Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost Parts 1 & 2

New season – new theory.

I’ll get to that at the end.

Leave it to the most unpredictable show in television history to throw a ‘gotcha!’ right out of the gate.

A baby is crying, a woman tells her husband ‘It’s your turn’ and we are spending 15 seconds of the season premiere trying to guess who the unseen man is.

And, of course, we were all wrong. It wasn’t Ben (my guess), it wasn’t Locke or Jack or Sayid. It was the doctor from the Dharma orientation films. We even get to see him casually sit down and launch confidently into one of the film sessions.

Wait, getting ahead of myself. It’s been a while.

If you haven’t seen the episode, read no further.


Off we go…

What Happened: Doctor Orientation is interrupted during the filming by a worker who claims to have a serious problem. He brings Dr. O to one of the Dharma stations still under construction (I’m guessing this is back in the 50s). One worker is down with a bloody hole in his head and another is explaining that when they were drilling holes the metal on the bit melted and shot back and hit the worker.

Dr. O explains that there is a huge energy source behind the wall and they are not to drill ‘even a centimeter’ further. ‘We plan on harnessing this energy to manipulate time’, he says (or something). Why Dr. O is sharing this information with a construction worker is beyond me, but we all know that explanation was directed at us.

While the workers clean up, another dude comes strolling in. Why it’s none other than Daniel Faraday from the current island.

Uh, whaaa??

Yup, not even 15 minutes into the new season we have our first WTF moment.

Immediately we are wooshed to the Faraday on the dinghy while the island goes bye bye and learn that he – along with the others in the boat – were ‘within the radius’ and were transported along with the island.

So where did the island go?

According to Faraday, it isn’t where, but WHEN did the island go. As explained to doofus Sawyer (who took exception to the implied label by bitch slapping Faraday), whatever Ben did to the island has caused it to go skipping through time. To make his point they went from day to night in about a second.

But, wait! It isn’t just the island, but specific people who may or may not be traveling the same path. Locke winds up in a different time then the entire crew he was with, gets shot by a suddenly alive and kicking Ethan before zipping back to night and a lovers reunion with Richard (looking as eye lined as ever).

Richard seems to know exactly what is going on, hands Locke a compass and tells him he will have to show it to Richard the next time they meet. ‘I won’t know you’, explains the ageless wonder, which really doesn’t explain anything at all. I would really like Sayid to use his interrogation techniques on Richard so we can learn once and for all what the hell is going on.

Faraday seems to have this time traveling down as he explains that nothing that has happened can be changed. This is in response to Sawyer and Juliette (wifey thinks they’ll be the next to get it on) want to get back to the beach so they can warn Jack, Kate (esp Kate), Sayid and Hurley not to go to the Freighter. No such luck. ‘No matter what you do, you can not change what’s already happened’.

Sawyer, after another skip through time, finds the original hatch back in place (Pre Locke Meltdown condition). He goes to the back door and starts banging away knowing someone is in there. Faraday tells him it’s no use, but thinks maybe it would work with him. He gets none other than Desmond (back when he was still punching in the numbers) to come out with a rifle and tells him to ‘Find my mother at Oxford’.

Let’s stick with the island before we get to the Oceanic 6. Figures my first wrap up involves back to back episodes. They couldn’t ease into this?

After another time trip, Sawyer and Juliette are confronted with an army of folks – one of which speaks in a British accent (or was that Aussie?). Locke catches up to them finally and makes quick work of the soldiers with his handy dandy knife.

Things aren’t looking so good for Charlotte, however, as she is bleeding from the nose, experiencing headaches and forgetting things like her mother’s maiden name. Nice knowing you, Charlotte. Something tells me you’ll dropping dead, face down into a puddle very soon.

Ok, onto the mainlanders:

Jack and Ben have joined forces and are trying to round up the other five to get back to the island. Sure looks like Ben is playing his mind @%&* games with Jack by flushing his pills down the toilet and buying him a new suit. Not sure if Ben told Jack to shave, too, but let’s be glad that was taken care of right off the bat. Part of their conversation I will address in a bit.

Sayid and Hurley are on the run after the police thinks Hurley killed the guy parked outside his mental institution. While going to a safe house, they were ambushed and Sayid was shot with a tranquilizer dart. This makes Hurley carry Sayid around like a sack of potatoes and manages to get pulled over by a long dead Ana Lucia who tells him ‘What would you have done if I were real?’ After giving him some pointers on how to avoid getting caught, she lightly tells him ‘Oh, Libby says hi’ and disappears.


After stopping to get a cute doggie T-shirt, he hides out in with his father only to surrender to the police staking out his father’s house when Ben tries to convince him to come back to the island. Loved Hurley’s smile knowing he had finally outsmarted Ben even if it meant him being arrested.

Before his arrest, however, he finally spilled the beans to his mother about the island and how they got off and what’s really going on. His mother’s response was perfect: ‘I don’t understand you, but I believe you’.

Kind of how I feel about ‘Lost’ itself.

As for the love of my life, Kate is again on the run, only with Aaron in tow after two ‘lawyers’ showed up at her door asking for blood samples. Even in motherhood she has stashes of cash and guns at her disposal. Let’s hope DSS doesn’t find out about that. As she’s running and contemplating calling Jack for help Kate gets a call from none other than Sun who asks her to meet.

They do, but not before Sun has her own run in with Mr. Widmore. She finally comes clean about their ‘common interests’ – killing Benjamin Linus. Widmore is intrigued and probably turned on.

Once Kate and Sun meet, we get a glimpse of the new Sun. She puts it right to Kate suggesting she take out the men going after her and Aaron. ‘What kind of person do you think I am?’ asks Kate which immediately made me think ‘One who would kill her step father and burn him to ashes for looking at you the wrong way’. That kind of person.

Sun, in her directly indirect way says ‘I’ve always admired you for you ability to make the tough decisions. Like how you decided to leave Jin on the boat.’

Ooooo, zing for Sun. For a terrifying moment, I thought Sun was going to off Kate right then and there. Not so….

As for Busy Ben, he meets up with Grey Haired Lady from Desmond’s time travelling adventures. She is writing down complicated equations and tells Ben ‘You have 70 hours’. Ben says it’s not enough time and she replies ‘Then god help us all’.

What We Learned

- Gas stations carry XXXXXXXL T Shirts for dog lovers

- Even though Sayid is working with Ben, he still doesn’t trust him. Telling Hurley, ‘Whatever he tells you, do the exact opposite.’

- Sawyer will be hard pressed to come up with a better off the cuff, heat of the moment nickname than ‘Ginger’.

- Ben doesn’t have all the answers.

- Locke visited with Jack after he had left the island, telling Jack that the others left behind would die if he didn’t return.

- Jack has fallen far; deferring to Ben at every turn. Sad.

- Three years have passed since the 6 have left the island.

- Sawyer has gone a bit flabby since he jumped out of the helicopter.

- Desmond may be one of the ‘special’ people Faraday refers to when describing time traveling rules to the rest. Only a special few can bend the rules. We already know Desmond went back and talked to Penny and young Faraday, so he must be one of the elite.

- Faraday planted a new ‘memory’ into Desmond’s head.

- That any new, annoying character serving no purpose will take a flaming arrow to the chest in a matter of minutes. I’m looking at your smoldering corpse, Frogurt.

- It took Widmore 20 years to find the island.

- PAD’s intimacy with dead things is helpful in finding food.

- What happened to the wife and child of Doctor Orientation? Considering he or she was just a baby at the time….hey, maybe it was Jin or Sun. There is the Asian connection.

- That Hurley was the one dissenting from lying about the island once they got rescued.

New Questions

- Is Grey Haired Lady Faraday’s mother?

- What is her connection to the island?

- How is Ben getting Hurley out of jail? That’s a pickle.

- Is the island skipping through time because Ben turned that wheel or because the 6 left the island? Maybe it started coming unhinged when Jack and company got outside the radius and not because Ben ‘moved it’. This is part of my new theory, by the way.

- When were the Dharma stations built? I’m stuck on the 50s, but the more I think about the workmen’s hair styles and the baby bottles, maybe it’s closer to the 70s. That one guy had long hair and beard which weren’t common in the 50s. Plus they drove a VW bus. Let’s go with the early 70’s or late 60’s.

- What is the energy source Dharma was trying to harness?

- Was the compass Richard handed to Locke the same one he tested little boy Locke with?

- Did Ben regularly travel through time to gather information on the people that came to the island? He certainly got bios on all the people rather quickly. More on this below.

- What is the meaning of Ben’s last line to Locke ‘Sorry I made your life so miserable’? It was mentioned again last night which means there is something significant about it. Did Ben somehow sabotage Locke’s life? If so, how?

- Why is Charlotte the only one suffering from the time trips?

- Does Ben really not know what happened to the survivors left behind on the island? He tells Jack ‘I guess we’ll never know’, but, as usual, he’s full of shit. I just know it.

- Was the conversation between Hurley and his mother subtext for something else? Hurley’s line of ‘We pushed a button every 108 seconds…but I didn’t really understand that part’ was classic.

- Are the ‘ghosts’ Hurley is seeing really time travelers?

Which brings us to….

New Theory: If the island is skipping through time (sort of unbalanced on the turntable to borrow Faraday’s analogy) and it’s actually caused by the 6 leaving the island and not whatever wheel Ben turned.

Then isn’t it possible that all the survivors on the plane are somehow instrumental in CREATING the island? Bear with me for a second.

Let’s say all the people stayed on the island and the island jumps back in time. Are Jack, Kate, Locke, Sawyer (James), Hurley, Sayid and the others actually the people the make the island what it is? Therefore, when they leave it unbalances things because the island can’t be created with them gone. I haven’t worked this all out, yet, but it would also explain how Ben knows everything about them. Maybe they meet when Ben is younger and they spend time together on the island.

It also explains Richard looking the same, Ben being able to go anywhere at any time, and


Christian – Jack and Claire’s father – still is dead. It’s just his earlier self jumping in from the past. It also means that Jacob could be anyone. Maybe it’s Locke still trapped skipping through time on the island; unable to stay with the rest of them. That’s why he looks so old in the rocking chair at one point and groans to Locke ‘Help me!’ It could be that Jacob is Locke while he tumbles back and forth through time.

Like all theories, there are a lot of holes, but you’ll notice that the show is nearly back to square one. Kate is on the run again, Locke is trying to find his place on the island, Jack is a wreck in need of purpose, Sayid is again looking for redemption, Hurley is stumbling through life without a clear plan and Sun is back to her self absorbed mind set. Only Sawyer seems to have progressed as his emotional ‘everyone I cared about was on that boat’ demonstrated. But, he was also the only one that sacrificed for the benefit of others.

Maybe Sawyer, of all people, is the catalyst behind creating the island.

Food for thought people.

Today's Distraction: One other thing I nearly forgot to mention. Did anyone else catch Hurley using ‘Bloop’ to describe the island disappearing? That’s my term, dude!!

Seeing as this is Lost and all, I Googled ‘Bloop’ and lookie what I found!


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

The google entry about bloop is very interesting. The more I try to figure out this show the more questions I have. It will be interesting to see how they eventually wrap up the show. I dig your theory.

BeachBum said...

Thanks, man. I hear next season is it and we will have most of the answers when it wraps up. Posting a follow up to this in a bit.