Friday, January 23, 2009

Lost Follow Up

With apologies to all the people that don't watch 'Lost', just a quick follow up from yesterday's post.

Last night I spent more time thinking about my theory regarding the time traveling island and it’s origins.

Well, guess what? I was reading my favorite wrap up (here’s the link – there are two different wrap ups for each episode) and he had nearly the exact same theory!! I swear I didn’t read this until last night.

Anyway, he had more good points regarding the Whispers (which we haven’t heard in a while) potentially being their own voices swirling around them from either the past or future.

He also thinks Dr. Orientation’s baby may be Psychic Asian Dude, which makes more sense.

But what really got my mind swirling is his suggestion that Locke’s interaction with Ethan paving the way towards everything. Locke tells Ethan ‘I was appointed your leader by Ben Linus!’ which Ethan scoffs at and attempts to kill Locke before his trips away to a different time. Was him telling Ethan this the kick off for Ben investigating John Locke?

And, (this is from me) if Ben learns way before the plane crashes on the island that John Locke is to replace him as leader and he wants to keep control of the island, would Ben not try to keep Locke off the island, go back in time and try to make Locke’s life miserable so he would never have the self esteem to see himself as the leader of the island? (‘Sorry I made your life so miserable’). We already know Ben was willing to kill Locke (shooting him in the jungle where the remains of the Dharma people were) after Jacob talked to him.

It also explains why Ben sacrificed himself to move the island. He had resigned himself to the fact that Locke would replace him.

But, wait. I have more!

This can also explain why Walt appears in random times and places looking older (other than the 'Oh shit, this kid's gone through a growth spurt!'). Like when he was telling Shannon to keep quiet right before she completely ignored him and got shot by Ana Lucia.

Not done yet!

Consider this: Every major character on the island has had an experience that involves something cherished or important from their lives before they crashed on the island. If – Big IF – the Oceanic survivors are behind the creation of the island wouldn’t they have added something important to themselves to the island. For Kate, it was the black horse. For Jack, it’s his father alive again. For Walt (remember the comic book?) it was the polar bear. For Locke it’s the ability to walk again. For Sawyer it was avenging his parents. For Shannon it was having someone believe in her. For Boone (I’m going way back now) it was breaking the wretched bond with his sister. For Charlie it was becoming responsible and unselfish. For Sayid it was atoning for his violent past.

Every time someone on the island resolves a life crisis they die. For the most part anyway. Sawyer is probably still around because he's the most popular character on the show.

It also makes other things add up. Hurley not having to worry about food because suddenly crates of Dharma food are falling from the sky on a regular basis. He could have suggested this because he knew they would be crash landing on the island at some point and wanted his candy bars and peanut butter.

These things haven’t happened yet, but they will. And if they don’t then the island will cease to exist and everyone still on it will perish.

One more thing and I’ll stop because I’m getting a headache. Anyone else remember Adam and Eve? The couple they found buried on the island. They were nothing but skeletons and were found where Christian’s empty coffin was found. It was during the first few episodes, but it just popped into my head this morning. How much you want to bet those are two of the Oceanic people? Rose and Bernard, perhaps? Jack and Kate?

Chew on that!!

Today's distraction: Some truth or fiction to figure out what's real or not. The internet can be a wonderful, yet terrifying place.

Everyone enjoy their weekends.


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

I always read Jeff Jensens reviews he makes some really good points. I almost forgot about the whispering and that theory sounds like a good one.

Anonymous said...

Man, you really love that show huh?

BeachBum said...

I really do. It's been a while so my excitement's getting the better of me. I'll calm down once things get rolling again.