Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 4 Postmortem

My best buddy and I decided to mix things up this past week. Both of us were struggling in our fantasy league (I was 0-3, he was 1-2 and sinking fast) and needed help in the worst way.

See, my buddy happened to be the poor bastard that picked Tom Brady with the number three pick. I was reminded yesterday that one of my predictions has already come true. Being a wise ass, I told him on draft day that Drew Brees would have better stats than Brady by the end of the season. Go figure.

In order to shake things up, I offered him Aaron Rodgers for Plaxico Burress. He, being a complete technological moron, couldn’t figure out the simple process of hitting the ‘Accept Trade’ button on the website. So, that trade never happened. Thankfully.

As it turned out Plaxico had a bye week the following week, then got suspended for another game. I wasn’t giving up one of the best QBs in the league for a head case. So, I reoffered for his other top receiver Chris Chambers. He quickly accepted and we decided to celebrate our trade by hitting a bar and watching the festivities.

Oh, and it just so happened our fantasy teams were playing each other. Needless to say, things worked out amazingly well for me. Chambers didn’t do much, but even with Westbrook sitting, I had a great game from Edgerrin James, Desean Jackson, Roddy White and Drew Brees. I’ve already kicked his ass and McGahee doesn’t play until tonight.

For those of you who watched the Green Bay game, you know there was another hilarious subplot to this trade. In the third quarter Aaron Rodgers threw a laser touchdown pass and instead of celebrating, gingerly jogged to the sideline holding his arm close to his side and all the team’s trainers quickly ran over to him. Yeah, looks like Rodgers is hurt. Poor bastard (I told him that should be his official team name) has Tom Brady for one quarter, finally gets another good QB for his team and watches him for 3 quarters before losing him.


That’s not even the best part. The best (and to me funniest) aspect to this was him deciding to keep Matt Ryan (THE Matt Ryan) on his fantasy team and dumping Matt Schaub. What does Schaub do yesterday? Only 307 yards with 3 TDs. Great move!

So, I’m no longer winless in my pay league (or as I refer to it ‘The only league that matters’) and my team is looking quite good. I have depth at every position and four of my guys just had their bye week. Westbrook has had his annual injury already and I picked up his backup just in case he goes down for any extended period of time.

My roster as it currently stands is as follows:

QBs: Drew Brees, Jay Cutler

RBs: Brian Westbrook, Edgerrin James, Willis McGahee (bye week done), Tim Hightower, Correll Buckhalter

WRs: Desean Jackson, Chris Chambers, Roddy White, Santonio Holmes, Wes Welker bye week done), Marvin Harrison (bye week done)

TEs: Dallas Clark (bye week done) and Vernon Davis (AKA, the soon to be dropped Vernon Davis).

Defense/Special Teams: Buffalo

Kicker: Matt Prater (Denver’s kicker)

Must admit, I like my team. Jackson and Chambers are my must every week receivers now. Welker is still good for 7-15 points a game even with Cassel throwing it at his feet and I’m hoping that Indy picks things up after the bye week so Harrison and Clark increase their production.

Other notes:

- My brother in law offered me Brett Favre in a trade last week and I scoffed at him. This is the non monetary league so I don’t really care that much. Still, he threw for 6 TDs yesterday while Carlson Palmer was a last minute scratch. Fucking figures.

- My how things have changed. A friend who spent the weekend in Vegas IMed me this morning asking how the Patriots did yesterday. I replied ‘Great! They didn’t play so there is nothing bad to say.’

- While we’re on the subject, my buddy and I were talking about the most devastating fantasy injuries of all time and have decided Brady’s knee is far and away the winner of that sad prize. Not only has it had ripple effects through every fantasy league, but it’s more and more apparent that Randy Moss is virtually useless now and Wes Welker will remain on my bench unless I have overwhelming evidences Cassel can do the job. That doesn’t even take into account all the panic fantasy trades Brady’s injury kicked off. I would never have Chambers on my team, that’s for sure.

- One of the best parts of watching football at ‘The Skybox’ in Tewksbury is getting to experience DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. We were watching every 1pm game simultaneously. It was beautiful!

Some thoughts on said games:

- Denver’s defense is horrible. The Chiefs – THE CHIEFS!! – were doing what ever they wanted on offense.

- Drew Brees is fucking fantastic. Considering he was missing two of his top receivers and his tight end, his 363 yards and 3 TDs is that much more impressive.

- Nothing scarier than seeing a player carted off the field after a violent collision. I hate seeing players gathered in a circle while the backboard is rushed onto the field. That I have a soft spot in my heart for Boldin because he kicked ass for my fantasy team last year, made it especially worrisome. It sounds like he’s fine, but that is horrible television. Besides that moment, though the Jets – Cardinals game was one of the more entertaining of the season. Just non stop scoring from beginning to end.

- After watching San Fran for the first time all year, I am not convinced they have fully turned it around. They’re better (hell, how could they not be?), but still have a ways to go before I can take them seriously. Maybe it was just a bad game.

- Buffalo, on the other hand, looks damn impressive. I know, they’ve had a cake walk schedule, so far, but they sure are playing with confidence. That’s half the battle for most football teams.

- One team has me believing: Tennessee. Defensively, they are relentless. Offensively they simply beat you into submission. They don’t need a top notch quarterback with that offensive line.

And finally, this has nothing to do with football, but I need to note another New York Mets collapse. For the second straight year the Mets entered the final two weeks of the season in first place and for the second straight year they failed to make the playoffs. Johan or not, there is a major problem with this team. They seem to expect to fail and put way too much pressure on themselves. Both Reyes and Wright looked constipated every time they showed them on television and now they’ll have to spend another winter wondering what happened.

Think they’ll break up this team? Would love to see Wright playing at Fenway.

What? Just saying.

Today’s distraction: Looks like the bailout bill for all those shitty loans has failed. Corporate executives 4, taxpayers 1. We’re inching closer.


Hammen said...

Trying not to let Tennessee totally get my hopes up yet. It is still Kerry Collins, after all.

The Mets should get broken up. Bunch of losers.

BeachBum said...

That was kind of my point with the Titans. They don't need a great QB. They need someone just like Collins who won't make killer mistakes and keep things in control. In a weird way, the Vince Young injury/meltdown might be the best thing for this team.

Collins is just right for this team.