Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Just some things I need to tell you all about when I get time. I wanted to write them down so I wouldn't forget. My mind ain't what it used to be.

Keep in mind these each may get their own posts.

- 'The Dark Knight'. In IMAX no less!

- Embassy Suites in downtown Philly. Stay away. While that sums it up, I'll explain in more detail.

- George, the artist, who 1: offered to sell me a nude sculpture of a 65 year old woman, 2: dropped his price from $3500 to $500 in about 3.5 seconds and 3: offered to sculpt me because I 'have a great face'. Yes, alcohol was involved.

- Adventures in buying a belt.

- The Acela

- Movie reviews: 'The Ruins', 'Vantage Point', '1408', and others.

- Maggiano's. Mmmmm, good....

Heading to the 'burbs of Philly today, so I'm sure there will be more to discuss.



son pere said...

While in Philly, make sure you visit Gino's for a genuine "Philly Steak". I forget exactly where it's located, but it is worth the effort to get there. Question: are you driving yourself around in a "rented car", or did you get "smart", and use the cabs? From what I remember, Philly is worse than Boston for getting lost and totally disoriented.

I'm looking forward to your posts on the items you've listed.

BeachBum said...

It's not bad at all here. It's setup mostly like a grid and the streets are named 30th, 29th, etc.

They do have a lot of one way streets and strange rotary setups, but it's no where near as bad as Boston.

I made a trip to Gino's (which is smack in the middle of some questionable real estate) during my first visit and had to wait in a line that wrapped around the store. Was good stuff, though.