Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cold Hands, Hot Stove

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, the Yankees signed CC Sabathia to the most lucrative pitching contract in Major League Baseball history. Judging by the Barry Zito contract, the Yankees have nothing to worry about.

Seven years, one hundred and sixty million dollars and the weight of an entire franchise now falls onto Sabathia’s massive shoulders.

Congrats, Yankee fans. You have your man. Don’t be worried at all the Sabathia kept that same offer on the table for six weeks while pleading with the Dodgers, Angels, Giants and a variety of other west coast teams to just come close to what the Yankees were offering. Don’t worry, either, that the only way CC would sign his name (if he’s even done that, yet) was for the Yanks to insert an opt out clause after year three of this contract in case he really didn’t like playing in New York.

No, you shouldn’t worry that Sabathia made it well known he had no desire to play in New York. At. All. Don’t let it bother you that the Yankees were basically bidding against themselves for his services and seem ready to overpay for both Derek Lowe AND AJ Burnett.

I also wouldn’t worry that your farm system is so depleted the Yankees can’t even make legitimate trades with other teams because they have no prospects other teams want.

Don’t worry about any of those warning signs. I’m sure this will turn out fine.

After all, what could possibly go wrong?

- While I don’t care who signs Burnett, I really hope the Red Sox sign Mark Teixeira. He’s the perfect insurance policy in case Lowell doesn’t come back 100%. Youkilis can move to third, Teixeira at first, Pedroia at second and Lowry at short. I like that infield. A lot!

If Lowell does come back, then I’m sure there is a trade somewhere that can be made.

- The Mets just bolstered their bullpen again today. They traded with Seattle to bring in JJ Putz as the setup guy for K-Rod. Say what you will about the Mets, but they have a need, they do whatever they can to fill it. If Putz and K-Rod stay healthy, that’s one potent bullpen in the National League.

- The Yankees don’t look done, yet, either as they appear to be working on a trade with the Brewers that would send Melky Cabrera to Milwaukee while Mike Cameron would be the Yankees center fielder. I’m ambivalent.

- It looks like Orlando Hudson (one of the game’s underrated players) is available as the Arizona Diamondbacks have signed Felipe Lopez (who I thought played basketball for the Minnesota Timberwolves a few years back. Am I mistaken? Are there two?).

- It’s looking more and more likely that Jake Peavy will be playing for the Padres next year. Unless, Peavy expands his list of approved teams. Like…oh I dunno…Boston? C’mon, Jakey!! It’s a great baseball town! Good looking college chicks that do anything for athletes. We even have a beautiful Ritz condo that a former, dreadlocked left fielder is trying to sell.

- Twins fans should be happy that Nick Punto just signed a two year deal to stay in Minnesota. Does it please anyone else that the Twins have had more success than the Yankees the last few years despite a bare bones payroll?

- In a deal that will effect nothing, the Pirates have signed Ramon Vazquez for 2 years and four million. Um….good for them?

- You know who’s also a free agent but nobody is talking about and could be a total steal? Ben Sheets. Sure he’s got an injury history, but could that be related to playing for the Brewers? Maybe if he gets on a new team’s training program he can stay healthy. Just saying.

That’s all for today. Sorry for the abbreviated post, but our company’s holiday party is today and I have to prep myself for some free booze.

Stay tuned for an announcement that the Red Sox have traded – out of the blue – for Jake Peavy and signed Mark Teixeira because he was looking to get the hell away from the Washington Nationals.

Today’s distraction: My favorite December event: The Winter Meetings. Here is the blog to keep you up to date for the rest of the weekend. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

"Does it please anyone else that the Twins have had more success than the Yankees the last few years despite a bare bones payroll?"

Being from Minnesota and growing up loving the Twins, nothing in the world makes me happier, yet sad. If they would just spend a few bucks on free agency they could make a playoff run damn near every season.

Hammen said...

Hot stove! Hot stove! Hot stove!

*giggling and bouncing in my chair and clapping my hands*