Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 11 Postmortem

I was torn watching last Thursday night’s Patriots – Jets game. I was thrilled to see Matt Cassel finally shed that dreaded ‘Tom Brady’s backup’ label and become his own man. That last second touchdown scramble/pass was a thing of beauty.

On the flip side I was annoyed because Cassel was going against me in fantasy and proceeded to put up more points than my two running backs combined. To say my ass is getting handed to me is an understatement.

To give you a glimpse into my fantasy nightmare, here is who my opponent played and their stats. Feel my pain!

Matt Cassel – 400 YDS/3 TDS/0 INTS
Hines Ward – 11 RECS/124 YDS
TJ Houshmandzadeh – 12 RECS/149 YDS /TD
Matt Forte – 64 YDS Rushing/40 YDS Receiving (Note that this is the only guy that had a below average day)
Kevin Smith (see?) – 112 YDS Rushing/23 YDS Receiving
Marion Barber (fuck me!) – 114 YDS Rushing/23 YDS Receiving/ TD

Even his fucking kicker scored 13 points for him! Still not sure what hit me.

It’s not like I had a bad day, either (although both Westbrook and Hightower crapped out on me for the second week in a row). I was smart enough to play Welker and sit McGahee who was going up against the Giants D this week and Brees, Roddy White, and others had decent days.

In fact, I just looked at the scores and I would have beaten half the teams playing. I just happen to be up against an unstoppable force known as Matt Cassel. Damn!

Onto some game thoughts. Due to the Patriots playing Thursday night, I got to watch four (or flip back and forth anyway) games plus part of the Sunday night game.

- Let’s get this out of the way now. That Eagles – Bengals game was a fucking travesty. It wasn’t even snowing or raining. Westbrook never got going for whatever reason. I thought he would run all over that crappy Cincinnati team. McNabb turned the ball over 4 times himself (fumble and 3 INTS) and basically killed any chance Philly had of pulling this off.

Did you know Philly has NEVER won in Cincinnati? Never! Yesterday makes things no different.

One other note on this game. Our office has a double elimination football pool. Everyone puts in money and you simply pick the winner for one game per week. No spread or points, just pick the winner (although you can’t pick the same team twice).

Lose twice and you’re out. Well, the comish of the league decided that the Bengals – Eagles game will count as a win for both sides. Needless to say this is causing quite an uproar! Although it’s basically not a loss, either. Poor bastard can’t win no matter which way he goes.

- I don’t care that Tennessee is undefeated, the team playing the best right now is the Giants. They took a very good Ravens team and ran all over them on both sides of the ball.

That said, the play of Eli Manning has to be a big, loudly flapping, red flag for this team. What happens when he needs to win a game for them? And, please, don’t point to the Super Bowl as an indicator as that catch was the luckiest friggin’ play in NFL history.

- On the same train of thought, I don’t care that the Dolphins are 6-4. They barely beat the Raiders yesterday and barely beat an equally crappy Seattle team last week. Not impressed.

- Did anyone think Kurt Warner would have four straight 300 yard passing games this season? How about four 300 yard passing games overall? Considering he wasn’t even the starter at the beginning of the season makes his number 1 fantasy status that much more incredible.

- How long do you think it will take Dallas coaches to realize that their best opportunity to win is to get the ball into Marion Barber’s hands as often as possible? Romo has little to do with it. Get it to Barber anyway you can and let him carry the team. We’re 11 weeks into the season and they haven’t figured it out, yet.

- Last week the Rams entered halftime to the Jets down 40 – 0. This week they ran into the locker room at the half down 35 – 3. So....they’re improving.

- The Carolina Panthers are the best team nobody is talking about. Currently 8-2, they ran up, over and around the Lions yesterday. Sure, it was the Lions, but check out what their two running backs did:

Jonathan Stewart – 15 rushes for 130 yards. 1 TD
DeAngelo Williams – 14 rushes for 120 yards. 2 TDS

Total: 29 rushes for 250 yards and 3 touchdowns. Ouch! Surprised they passed the ball at all.

- Kudos to both Fox and NBC yesterday for switching out of blow out games to competitive ones. They need to do that more often. I’m sick of watching scores on the bottom of the screen while stuck viewing a 40-3 disaster. Glad they’re trying to change things up and keep us invested. More. Do that more!

- My only complaint was that NBC switched from the Giants – Ravens game to bring us the debacle known as the Eagles – Bengals game. Proof that just because the score is tied doesn’t mean we actually want to watch it.

- What has happened to Chicago’s defense? The Packers did whatever they wanted to them and Minnesota did the same a couple of weeks back. Wasn’t defense the reason they were supposed to be good?

- For the first time in NFL history, a game ended with the score 11-10. It was the Steelers – Chargers game and was probably uglier than the Eagles game. I thought the Steelers had returned a fumble for a touchdown in the last few seconds, but they disallowed it for some reason I’m not clear about. Maybe the refs just wanted to be part of history.

- Since I had Friday off, I stayed up for the entire Pats – Jets game and came away with that awful, hollow feeling inside. I thought the Pats should have gone for a two point conversion on the tying touchdown, by the way. The Jets were demoralized and shocked and it was a perfect opportunity to catch them off guard.

While we’re here, can we please just play an extra 10 minute quarter (I can be talked into 15) and get rid of this sudden death OT? At the very least, give the team that didn’t win the coin flip a chance to out score the opponent.

For example, one team wins the coin flip and kicks a field goal. The other team then has a chance to score a touchdown to win. But they can only score a touchdown; field goals are useless. This way the coin flip winner still has an advantage, but each team is given an opportunity to score.

However, if the team that gets the ball first scores a touchdown the game is over.

How about it, NFL?

- One final note: I missed my goal weight for the first time in this competition. By .3%. Please note that dot in front of the 3. So, I need to get down to 202 by next week which is going to be tough. I basically need to lose 3 pounds. Goodbye all sweet stuff.

Oddly, I didn’t have any beer this past week which leads me to believe my body needs beer to function properly. I shall rectify that this week.

Today’s distraction: Welcome to The Filter. Enter in three movies or artists you like and it will recommend new bands or movies that you may also like. Sort of like Pandora only it covers more area.


Hammen said...

Jesus man, that guy has to be approaching 160 on you. That's rough.

Good work on the weight loss- I'll have an extra burrito at Chipotle for you today.

Anonymous said...

No beer for a whole week? That's impressive. Sounds like you need a beer to celebrate that. Hell, have two. Or nine.

BeachBum said...

My opponent's final tally was 190, which is the best score by any team this year. When I lose I go all out.

You know, I thought about it and I actually did have beers last week. Not once, but twice last week I was called by a friend to meet for a liquid lunch. Of course, I accepted. This may be why I didn't meet my goal. And to be honest, I don't care. Fun is more important than health.