Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crush of the Month

This month’s winner of the BeachBum Not At All Creepy Crush of the Month is a member of the AMS which I bitch and complain about constantly.

Who?: Her name is JC Monahan and I spend time with her every weekday morning while I’m running on the treadmill, doing whatever it’s called on the elliptical and basically cursing my existence by being awake and sweating before the sun has even breached the horizon.

JC makes it all worthwhile, though. She is competent (which for a forecaster of New England weather is surprising), well spoken, charming, possesses a great smile and tends to be the most accurate of all the morning weather people.

Here is a sample of her work. You’ll have to wait through an ad, but it will be worth it. This morning she’s even fighting off a head cold (you’ll notice her voice is a bit raspy), but she manages to tough it out and get us a nice, spring like forecast to boot.


What Else?: You mean besides the beautiful, blue, puppy dog eyes? Well, she uses initials (Jennifer Catherine is her full name) which gives her a tomboyish quality. She’s like the girl who used to kick all the boy’s asses during kick ball in elementary school before blossoming into a hottie in high school and leaving all the boys she used to abuse wondering what the hell to do next.

That all?: Do you know me at all? What puts JC over the top is an underlying goofiness that reveals itself at the most improbable moments. Two weeks ago she actually faked knocked on the blonde anchorwoman’s head while saying ‘Knock on wood, that won’t happen’. Last week it was revealed she had a happy dance which, sadly, was not unleashed for my viewing pleasure.

So join me in congratulating JC Monahan on being the February BeachBum Crush of the Month. If you want, you could even send her an email from the link at the top. Chances are she won’t even read it, but it would be fun to see if she mentions it during one of the news casts.

Keep up the great work, Jennifer Catherine!

Today’s distraction: Some random funny pictures for you viewing pleasure. I particularly like the girl with two beers on her ass. If she were naked and her ass kept the beers ice cold it would be my version of heaven.


Hammen said...

Definitely good looking. I'd smash.

Rob said...

Looking very nice. A google image search shows she looks even better when just out and about and fans ask her to pose with them. Really shows her superior looks when she's pitted against the average girl.

Anonymous said...

I would take this chick out for a nice seafood dinner for sure. Nice going here sir.