Monday, August 25, 2008

Fantasy vs Reality

Another fantasy draft in the books and I’m kinda, sorta happy with my team. Need help with my receivers, but other than that I think I’m in good shape. I have a few returnees that treated me well last season, but a lot of new faces.

A few things first.

- We had a whopping 17 rounds this year with 10 guys. To say it took a while is an understatement. That we finished in less than three and a half hours was quite an accomplishment. This really needs to be trimmed down to 15 rounds. Max!

- Once again my mind set was blown out of the water in the first round. You’ll see why soon enough.

- We all ate like fucking pigs in the pre-draft cookout. Bubba burgers (no, thanks) and bbq chicken (yes, please!) with pasta and potato salad.

- I lost count of how many beers I had, but I do know that I packed my cooler with 15 beers and there were three left by the time everything was over. I don’t think I had all 12 of the ones that were missing, but it’s definitely possible. In fact, it’s probable. See? Already I’m getting into my football terminology.

- Last year I got the third pick in the draft. This year I dropped to 6. There is a running suspicion about the numbers though as one guy has bagged the first pick in the draft three years running. Three years. I should point out that his brother is the one putting the numbers in the hat. I wasn’t the only one questioning this outcome.

- We can play one QB, two receivers, two running backs, a tight end, kicker, defense/special teams then either a third running back or third receiver. Your choice.

Alrighty. Remember, I’m picking sixth here. I’ll explain my thoughts for the early rounds. Things changed quickly thus so did my thinking.


Brian Westbrook: That’s right, I got the third most productive back with the sixth pick. My buddy took Tom Brady with the third pick (Tomlinson and Peterson went 1-2) and the guy in front of me took Stephen Jackson saying ‘This is going to be a huge year for him!’.


Drew Brees: Brady going third set off a panic regarding QBs. Peyton Manning and his bad leg went 10th and Tony Romo went two in front of me. I was left to decide whether to take another running back (briefly considered both Willis McGahee and Ryan Grant) and hope that Brees was still there when it came back to me. Now, I had Brees last year and, despite an off year, he treated me well. That Brees was the only quality QB left, I had to take him.


Willis McGahee: And it’s a good thing, since McGahee was still around for me. My pick of Brees made the other guys panic into picking a second rate QB for their teams. Also, my buddy’s brother took Larry Johnson in the second round and someone else picked up Frank Gore. Not terrible picks, but I think McGahee will have better numbers this season. Having a decent QB and new coaching staff will hopefully see to that.


Edgerrin James: I decided to go with a third, reliable running back here. Most of the top notch receivers were gone and I wanted a third just to cover my ass. James isn’t what he used to be, but figure him for 1000 yards and double digit TDs. I’ll take it.


Wes Welker: At this point Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Braylon Edwards, Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald, Marques Colston, TJ Houshmandzadeh (or however the hell it’s spelled) and even Andre Johnson were gone. Might as well take the guy that led the league in receptions last year. Plus with Stallworth gone, he may get even more looks this season. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.


Santonio Holmes: Another high quality receiver that doesn’t get the recognition he should. I was torn between him and Anquan Boldin here, but with Boldin holding out I wasn’t taking any chances.


Dallas Clark: Needed a tight end and he was the best one left. Plus he treated me well last year. I should point out that a lot of guys take tight ends real early. Personally, taking one before round six is jumping the gun.

ROUND EIGHT (AKA, covering my ass rounds)

Jay Cutler: Anyone still surprised he was here this late? Me neither. Although he did well for me when Brees was on his bye week last season, so figured I would repay the favor.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the rounds as they were table scraps for the first half. Here are some other notables, though.

Defense/Special Teams: Indianapolis Colts

QB – Aaron Rodgers. He was available in the second to last round and figured what the hell? The Packers obviously see enough in him to rid themselves of Favre, so what’s the risk? If he turns into a superstar all the better.

WR - took a gamble on Marvin Harrison in the tenth round. I kept putting it off until I was shocked he was still available. If he’s 100%, I just got the steal of the draft. I also picked up Roddy White from the Falcons on the off chance Matt Ryan can throw the ball to him.

RB – I picked up one of my favorites in Ahmad Bradshaw. It’s his second year and there is a good chance he could bust out and become a full fledged stud. Fingers crossed! Also, I grabbed Chris Brown from the Texans in a later round. The Denver Broncos offensive line coach is now with Houston, so expect those ‘from our of nowhere’ running backs from Denver to start appearing in Texas.

Other draft notes: QBs were worth their weight in gold, but taking Peyton Manning with all the concerns surrounding him seemed a bit premature. Especially considering both Tony Romo and Drew Brees were both still on the board. I would think Romo would have been a safer bet as he’s healthier and entering his third season (generally the time QBs put it all together). Just my opinion.

My buddy’s other brother fucked me over not once, not twice, but three times. Taking Jerricho Crotchery way too early (was hoping he’d fall to the second half of the draft) and Julius Jones just before I was thinking about the same move. But the killer was him picking Chad Pennington. I was hoping he would fall to me because I think he’s going to have a decent year, but alas, he screwed me and I wound up taking Aaron Rodgers instead.


I think that’s it. I picked up receiving help with DJ Hackett from Carolina, but the odds of him actually playing are slim.

Oh, we’re doing weekly payouts this year, too. The high score for each week will get $50. That’s in addition to the usual head to head matchups, playoffs and standard winner. I suggested everyone getting together at the end of the year to watch the final games and have another excuse to get drunk.

This was met with overwhelming approval.

Today’s distraction: An example of how one mishap can ruin a draft. One guy took the Giant’s Defense in the eighth round because he was convinced it would be smothering and potentially record breaking. Whoops. Chances are they’ll still be decent, but the D/SP section can usually wait until the last round. Unless you’re drafting the 1985 Bears defense, you can hold off.


Anonymous said...

If Stephen Jackson has a big enough year this year to make him worth a fifth overall pick, I will run turn gay and send naked pictures to Neil Patrick Harris everyday.

Clayton Bigsby said...

According to most "experts" Harrison is 100% ready to go and play up to his old form. I think Wayne will be the #1 receiver, but Harrison getting #2 receiver stats with a late pick will be great/

Does anyone really think Manning or Brady won't be ready for the season? Two all time greats. Manning will have his normal 4,000 yards 30TDs, 10 INTs. Good team.

BeachBum said...

10, I'm officially rooting for Stephen Jackson to have a huge year.

Bigsby, Manning and Brady both seem ready to go. I think the coaches were just holding them out of the preseason so they wouldn't get hurt (more hurt?). Funny how their 'injuries' healed just in time for the regular season.

Although, if you see what happened to the Giants and Bengals who the hell can blame them?