Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lost - Part 4

Admittedly, Lost is running the risk of becoming predictable. In an unpredictable way, of course.

I know that doesn’t make sense, but last night’s final revelation wasn’t much of a revelation once Locke said ‘Anyone speak French?’. I knew – as many of you did, I’m sure – who the young lass with the long brown hair was immediately. I have a thought on this under New Questions, by the way.

You know the drill.

What Happened

Once again we pay a visit to Penny’s rescue boat where Kate confesses to Jack that she wants to keep Aaron as her own and will lie to keep him. Jack, in an unusually shrewd and manipulative move (for him) agrees but takes the opportunity to get Kate on his side about lying to the rest of the world about the island.

Kate’s answer to Jack’s ‘Are you with me?’ had more layers than the world’s largest onion. And, yes, I stole that from Shrek. Sue me.

After Kate tells Jack ‘I’ve always been with you’ and Jack gets all girly and weepy, we are sent back to Kate and Sun at the posh hotel. Sun tells Kate she’ll watch Aaron while Kate visits the lawyer who wants a blood test, then proceeds to make Aaron feel right at home by having a hand gun delivered to her room in a box of chocolates. In the box is a photo of Ben and fake beard Jack. Ben is in so much trouble.

Quick sidenote: I’ve come to believe the actress portraying Sun is the most versatile and talented on the show. Did anyone else get shivers when she said to Kate ‘That’s what friends are for’? She was smiling, but there was a distinct level of menace and intimidation just below the surface. Considering she started out as a timid, scared and brow beaten wife, Sun’s transformation is nothing short of astonishing. A woman scorned, indeed.

Kate goes the lawyer’s office and offers her and Aaron’s blood for the identity of his client. He says he’ll make the offer to his client, but knows the answer is no. Knowing he’s visiting them later and assuming he doesn’t look left when he’s driving, Kate decides to follow him and find out on her own.

Jack and Sayid run into their own trouble at the hospital. Jack gets reprimanded for being a drug addict and Sayid’s ability to attract assassins like poop attracts flies is still in optimal shape. He takes out one of them with a few darts to the chest and finds an address in the guy’s pocket. Jack, realizing it’s Kate’s house (and probably remembering all the fantastic nights he spent there), immediately calls her and arranges to meet up. While he goes to Kate, Sayid and Ben go to get Hurley and his enormous pumpkin costume out of lockup.

When Kate and Jack meet up outside the lawyer’s office, Kate sees the lawyer leaving and tells Jack ‘Get in or don’t’ which isn’t even an option for any male. He gets in and they follow the lawyer to the client’s motel room. The client turns out to be….Claire’s mother. Holy crap, we all said. How could she possibly know about Aaron?

After a quick chat with soaking wet Jack (there goes the suit) it turns out she doesn’t know anything. She’s just there because she sued Oceanic. The moment she asked ‘Who’s Aaron?’ was one of this season’s biggest ‘Oh shit!’ moments. So far. The show is still only half done.

So, if she’s not the one trying to get Aaron, then who is? We didn’t have to wait long to find out as Ben and Sayid soon meet up with the same lawyer to discuss Hurley’s situation (he’ll be pried from the inmate suit and released the next morning). Turns out Ben is the client trying to get Aaron away from Kate.

Ben admits as much when they all meet up at the marina (‘Hello, Kate’). Kate, furious and astonished that Jack is working with Ben tells them to stay away from her son. At the same moment Sun pulls in with a fake sleeping Aaron in the back seat and decides now is the time to make Ben pay for Jin’s death. Gun in hand, Sun gets out of the car.

Meanwhile, on the island Charlotte finally comes around from the worst sinus infection in history and Locke decides they need to get back to the Orchid station so he can figure out how to get off the island. They decide to walk back to camp, get the boat and cruise to it. Forgetting they’re skipping through time, they wind up back in Season 1.

Shining up in the sky is a huge beam of light which – if you recall – was the season finale of the first season. Locke was pounding on the hatch door when a light turns on. We all know now that is was Desmond waking up in the hatch wondering who was bothering him at that hour (‘Those damn kids!!’). Hearing screams in the distance, Sawyer creeps up to find Kate assisting a much more alive and less bitchy Claire who is giving birth to Aaron.

Cue white flash and Kate, Aaron, Claire and Sawyer’s emotional stability are gone. After telling Locke ‘Doesn’t matter, it’s gone now’, they get back to the beach camp only to find it ransacked and the boat gone. Instead there are canoe type boats which they grab and decide to paddle to the station. Just as Sawyer is admitting to Juliette what he saw in the jungle, they start getting shot at. They’re being chased by the same people that attacked the camp.

Another flash of light and they’re saved! Well, from bullets anyway. They wind up in a killer storm and need to beach. There they find wreckage with French writing all over it. Suddenly we’re with a bunch of French people in a survival raft babbling some nonsense in some strange language. One of them sees something in the water and they paddle over to it.

It’s a body that luckily landed on a floating piece of wood. They drag the guy aboard, flip him over and we learn…..

It’s Jin!!! Yay!! Jin’s alive!! Or sort of alive. He’s not in tiny pieces from the freighter blowing up, so it’s still progress. They bring him to shore and when he introduces himself to the young, long haired, pregnant girl, she introduces herself right back.

‘Danielle. Danielle Rousseau’

What We Learned

- Jin lives!! Jin! Jin! Jin! I just realized I could be chanting for Jin or for my new favorite drink – Gin! Both chants have happened in my house recently. Only one occurred while doing a happy dance, however.

- With the young Rousseau making an appearance, nobody can ever really die on this freakin’ show. Except the Dharma people and Locke’s father. Supposedly. Let’s not be surprised if he makes a return at some point. Maybe Johnny Gage will be with him this time. (Bonus points if you got that joke)

- Sayid, despite working with Ben, still doesn’t trust him. Or like him. Or want him breathing for much longer.

- Hurley looks even bigger in an orange prison jumpsuit, which I could have called.

- A drinking game needs to be established for this show. Some ideas:

- Every time someone doesn’t admit to seeing something - Drink.
- Every time the phrase ‘none of that matters now’ is uttered – Drink.
- Every time someone is surprised to see Ben – Drink.
- Every time Sawyer comes up with a great nickname – Drink.
- Every time a dead character reappears – Drink.
- Every time someone says ‘I don’t know’ and everyone on the show and
watching knows they’re lying – Drink.

That should pretty much get us all trashed by the halfway mark of every episode.

- The time traveling is effecting Juliette and PAD, too. Both had bloody noses.

- Even Kate didn’t like Jack’s beard. I’ll bet that’s why they broke up.

- Locke likes his pain and wouldn’t change anything. ‘I needed it to get where I am’. I can’t be positive, but wasn’t a similar line used in one of the Star Trek movies. You know Star Trek? The new remake is coming out soon. Directed by JJ Abrams who is behind ‘Lost’? Are we skipping through time, too? Sorry, this should be under the questions section.

- Sun wants to kill Ben. Like, really, really bad. If Ben were never scared before, he should be now.

- Jack really needs to buy a new car.

New Questions

- Who were the people shooting at Locke, Sawyer and crew? Something tells me we’ll find out before the end of the season.

- Who is providing Sun with surveillance photos, candy and handguns? Widmore?

- If people are after Sayid and the others, why are they using tranqs and not bullets? Why do they want to catch them and not kill them?

NOTE: Might want to brace yourself for these next few. Your minds are about to be blown.

- Think back to the first few seasons when Jack and company would hide from footsteps they heard approaching in the jungle. Often they would duck down and either hear the people walk by or just catch a glimpse of feet walking by. We always assumed these were Others, but what if it were actually themselves walking by? Could future Sawyer, Faraday, Locke, and crew have walked right by past Jack or Kate or Sayid crouched nearby?

- Can they interact with themselves? When Sawyer asks Locke why he didn’t go warn himself, I wondered if that was even possible? We know other people can see them when they skip through time, but can they see themselves? If Sawyer had emerged from the jungle to help deliver Aaron, would Claire and Kate have seen him? I think so, but there’s no way to be sure.

- Ready for the next mind blower? Too bad. Remember when Rousseau said her ship was responding to a distress call when their ship sank and sent all the people to the island? What if the distress signal was somehow coming from the freighter that was blown up? Maybe not the freighter exactly, but one of the life rafts or life vests that have those auto beacons in them? Obviously, Jin was blasted into the radius of the time skipping, so couldn’t a vest or raft made the circle, too and Rousseau’s ship picked up the signal? Thus luring them to the island and ending the lives of everyone on board? This isn’t such a happy show when you stop and consider it.

- What’s up with Sayid? Did being dosed with horse tranquilizers make him even more withdrawn? Nevermind. Just answered my own question.

- In a related note, was it such a good idea that he did the driving considering he still has tranqs coursing through his bloodstream?

- Does anyone remember Jin and Rousseau meeting before? Jin certainly seemed like he knew her, but I don’t recall Rousseau looking at Jin any differently when she meets him in the future. Anyone recall?

- Will Faraday ever remove his tie? Who’s he trying to impress? Did Charlotte once tell him he looked great in a shirt and tie?

- Why is ‘Lost’ so cruel to Jin? First his wife cheats on him, then she may be having another man’s baby, then he gets blown up, now – after busting his ass learning English – the first strangers he meets are French.

- Lastly, what exactly happened to all the kids that were on the island? Where the hell did everyone go? The last we saw of them, Jack was in a cage and they wandered by like they were visiting a zoo. What happened to them? Are they still on the island? Are they time skipping with the rest of them?

That’s all I’ve got. Until next week.

Today's distraction: UFO attack!! Like Missle Command only lamer. Still fun, though.

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A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

I was blown away when Jin was still alive. I started lauging when they were speaking french because it took him so long to learn english, that's got to be a little depressing.
I don't think Jin ever met Rousseau, but I could be wrong.
Excellent review as always. Happy friday!