Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Crush of the Month

Time to spice things up around here. Debuting today is a new running feature concerning the women with whom I’m currently infatuated (in a wholesome, well meaning, not at all creepy, serial killer kind of way, of course).

Our inaugural inductee is someone I’ve been spending a lot of time with the last few weeks. Her name is Sage Steele and she will be subjected to my monthly run down. Consider this an honor, Ms. Steele, for I have high standards. Many have crumbled under the pressure of living up to my expectations. Well, they would if I had any. Just keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll be good.

Who: I just told you: Sage Steele. She of the Sunday Morning SportsCenter.

Why: You mean besides the looks? I mean look at her:

She’s fucking adorable!!

That’s all?: Of course not. It takes more than looks to make Crush of the Month in this space.

Besides her inherent adorableness, she is intelligent, well spoken, and sexily passionate and knowledgeable about the NFL. She started covering the Colts while working in Indy, moved to Tampa to cover the Bucs before landing in Bristol, CT to bring sunshine to my weekends.

A beautiful, intelligent woman who loves football and has a smile to die for. Where do I sign?

Bonus Points: How about her name: Sage Steele. One of the top 5 kick ass names in history. ‘Shit, man. We’re fucked. Here comes Sage Steele and she looks pissed! Pretend you’re dead!’

Anything Else?: She’s even more smoking hot in a dress:

Carry your head high, Sage Steele. You are my first Crush of the Month. Everybody knows you never forget your first.

Today’s distraction: Another end of year movie ranking only this time devoted only to science fiction movies. It also discredits itself almost immediately by putting the dreadful and confusing ‘Speed Racer’ in it’s top 10 Best list. Really? No, really???!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice one. I also enjoy Sunday mornings with Ms. Steele.

Hammen said...

She doesn't do it for me. Awesome name, though, sounds like a porn star name.