Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 6 Postmortem

I spent the better part of the weekend coughing and wheezing and trying to sleep. I feel better now (thanks for asking), but I still spiral into coughing fits whenever something makes me laugh. This made watching ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ a trying experience.

As it stands now I’m semi recovered, but my back and sides still hurt from all the coughing I did over the weekend. I feel like I did when I used to play tackle football with my friends wearing no padding. Bright we weren’t, but damn was that fun. Rumor has it there may be a reunion game Thanksgiving morning. Hopefully it won’t be 10 degrees that day. Nothing hurts more than landing on frozen, lumpy ground.

One good thing about being sick: I was allowed to lounge on the coach, push the fluids (oh yeah!) and watch football all day. Not that I wouldn’t be doing that anyway.

So here are some thoughts on the weekend that was. I’m stressing the games I actually watched (four – that’s right FOUR!!) and things that effected my fantasy status. Like always.

- The Cardinals – Cowboys game was entertainment at it’s finest, but I was getting completely aggravated with the amount of time the officials took to review calls or consult about rulings. I understand they want to make sure they have things right, but there were 3 or 4 times the game DRAAAGGGED because they were taking their sweet time reviewing calls that seemed fairly obvious. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be thorough, just pick up the pace.

- This is the first time I watched the Cowboys all year and was not impressed with Romo at all. Yeah, he had good stats, but he does not seem to have good awareness whenever a lineman is coming up on him. In the over time period he nearly lost a fumble when a defensive linemen was rushing up on him. Romo moved away a bit, then moved his arm as if to throw it and had it knocked away. He just saw the guy coming up on him and still exposed the ball. I mean, he was RIGHT THERE, saw him, moved away and still exposed the ball! And this happened on several occasions, including one time in the end zone that was luckily over ruled as the ‘Tuck Rule’. Just seems that he makes quite a few boneheaded decisions for someone that is supposed to be an elite quarterback.

- Marion Barber, on the other hand, is something special.

- Please FOX, you don’t need to show Terrell Owens on the sidelines after every play. We really don’t care that much.

- That blocked punt the Cardinals got for the win made me laugh out loud (and kicked off another coughing spell). The replay showed one blocker completely ignoring the man that blocked the punt. They were lined up across from each other, but when the ball was snapped, the offensive lineman went left and didn’t even touch the man directly in front of him who blocked the punt. Very odd.

- One reason I hate watching one of my fantasy players while their game is ongoing: I gambled on Dustin Keller, tight end for the Jets, since Dallas Clark was playing against the Ravens. On a goal line play, Favre rolls to his right and hits Keller for a touchdown. I think ‘I am a fucking genius!’ Only there is a flag on the play and it doesn’t count. Final tally for Keller on the day? Zero. Fuck!

- Five reasons why fantasy football and the NFL are completely unpredictable:

1: St Louis Rams beating the Redskins in DC (or Maryland, to be exact). The Redskins had just defeated Philly and Dallas on the road the last two weeks.

2: The Ravens came into their game against Indy with the best all around defense in the NFL. I sat Dallas Clark and Marvin Harrison (mainly because he hasn’t done anything this year) just because of that defense. Harrison catches 3 balls, 2 for touchdowns and Indy scores 31. Go figure.

3: The Patriots looked like they got their shit together against the 49ers last week, headed into last night’s game against one of the worst pass defenses in the league and put up a whopping 10 points. It’s one step forward, two steps back with Cassel.

4: Jacksonville visits Denver and takes complete control of both sides. Runs all over them and hold the so called ‘explosive’ Denver offense to 17 points.

5: The Vikings spend all week licking their chops because the woeful Detroit Lions are coming to town. Final score 12-10 with a questionable call helping Minnesota out immensely.

- For the record, I’m up 25 points in my ‘league that matters’, but my opponent is starting Eli Manning AND Brandon Jacobs tonight. Safe to say this will be a loss unless they both get hurt in the first quarter. What’s infuriating is I’ve scored more points than I have all year and have the second most for the week. And still I’m going to lose. What the hell??

- Random prediction for tonight's game: Cleveland surprises everyone and shuts down the Giants offense completely. Eli throws for 128 yards, 1 TD and 2 picks. Jacobs runs for 50 yards. But still the Giants pull off a win because of a last minute fumble which they run in for a touchdown. Huh, was that too specific?

Some baseball thoughts for your consideration:

- Friday night’s Red Sox – Rays game was one for the ages. Ironically it was a little bloop flare that wins a game that included seven home runs (including Jason Bay’s bomb which I called. Just ask wifey). It looks like this series is going to be a dog fight. 4:35 pm today is game three. Enjoy!

- I’m not sure I understand the pitch counts. I kind of got it when Pedro would self destruct at exactly 100 pitches back in 2004, but why do the actual pitches matter that much? Do they include the pitches they use to warm up between innings? What about throws to first? That’s still throwing the ball, right? What about a pitch that’s thrown, but doesn’t really count because the umpire called time out? Why is it only the ‘official’ pitch count that matters?

- Just learned that Derek Lowe will be pitching on three days rest tonight. If you’re a Dodgers fan are you encouraged by this news or not?

- Speaking of the Dodgers, all network sporting events can no longer cry ‘West Coast Fans’ when scheduling playoff games at 9 pm. You just had an important game 2 the INCLUDED a west coast team start at 1:35 pm Pacific Time on a Friday afternoon. No more! You now need to start any game that includes an east coast team at 8pm at the latest. I’m done staying up until midnight on a work night because you guys are trying to squeeze another nickel out of advertisers. Here’s what I’m doing from now on: Shutting off the game and going to bed. See what that does to your ad revenue. Probably nothing, but I'll be better rested.

- My friend in Tampa and I have made a wager on the Sox – Rays series. The loser must add the opposing team’s logo to their email signature until the World Series ends. I suggested dressing our kids in the other team’s gear, but my eight year old said ‘I’m NOT wearing a Tampa Bay hat!’

Good boy!

Today’s distraction: How many television shows can you name in two minutes? This became more difficult than I ever thought at the one minute mark.


Hammen said...

I hope your Giants prediction is wrong, I need Plaxico to pick up 6 points in order to get the W in my fantasy league.

I have grown OBSESSED with pitch counts, I think it's a by-product of following so many games on Gamecast, when they keep the running tally on the screen. I find myself content with 1-2-3 innings, as long as the opposing pitcher threw at least 20 pitches.

Anonymous said...

haha hilarious and informative article. the jets will figure out how to use keller (which is just to put him on the damn field and get him the ball ANYWHERE). until then, you should sit him.

BeachBum said...

It will be wrong. The Browns blow this year. I'll be surprised if the Giants don't score 30.

I just don't think pitch counts are as important as all these teams think. Especially with the era of 5 man rotations. I understand wanting to take care of your million dollar arms, but why 100 pitches has been universally accepted as the 'magic number' is beyond me. So many other factors (like body type, injury history of the pitcher, schedule of next start) come into play that it seems a bit strange to assign a number for effectiveness.

Each pitcher really should be taken on a case by case basis. Like Dice-K, who needs 125 pitches to get through the first 4 innings. Let him go to 200 and let's see what happens.

BeachBum said...

Anon, I'm sticking with Dallas Clark until Keller proves his worth. Although I will say I have him in my other league and did well for me against Arizona and San Diego.