Monday, September 8, 2008

Week One Postmortem

I thought of this running title last week and never could have conceived how mournfully appropriate it would be.

In the first quarter of the first week of the new NFL season, Patriot fans uttered a collective ‘oh…shit’ as Tom Brady went down with a knee injury. Down and out, it now appears. While the Patriots are keeping mum until they get more information (like always), reports are circulating that Brady is done for the year.

With him goes the Patriots’ Super Bowl chances. No disrespect to the rest of the team, but does anyone think the Patriots can even reach the Super Bowl without Brady? Love him or hate him, you must admit he’s the engine that makes this team go. Sure they still have a ton of talented players on both sides of the ball and a great coaching staff, but Brady was the one irreplaceable.

Then again, maybe Cassell can carry the load. He looked pretty good yesterday and the similarities between him and Brady are startling. Both were primarily backups in college, both were picked in the later rounds and both spent a lot of time on the sidelines before being thrust into action when their team’s starter went down with a major injury.

The difference, of course, is Cassell is replacing last year’s MVP and three time Super Bowl winner.

I think I speak for all New England fans when I say FUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!!

Sadly, even that doesn’t make me feel better. If Brady really is done for the year, you’ll hear a deafening clap of thunder when the window for this particular team slams shut.

What a lame way to go out.

Other News:

- During our fantasy football draft, there was open ridicule when one of the guys took Michael Turner in the first round (late, think it was number 10 or 11). 220 yards and 2 touchdowns later, he showed us. Damn!!

- As soon as Brady went down, my cell starts ringing. Brady was still on the field when I answer. It’s my buddy who selected Brady with the third pick in our draft. Didn’t even have to say hello when I hear ‘There goes my season’. Poor bastard. Not only has his team’s season gone down the toilet, but so has his fantasy season. All in one knee buckle.

- Speaking of FF, my receivers sucked yesterday. Santonio Holmes and Wes Welker combined for a whopping 6 points. If it wasn’t for Drew Brees I would have been blown out. As it stands, I’m still up by a point with my opponent playing Donald Driver tonight. Unless he doesn’t play, I’m toast.

- Just wondering, but has there been a more dually devastating injury from both a fantasy and NFL perspective than losing Brady in the first quarter of the first game? Ever? I can’t think of one, can you?

- Buffalo 34 Seattle 10. Does this mean Buffalo is better than we think or is Seattle that bad?

- Maybe it’s a fluke, but Matt Forte looked impressive last night. The Colts? Not so much.

- Shit, I just realized that Brady going down is probably going to bring Welker’s stats down, too. If that's possible. I thought my receivers were in tough shape already.

- Just found out Dallas Clark (my FF tight end) left last night’s game with a knee injury. What the fuck?

- Quick note on how I verified with complete certainty BrickBreaker cheats like a MOFO! While I was putzing around (taking a shit) I picked up in the middle of a game I had paused. Turned out I got on a major roll. I was at my highest level ever and approaching my high score of 15,320. I have 6 lives left and feeling real good about not only shattering my record, but finishing the entire game. I was at level 31 of (I believe) 34 levels.

What happens? The ball fucking disappears! It bounced to the top of the screen and vanished. This happens on occasion, but what made this particularly annoying was I still had 6 lives left and my score was 15,320. That’s right. The game made the ball conveniently disappear just as I hit my high score. On the button.

Not enough? I was so angered by this I made it my mission to beat the high score before the weekend was up. I made it all the way to 16,020 at least. I say at least because this was the score I saw when I started my last level. I lost two balls and when I went to look at my final score it read 15,700. Fucking game!

- It seems the worst team in the league is the St Louis Rams. Did you see what McNabb did to them? Yeah, I know, McNabb’s finally healthy, but man alive it’s never that easy.

- Dallas looked good yesterday. Real good.

- I know, only the first week, but it’s going to be tough to top that Chargers – Panthers ending. Games like that are why the NFL is so entertaining. More! I want more!!

- While the Sox are gaining rapidly on the Rays, Ortiz admitted his wrist is still bothering him. That’s just what we want to hear. Thanks, Papi. You couldn’t have kept that to yourself a few more weeks?

That said, who knew the Sox – Rays series coming up would be so huge? In September!! The world has been turned upside down!

- If you haven’t seen it, yet, I highly recommend the HBO miniseries ‘Generation Kill’. It takes an episode to catch up on the characters, but once it gets going there is no cutting yourself loose. Unflinching in it’s portrayal of antiquated commanders and a war plan so inadequate you can’t help but wonder how we’ve been even this successful in Iraq. A clusterfuck from the get go.

- The company that’s hell bent on taking over the world turns 10 today. Happy Birthday! I’m assuming your five year plan includes knowing everything about everyone and creating a false sense of security and friendship among the human species only to turn on us when we least expect it. Card’s in the mail.

- And finally, my random Monday night prediction. Not sure if this will be a running thing or not, so let’s see how tonight goes.

Prediction: Adrian Peterson goes down with a knee injury. Hey, the knee injuries are on a roll, so let’s go with it.

Today’s distraction: Yup, it’s official. Goddammit!!!


Hammen said...

How about Belichick's robotic press conference? I don't follow the Pats like you guys, so I don't know as much about them, but do you ever get the feeling that if all the winning ever stopped in New England, it wouldn't take long at all for the players to turn on Belichick?

BeachBum said...

He uses that same monotone delivery whether they win, lose, tie or lose their franchise QB for the season. It's almost a running joke at this point.

By all accounts, he's actually well liked and respected among the team. That could be the Pats' traditional lock on real information, but the way he celebrates with the team and the tight bonds he has with senior members of the team seem to indicate otherwise.

Of course, if they went 0-16 it might be another story.