a lock to be starter and I always thought he was better then most think. When he was healthy, he was a Brady type QB. Never overwhelming, but can pick apart defenses with accurate midrange throws. Plus he’s got Ricky Williams and (if he’s healthy) Ronnie Brown protecting him in the backfield. If you want to gamble on one of these guys, I’d go with Pennington.

I Can’t Believe I’m Stuck With This Guy

Rex Chapman
Todd Collins
JP Losman & Trent Edwards
Brodie Coyle


Cream of the Crop

LaDainian Tomlinson
Adrian Peterson
Joseph Addai (my man from last year)
Brian Westbrook
Stephen Jackson
Clinton Portis
Marshawn Lynch
Ryan Grant

Notes: The way Tomlinson ended last season still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. We all assume he'll rebound and have another great year, but warning flags are going up with this guy. Addai, Westbrook, and Portis are the most consistent, reliable guys.

Take It and Like It

Frank Gore
Marion Barber
Willis McGahee
Willie Parker
Maurice Jones-Drew
Fred Taylor
Rudi Johnson
Justin Fargas
Brandon Jacobs
Laurence Maroney
Reggie Bush

Notes: Do you take Taylor and Jones-Drew together? They both split playing time so much it almost makes sense to get both of them on your team and play them at the same time.

The Question Marks

Larry Johnson – Is he done or did he just have a bad year? He’s either going to kick ass to prove he is still an elite running back or he’s toast.

Jamal Lewis - Really came on at the end of last season, but was that just an aberration or a sign of things to come this year?

Michael Turner – Is he going to show he’s more than just a great backup now that he’s with Atlanta?

Shawn Alexander - he's going to wind up somewhere, right? Do you waste a late round pick on him?

Ronnie Brown – is he 100%?

Ricky Williams – is he 100% clean and motivated?

Sammy Morris – will he become the main back for the Patriots if Maroney starts off slow again?

Ahmad Bradshaw – will he continue like he played in the playoffs last year? Dude is relentless.

What Choice Did I Have

Darren McFadden
Edgerrin James
Thomas Jones
Earnest Graham
LenDale White
Julius Jones
DeAngelo Williams
Deuce Mcallister
Ahman Green
Jerious Norwood

Notes: Does Julius Jones become a star behind the Seahawks line?

I Can’t Believe I’m Stuck With This Guy

Ricky Williams (when he quits or gets arrested from trying to bring weed on a team flight)
DeShaun Foster (speaking from experience)
Brandon Jackson
Leon Washington
Ledell Betts


Cream of the Crop

Randy Moss
Larry Fitzgerald
Terrell Owens
Reggie Wayne
Steve Smith
Marques Colston (aka MY MAN!)
Chad Johnson
Wes Welker (aka MY MAIN MAN!)

Take It and Like It

Anquan Boldin
Santonio Holmes
TJ Houshmandzadah (yes, I had to look up how to spell that)
Andre Johnson
Torry Holt
Braylon Edwards (who I was tempted to put in the top section)
Plaxico Burress
Greg Jennings
Hines Ward
Calvin Johnson
Donald Driver
Roddy White

Notes: Roddy White made me look like a genius last season when I picked him up for the final half of the season. Not great, but solid and consistent. Be wary of Green Bay receivers, too. Sine we have no idea how good Aaron Rodgers is going to be, there is no way to know how those guys will be effected.

The Question Marks

Bobby Engram – how bad is his shoulder?

Brandon Marshall – talented and troubled. Can he stay on the field all season? I see suspension somewhere along the way.

Steve Smith – already suspended for one game with an injury that is usually lingering for receivers.

Marvin Harrison – is he healthy?

Jet’s receivers Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Crotchery - Do their numbers go up playing with Favre or does Favre’s numbers go down playing with them?

Anthony Gonzalez – Does he play full time this season? Certainly looked impressive at the tail end of last season. Might be worth a gamble.

What Choice Did I Have

Joey Galloway
Chris Chambers
Bernard Berriman
Donte Stallworth
Javon Walker
Kevin Curtis
Isaac Bruce
Jerry Porter
Antwaan Randle El

How Did I Get Stuck With This Guy

Sidney Rice
Ronald Curry
Nate Burleson
Derrick Mason (although if Troy Smith comes of age, he could be a surprise)
Amani Toomer (speaking from experience)
Roydell Williams (or any of the Titan’s receivers for that matter)


Cream of the Crop

Jason Whitten (who could be having a career year)
Dallas Clark
Kellen Winslow
Tony Gonzalez (who has to slow down at some point, right? Right?)

Take It and Like It

Chris Cooley
Ben Watson
Jeremy Shockey (who’s playing with a real QB for the first time in his career)
Todd Heap (again, if Troy Smith comes around this guy could be fantastic)
Heath Miller
Owen Daniels

The Question Marks

Only one here: Antonio Gates who had foot surgery during the offseason. Is he healthy? If so, can Rivers get him the ball?

What Choice Did I Have

Vernon Davis
Tony Scheffler
Alge Crumpler
LJ Smith
Leonard Pope
Donald Lee

How Did I Get Stuck With This Guy

Zach Miller
Eric Johnson
Desmond Clark
Randy McMichael


Hell, it doesn’t really matter. Pick a solid defensive team and you’ll be covered.


Pick one out of a hat. You can look smart by picking one from a high scoring team, but he’s only going to gain you 2-3 points a week on average.


Don’t have one. Just pick the best player available at the time and get solid contributors (even if they aren’t spectacular) at each position and you’ll have a shot every week. Although getting some of the guys you’re playing against rip roaring drunk during the draft is always a good idea.

Today’s distraction: 2 Minute Football. You have to install the latest Shockwave player to get this to work, but it only takes a second. Also, make sure you take the tutorial as it makes playing that much easier.


Hammen said...

Haha, you still spelled Houshmandzadeh wrong. I only know that since he was my main man last year, along with Westbrook and Warner. Good fantasy preview here though.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for Romo to be lackluster compared to last season. I don't know why, just a feeling I have in my gut ... and I always listen to my gut. Right now it's telling me that it's time for a bowl of Lucky Charms and an English muffin. How can I argue with that?

Clayton Bigsby said...

Getting stuck with Rex Chapman would suck. Isn't he a retired basketball player?

BeachBum said...

ahahaha, yes, I believe he is. Still getting stuck with him is better than getting stuck with Rex Grossman.

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

The Bears announced today that Kyle Orton will be starting over Rex, either way it wouldn't matter who you got stuck with because they both suck.

Anonymous said...

A couple years ago when the Bears made the SuperBowl, ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth said that Rex Grossman was the best quarterback in the NFL on SportsCenter. I haven't respected one word he has said ever since.