Monday, October 27, 2008

Week 8 Postmortem

A few quick things before I get to the NFL.

1: First weigh in for the office contest was this morning and I dropped 3 pounds to meet my quota. I figure I need to lose around 3 pounds a week to stay in this thing. Current pot is up to $2500 which would be a nice Christmas bonus.

2: I managed to get to the gym Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun. That makes four days in a row for the first time in months. In my defense, I’m aging and need more rest between workouts than I ever used to. Sad.

3: No, I didn’t get there today and not planning to.

4: Our office manager just had a pep talk to the people remaining in our office in an attempt to raise the morale a bit. As a compromise to us not getting ‘merit increases’ (fancy term for raises) or bonuses, we’re having jean days every other Friday. Gee, thanks! That more than makes up for not receiving thousands of dollars.

5: He asked for suggestions on how to ‘make this a fun place to work’ and was going to suggest beer Fridays before remembering I already have those.



6: Not much has been memorable about this World Series (even the walk off win was a cheap, dribbling single down the third base line), but Blanton’s home run is something I’ll remember for a long time. Thing was a rocket and it will make me pause whenever I ask ‘Why the hell do pitchers still hit in the National League?’

7: Watched some of ’40 Year Old Virgin’ on television last night and it was sad how the network diluted the movie so it could be shown on regular tv. Some movies need to be seen unedited and uncensored.

Here are a few of those movies. These are off the top of my head, so let me know if I missed any.

40 Year Old Virgin
Shawshank Redemption (this is on cable a lot and the prison scenes are sterilized)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Total Recall
Midnight Cowboy
Any gory horror movie

On to football.

- Since the Patriots had a home game, that was the only full game I watched. Cassel looked much better yesterday. Much better! Still holds the ball way too long and seems to limit his view to one side of the field (you’ll notice his head won’t pivot to the other side if the designed play doesn’t develop), but his mobility in the pocket was impressive. A few times he simply scooted forward to get away from some pressure and made a nice pass. He would have had better stats, too, if Welker hadn’t dropped a sure 20 yard gain and Moss (of all people) didn’t drop a sure touchdown.

He still needs work, but his improvement is encouraging. Or the Rams defense just sucks.

Of course, the Pats play in Indy next weekend so he’ll probably throw 3 interceptions and total 98 yards passing. One step forward, two steps back. Keep moving forward, Matty.

- I flipped between the Steelers – Giants game, but I gotta say that when two defensive teams like this get together, it’s always an ugly game. I know purists call it ‘smash mouth football’ but let’s just call it what it is: ugly.

That said, the Giants defense is scary good. Yeah, it was Pittsburgh and I’ve never bought into the whole ‘Roethlisberger is a great QB’ story line, but he’s still above average and intercepting him 4 times is no small feat.

- I had my weekly pre-fantasy lineup call with my buddy who was contemplating benching Terrell Owens and starting Antonio Bryant. I argued that he should start both and sit Jamal Lewis, since he was running against the Jaguars. Well, Lewis had a decent game (80 yds, TD) and both Owens and Bryant didn’t do shit. Needless to say he got his ass handed to him. As of this morning he was losing by 120 points which has me laughing every time I think about it. 120 POINTS!!!! AHAHAHAHAAHA.

- With Brees, Roddy White, Westbrook all having huge games, I thought for sure I would win the $50 this week for outscoring every other team. Oh, no. The guy that’s 120 points up on my friend outscored me by 30 points!! The guy is undefeated in our league and most of his best players are on bye this week. And he outscores one of my best weeks by 30! What the hell?? Injuries and suspensions are going to take a toll on him soon, though. He has Romo, Reggie Bush, Kellen Winslow, and Larry Johnson all on his team. I think I play him next week, too. Just checked. I do play him. Fucking fantastic!

- Every time I praise Buffalo they go out and lay a rotten, stinking egg like yesterday against the Dolphins.

- Why was there no Sunday night game?

- Did anyone else see the barrage of commercials for the Chevy pickup trucks? They must have shown them at least 15 different times during the first half of the Pats game. How much money is Chevy paying for those ads and the bizarre obstacle course they built for this race? Is this where the twenty five billion dollars that we, the taxpayers, are giving them? Enough already. Chevy trucks are tough. We get it.

- Now that I think about it, isn’t advertising large size pickup trucks counter productive? How many people a year actually go out and buy these monsters? It must be a very limited consumer base to be advertising to, no? Construction workers, general contractors, roofers and painters, mainly I would think. And how often do they go out and plop down $40,000 for a new truck? Not often would be my guess. So Chevy is buying prime advertisement spots to praise a truck that has a limited built in consumer base to begin with.

If you are looking for reasons American car companies are in trouble, look no further.

- Regardless of whether Mike Singletary becomes a successful head coach, I loved the way he sent Vernon Davis to the locker room after his stupid penalty. It was the equivalent of a parent sending a bratty kid into time out.

- The Cleveland Browns are a fucking mess. Yeah, they won and seem to be playing better, but their front office is a joke. First Kellen Winslow is hospitalized with a staph infection (the sixth Brown in the past few years to contract it, by the way). Then the Browns were strangely mum on why Winslow was in the hospital and didn’t bother disagreeing with rumors he had contracted an STD.

Winslow, understandably, was pissed and went to the media to explain why he was in the hospital and vented about the handling of the entire situation by the Brown’s front office. The Browns then suspended Winslow and were going to take his game check for yesterday.

Well, Winslow appealed and won. The team rescinded the suspension, but since Winslow hadn’t traveled with the team to Jacksonville, he couldn’t play in the game anyway. He’ll still get fined $25,000, but will get his game check for yesterday.

And now comes this story from Browns’ GM, Phil Savage, in which he states the team never told Winslow to keep quiet about the story and even said he wasn’t sure why Winslow was hospitalized in the first place.

Either someone needs to get their stories straight or someone has lost complete control of the team. Or both.

- Judging from the highlights, it sure looks like Brett Favre is back to his old tricks. Was that booing I heard from the Jet fans?

- I really wish I had the opportunity to watch the Saints – Chargers game. My man Brees put on a show for the London crowd. As did Tomlinson. Nice to see him show up for a game.

Think that’s it. Time to get to work.

Today’s distraction: Funny and well deserved slam at the NFL for over aggressive fining. Take that Goodell!


Hammen said...

The movie I think is the worst when it's on edited on TV is Big Lebowski.

Especially the part where Walter is yelling:

"You see what happens Larry? You see what happens? This is what happens when you FIND a stranger in the ALPS!"

Just awful.

BeachBum said...

They did the same thing with 'Virgin' where they replaced 'fuck' with 'freak'.

'You gonna freak a grandma?'

Don't bother.

Anonymous said...

"Casino" should always be aired unedited. Always. As for those truck ads, I might be wrong, but I think those are actually for the new Dodge Ram. So maybe the fact that you saw them 15 times wasn't enough to drill it in to your head. They better run 'em some more!

BeachBum said...

Actually, any Scorsese film should never be shown on network tv. Wonder what 'Goodfellas' would look like?

You're right. It was the Dodge Ram because I saw it again about 8 times during the World Series. That I didn't know it was the Ram immediately shows you what a piss poor job they're doing with the ads. If you're going to bombard us at least make it effective.