Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dangerous Minds

Idle thoughts from an idle mind.

- This past summer – as we all know – gas prices went through the roof. This in turn, or so most businesses told us, caused price increases in nearly everything from flowers to milk to crackers to KY lube. It was understandable. Higher transportation costs cause higher prices in general.

However, I have since noticed that prices in all other items have not come down even though the cost of gas is below what it was last year. The current cost of a gallon of gas, on average, is $1.91. The current cost of a generic brand of cereal is nearly $4!

Since transportation costs have gone down shouldn’t the cost of our groceries and other products be declining, as well?

- As if the ludicrous amount of money the American auto industry isn’t enough, already the CEO of GM is calling the estimated 15 Billion (BILLION!!!) dollar loan a ‘bridge loan’. Says Bob Lutz, the soon to be former CEO of GM, ‘this is simply a bridge loan which will get us into the next administration, where we hope we can do something more fundamental.”

The next administration is less than two months away. Is he really saying he can’t hold onto 3-4 billion dollars for longer than that?

- Anyone concerned about preventing and treatment of breast cancer (which should be anyone that knows a woman) take note: There is a new, highly effective imaging technique that may replace the mammogram for high risk women. It’s called ‘Breast Specific Gamma Imaging’ (BSGI) and is 96.4% sensitive and helped detect breast cancer in six patients that were not detected with mammograms or ultrasonographs. Score another one for boobs around the world!!

- While I’m enjoying the web series ‘Mayne Street’ does Nyquil (the sponsor) have to show the exact same commercial every time? Are there not other Nyquil commercials around? I’m thinking I’ve seen 13,000 or so over the course of my lifetime. One must be available.

- Anyone looking for gift ideas for me, look no further. I’m putting this in my office while I’m on vacation and rigging it to activate any time someone walks in. If only they would invent a douchbag detector as an add on. That would be sweet. Make sure you watch the video of this thing in action.

- If you need some cheap gifts for an office gift grab or just to show you want to get in some co-workers pants, then maybe these will help. I already have number 4 (and still use it frequently) and like the idea behind number 21, but number 16 is now on my ‘must have’ list. I would never leave my office.

- Oh, and here are some gifts you shouldn’t get a coworker. I completely disagree with number 2 (third slide) on this list, by the way. That’s the gift that keeps on giving. At least until they’re gone.

- Take a look at this news story (you’ve probably already seen it). Yeah, it’s cute and touching, but I can’t help but wonder how long they kept the father in the back room waiting for the exact right moment to bring him out. Maybe it’s the cynical, heartless bastard in me (he’s taking over!!), but I feel manipulated. Does everything have to revolve around television now?

- What the hell is going on with Denver running backs? Hillis so severely injured his hamstring, he may have to have surgery to repair it. Reports are that the muscle has been torn from the bone. Ouch! Anyway, he is the seventh – that’s right SEVENTH – Denver running back to be injured this season. Is this the curse of Terrell Davis?

A few baseball notes:

- The Mets just signed K-Rod to a 3 year deal. It actually makes perfect sense and will probably end up horribly for the Mets. Just going by the history.

- Talks are heating up between the Red Sox and AJ Burnett. That this is occurring exactly one day after the Sox met with CC Sabathia says a lot. Still, I don’t know if signing Burnett to a long term, lucrative deal is the best idea. He has an extensive injury and is above average, at best. I guess he’d be protected as in Boston he’d be the fourth starter. May actually be the best spot for him. Can't say the same for the Red Sox.

- If the Padres are so anxious to get rid of Jake Peavy (Boston is glorious during summer, Mr. Peavy. Please reconsider), then just make a fucking deal already.

- In case you missed this, the Dodgers just signed Casey Blake and Mark Loretta (both under appreciated players in my humble opinion). What makes this interesting is there is no place for Nomar to play on this Dodger team. Looks like his LA days are done (Hello, Angels?). It’s a rather uneventful end for someone that was once a superstar in a major baseball city. What happened? We need an ‘Outside the Lines’ dedicated solely to Nomar’s career.

It’s getting late and I have to get home in time for a parent – teacher conference. Good times!!! A parent’s fun never ends.

Today’s distraction: The top 12 most embarrassing tech moments. Love that Boston’s idiotic public transit system made the list. Bozos!


Anonymous said...

I JUST got back from the grocery store, and as I was walking around, I was thinking, "I paid $1.69 a gallon to drive here, but everything is still fucking expensive."

The CEO of GM should be dismissed, and immediately dragged into the streets and beaten with pillow cases full of batteries.

Hammen said...

I love hot stove talk. How about if the Sox get Teixiera? I'd feel bad for Lowell, but wow, what a lineup!

BeachBum said...

That would be something! There is word that Lowell's hip problem may not be resolved, yet. I thought he was going to have surgery for it, but don't know what became of that.

I'm also very concerned about Papi being full strength. Adding Teixiera would provide some insurance for both of them. And Youk can go back to playing first base.

Plus, figure if they do sign Teixiera the Sox would probably try to trade Lowell, right? Get some more relief help?