Monday, September 15, 2008

Week Two Postmortem

There are times during my fantasy football season that I over think myself, take the safe way out by going with the norm and ignoring my gut instincts, then kicking myself as I watch the guy I wanted to play run up stats while my active guy has an average day.

Such was yesterday when I kept thinking I should play Aaron Rodgers against a truly shitty Detroit Lions defense, but instead stuck with Drew Brees. Rodgers then proceeds to throw 3 TD passes in the first freakin’ half. Meanwhile, Brees is outplayed by Jason Campbell of all people.


Matt Cassel for his part was adequate. I noticed the Pats kept things fairly simple, allowing him to get comfortable and confident. Wasn’t anything spectacular (please refer to Brady, Tom), but he didn’t hurt the team and the running game looks fantastic. Maroney (who may be hurt – AGAIN), Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk, and even LaMont Jordan had their way against the Jets. Even more important was the re-emergence of Wes Welker who I don’t have to sit for the rest of the year now.

It’s the little things.

By the way, I’m writing this from home today. I got home from the gym yesterday and noticed a water stain on the kitchen ceiling. Went upstairs and the faucet for our tub was dripping, ever so slightly. I went back downstairs and went to drill a hole in the ceiling to drain the water. Well, didn’t even have to. It was so soft and wet I just pushed a screwdriver through and water came dripping down. At this point I uttered a quiet ‘fuck’ (the boys were near).

Two phone calls, one overtime plumber later and we learned that shutting ALL the water to the house was the sure way to stop the leaking. He’s back here now replacing the entire faucet and showerhead. Sometimes a simple, universal symbol will suffice: $$$$$

So, week two is done. Let’s stock up on what we’ve learned.


Buffalo Bills: Two wins, no losses and looking quite impressive in the early going. Can run, can pass, great special teams, and solid defense. Yeah, it’s early but this team looks like they’ve got that special chemistry; team that wins unimpressively until you realize they’re 11-2.

Arizona Cardinals: I know, they’ve had San Fran and Miami, but their passing game is deadly. I should have gambled on Boldin when I had the chance.

Carolina Panthers: They beat the Chargers in SD and the Bears (who manhandled the Colts in Indy last week) at home yesterday. Everyone kept expecting great things from them last season but were disappointed. Maybe this is the year they finally put everything together.

Green Bay Packers: Wow, the team really does know what they’re doing. Go figure.


Indianapolis Colts: Despite the win yesterday, they looked like shit for the first seven quarters of the season. Maybe it’s because Manning missed the preseason with injury and they start getting in sync in the next week or two. Or maybe time is taking it’s toll.

Seattle Seahawks: Defense looks abysmal, offense is injury riddled and Holmgren’s last season could be a long one.

San Diego Chargers: They’re still putting up numbers, but it looks like you can do whatever you want on that defense. Jay Cutler throwing for 350 and 4 TDs? Really?

Cincinnati Bengals: Maybe they weren’t supposed to be good, but were they supposed to be this bad? How many wasted an early round pick selecting Carson Palmer in their fantasy leagues?

Cleveland Browns: Too many problems to mention at this point. If things don’t turn around soon, old friend Romeo will be enjoying the season from a television booth.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Don’t know what’s going on here. Maybe last season was a fluke.


New York Jets: The team they beat was the Dolphins. The team they lost to was the Pats sans Tom Brady.

New England Patriots: Let’s just say I’m not convinced.

San Francisco 49ers: Offense looked good yesterday. Is it an anomaly or a sign of things to come?

Chicago Bears: Could have caught the Colts on a bad week. Could have caught the Panthers on a good week.

Tennessee Titans: Yeah, they’re 2-0, but they’ve also got a potentially suicidal quarterback as their leader and they haven’t looked real impressive in either win.


Kansas City Chiefs: How long does this go on before Herm Edwards takes the fall? This team is regressing every year under Mr. Bail On My Current Contract.

Detroit Lions: I don’t feel bad for this team, any longer. They keep Matt Millen in charge of things despite the past 5 years, what do they expect but more of the same.

The remaining teams all fall in the realm of what most people thought they would do.

As always, we need to keep in mind that it’s still early. Many Super Bowl champs have started slow before gaining momentum as the season goes along.

So there’s still hope, Chiefs fans.

Maybe not.

Random Prediction for Monday Night Football: Brian Westbrook goes OFF! 3 TDs, 200 + total yards, me getting my first fantasy victory of the year. Currently 12 points back with Westbrook and the Eagles tight end, LJ Smith going against Marion Barber. It’s coming down to the wire.

Today’s distraction: Check out Peter King's summary of Matt Cassel. He can rub me the wrong way at times, but this one is dead on.


Clayton Bigsby said...

I hear you on the fantasy football. I'm losing by three going into tonight with TO and he has Barber. Good thing I started Thomas Jones over McFadden.

/slaps self

Hammen said...

While we're talking about fantasy football, I'm up 15 with DeSean Jackson going tonight, but I'm up against Westbrook.

Good thing I started Chris Johnson over Julius Jones, and Rothliesburger over Cutler.

BeachBum said...

In both your defenses, you can't start McFadden until he proved himself.

And you had to start Big Ben against Cleveland. I actually have Cutler on my team, too (yeah, Brees, Rodgers and Cutler and Brees was the dog of those three), but I wouldn't have started him against SD, either.