Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost - Part 3

Leave it to ‘Lost’ to so casually introduce a new facet to characters we’ve known (or thought we had) for years.

I’m not just referring to Locke’s ‘Charles Widmore?’ line, although it was great to see Locke’s ‘I know something you don’t’ smile reappear.

I’m actually talking about the opening scene where ‘Lost’ drops the bombshell that Penny and Desmond are parents. Tell me this isn’t going to play a key role at some point in the future. Anyone else do the ‘awwww’ when it was revealed he was named ‘Charlie’? I miss Charlie.

I would tell everyone to look away, but we all know how it works by now, right?

What Happened

We’re greeted by the sight of Desmond frantically running through a marketplace shouting for a doctor (or was that the guy’s name?). Either way it’s because Penny is giving birth aboard their boat and she’s running into complications. All is well, though, as we jump forward to see Desmond sailing with a much older Charlie in his lap.

Quick sidenote: Did that marketplace not look exactly like the beach where the Oceanic Six landed in their raft? Did Desmond and Penny hangout there are dropping them off?

They’re on their way to London to find Faraday’s mother. Desmond is telling Charlie how he met Penny here and fell in love with her and Penny pops up to add ‘And broke my heart’ which immediately put her at the top of the Lost killjoy list.

Penny and Desmond argue about the sanity of this plan for what is probably the 500th time. Desmond promises this will be it, but did anyone else notice he did not promise he would not return to the island. He simply says ‘why would I want to go back there?’ and heads out.

After poking around a bit – including a stop at Faraday’s old laboratory (see New Questions) – Desmond finds one of Faraday’s ex girlfriends. Or student. Or whatever. Only she’s basically in a coma and on life support. Whoops! As Desmond heads out the door, one of the nurses lets slip the one Mr. Charles Widmore has been footing the bill for the girl. Not only that, but has been funding Faraday’s entire research for the past decade.

Widmore! Say it like Seinfeld says ‘Newman!’

Desmond confronts Widmore as only he can and gets him to admit that Faraday’s mother is alive and living in LA. Widmore also tells Desmond he should get far away from this situation. Loved how Desmond didn’t say a word and simply walked out of the office.

So, Desmond and Penny and Charlie are off to LA (where Ben, Jack, Kate, Hurley and Gray Haired Lady all happen to be). Let’s hope they don’t sail there as time is limited.

Meanwhile, our island friends are mush more informative as they jump back to 1954, are attacked by Others just like the old days, and discover that an American Army camp has been setup on the island. All of the soldiers are dead (as PAD helpfully tells Faraday after walking over their graves) since heavily armed, highly trained soldiers are no match for Others walking around with leaves for shoes and home made spears.

Once they get to the leader of this early edition Others, they are greeted by none other than Richard The Ageless Wonder. Richard doesn’t know Locke (just like he said. Richard’s so stinking smart) and Locke shows him the compass to prove his story.

But the big revelation on this day was a young Charles Widmore being one of Richard’s goons. Not only was Widmore on the island (remember Sun’s comment to him last season ‘You’re not the only one trying to get back to that island’?), but he was an active member of the Others for a while. He was still a dick, though.

Also, Faraday and Sawyer stumble across a hydrogen bomb that has been setup on the island. I’m guessing the army was getting ready to make a big splash by testing it out. Unfortunately for them the Others didn’t take kindly to the idea. The bomb is leaking radiation and Faraday actually tells the woman Other ‘Let’s just leave it. Since the island is still here 50 years from now it’s all good’. She, of course doesn’t believe him even when Sawyer shows up, disarms her and disappears in a bright flash of light.

Sadly, Locke doesn’t get an answer from past Richard about how to get off the island before he too gets shipped to another time. Damn! So close, too!

What We Learned

- Widmore’s fingerprints are on everything. Let’s see. He was on the island as an Other, he funded Faraday’s research, planted a fake plane in the ocean, sent a freighter full of mercenaries to the island, and still had time to make Desmond’s life miserable. Talk about your Type A personality.

- Charlotte’s fucked.

- Eyeliner was available to men in 1954.

- While it was a nice gesture for Desmond to name his son after Charlie, he really should have named him Drive Shaft.

- That if you are a character we’ve never seen before, there is a good chance you’ll die a horrible death. Like a flaming arrow in the chest or tripping a mine and getting blown to bits like the two doofuses last night.

- Latin is the official language of the Others, which is just rubbing it in at this point.

- Faraday loves Charlotte. He admits this just in time to watch her die of a brain aneurysm. Something tells me Faraday hasn’t had much luck in the love department.

- The hydrogen bomb was named Jughead. Don’t know why that’s relevant, but it was noticeable and this is Lost and what the hell. You know?

New Questions

- If Widmore was funding Faraday’s research, was he doing so in order to find the island?

- What happened to the girl Faraday did something to? Was she his first time traveler?

- Is all this time traveling wreaking havoc with the island’s history or is it making it? Think about this: Does Richard learn about the islands secrets and time traveling tricks because Locke told him after he was sent back by Richard? Wait, even better. It was hinted at that Richard’s visit to little Locke may have been prompted by Locke himself. He tells Richard ‘I’m born in 1956. You should come visit me’.

- Is Charlotte’s brain melting because she’s thinking about the same thing?

- Besides pointing North, what is the significance of the compass?

- Anyone else think that cute Other girl with the gun grows up to be someone we already know?

- What happened to Jughead?

- Is Desmond doomed to die on the island? He certainly seems destined to come back with everyone else.

- Speaking of Desmond, how can he still want to sail everywhere after his last experience?

- Lastly, what exactly happened to the island? We know it disappeared, but Faraday seems to think the island is jumping around in time but wouldn’t the island still be in the same spot? Or is it just the people on the island jumping around in time while the island actually moved to another spot?

Until next week!

Today's distraction: Take an IQ test. The trick here is you only have a few seconds to answer the questions. I scored 5% above the average. Which basically makes me average.


Chuckwagon said...

Is it possible that "Cute" girl with gun is actually Faraday's MOTHER as a young woman?

Is it also possible that the reason why the island seems to disappear is that, back in 1954 it was not yet charted on any maps? If the army troops were all killed, and there seems to be no way to leave it, how would it get charted? Hmmmm?

BeachBum said...

I read one theory that thinks Faraday may actually be messing with present events. That he was mistaken when he claimed things that already happened couldn't be changed.

One of those things could be the actual existance of Charlotte and that Ellie was her mother and Faraday changed something in his interaction with her and now Charlotte's being erased.

Too complicated for me, but Lost isn't easy to explain.