Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lost - Part 5

I’ve always felt like watching Lost is like trying to plug multiple leaks in a dam. Every question answered is another finger in a hole. If you ignore the big torrent of ‘What the hell is going on?’ gushing from the middle of the dam, this season has plugged more holes than all the others combined.

Until last night.

One question from Christian has not only broken a new, gaping hole in the dam, but there are smaller holes and cracks surrounding it. All of them shooting water fifty feet straight ahead. Scroll down to New Questions for further details.

The rest of you know the drill.

Read no further if you haven’t watched yet.

What Happened

Let’s start with Sun, shall we? For some reason, we didn’t see a phone call from her daughter last week. We simply saw her get out of the car with gun in hand. This week, she’s interrupted by a call from her daughter saying, ever so cutely that she misses her mom. Sun tells her daughter she’ll be home just as soon as she murders this very bad man (ok, not really) then confronts Ben. Ben convinces Sun not to shoot him in the face and take a simple half hour drive with him so he can prove that Jin is really alive.

Kate and even Sayid throw up their hands and say ‘That’s it! I’m out!’ when they hear Jack and Ben want to get back to the island. Jack, on the ride with Ben and Sun apologizes to Sun for leaving Jin behind on the freighter. ‘Why are you telling me this now?’ Sun asks, ‘So I won’t shoot Ben?’ Jack responds that if she doesn’t he will gladly do it for her. Ben, uncharacteristically, loses his shit, slams the breaks on and screams at both of them about how hard he has worked keeping the Oceanic 6 safe and alive. ‘You wouldn’t stop thanking me! If you’re going to shoot me, then get it over with!’

Sadly, Sun backs down and they all drive to a church in LA where they meet up with – say it with me – Desmond. You’ll remember that he is looking for Faraday’s mother and it led him to the same place. So far that’s two surprises from this season that haven’t been that surprising. The other being Jin still alive, of course.

Which reminds me. Ben produces the proof Jin is still alive by taking his wedding ring out of his pocket. Had it on him the entire time. Little weasel! He could have easily picked the ring of Jin’s dead hand, but that doesn’t seem to register with Sun.

Desmond, Ben, Jack, and Sun all enter the church and there is white haired lady, Eloise Hawking – aka Mother Faraday (we assume) – with her equations on the blackboard. She faces them and asks Ben where the others are. He says this is all he could get on such short notice.

‘Well, it will have to do,’ she says.

But let’s get to the real action.

On the island Jin hangs with Rousseau’s group for a while. Even witnessing an attack by Smokey the Monster before being white lighted away to witness Rousseau kill her own lover after he somehow survives a trip to Smokey’s Cave. Season one viewers remember Rousseau talking about an illness that infected her crew and changed them. So, of course, she killed them all. Seeing Jin, she goes after him, too before he’s whisked away again.

When Jin lands there is another gun on him, only this time it’s Sawyer, who is surprised and happy to see Jin is not a charred, shark chewed corpse. Jin is happy, too, until he realizes Sun has left the island. Sawyer tries to explain things to Jin, but he’s like just like everyone watching the show and doesn’t understand. He gets Charlotte to translate, which Sawyer hilariously thinks should be PAD (‘He’s from Korea. I’m from Encino’).

The magical mystery tour continues with not one, but two intense time trips which are taking their tolls on everyone. Juliette, Sawyer, PAD, and especially Charlotte are bleeding from the nose. Charlotte even thinks she is in a different time and place before snapping to and screaming at Jin in Korean. She switches to English to leave no doubt that ‘This place is death!’

Well, duh! Even delirious Charlotte is annoying.

Locke makes the cold hearted decision to leave Red (a nickname that takes on darker meaning the more she bleeds from the nose and mouth) behind, but Faraday won’t leave her. He stays while the others go looking for the Orchid. As they’re leaving Charlotte tells them that if they can’t find the station to look for the well, which could be the sole reason her character existed in this show.

While Faraday comforts Charlotte in her dying moments (and she does die, just so you’re not shocked) it’s revealed that she spent her childhood on the island with her mother. When she spoke of it her mother would tell her it was her imagination and not to talk about it. She also drops another stunner: That a scary, strange man came to see her on the island and told her to never return or she would die. That man was Daniel Faraday!

Charlotte then drops dead. Or, more accurately, flops to the side dead as she was already on the ground. It was one of those ‘head to the side, eyes go blank’ type of deaths. You get the idea.

Locke and crew find the Orchid right where they expected. Juliette proves she’s a total jinx by mentioning how lucky that was before a white flash takes it all away. (‘Just had to say something!’). Locke locates the well Charlotte told him about and begins to rope down. But, not before Jin makes him promise to never bring Sun back to the island. ‘Tell her I’m dead’ and gives Locke his wedding ring.

On the way down, another white flash happens and Locke falls down and breaks his leg while Sawyer tries to help him back up even though the well is no longer there. Silly Sawyer.

Locke, still at the bottom of the well, gets a visit from ever versatile Christian, who tells Locke ‘I said YOU needed to move the island’. When Locke explains that Ben told him he needed to stay and lead the Others, Christian sharply asks ‘Since when has listening to Ben done you any good?’

And, yes, I’m trying to stem the flood of questions that have popped into my head. They’re coming out my ears!!!

Locke manages to get up (with a bone sticking out of his leg, no less), and pop the wheel back into place. As things get white again, Christian tells Locke to ‘Say hi to my son’. Locke asks ‘Who’s your son?’, but like everything on this show, it’s too late to receive an answer.

What We Learned

- While Locke thinks he’s all up in the island’s psyche, he really knows nothing.

- Even the island knows enough to not trust Ben.

- Jin does remember Rousseau.

- Smokey The Monster will take someone even if they are missing an arm.

- Charlotte was on the island before.

- Faraday perfects time travel in the future, as evidenced by his creepy, borderline pedophilic visit to young Charlotte. Or maybe doesn’t perfect it, but at least figures out the brain melting problem.

- Ben didn’t know Eloise is Faraday’s mother. At least that’s the impression we got.

- Jack, Sun, Ben and Desmond are so used to unexplained coincidences they barely blink when they run into each other at the church even after not seeing each other for 3 years. I would have much to say, I think.

- Ben feels unappreciated.

- Eloise – Mother Faraday henceforth – seems to be making things up as she goes. She demands all the Oceanic 6 need to be present, but just shrugs when she finds out only two have arrived. I seem to remember her all doom and gloom when Ben asked what would happen if he couldn’t get them altogether. Now it’s fine?

- Only those caught in the time skipping hear the hum and see the white noise. To those in the current time, the person simply vanishes.

- Even Rousseau’s daughter (Alex) had father issues. Having you father attempt to kill your mother, then have your mother kill your father while you’re still in the womb, then being raised by Ben can mess you up. I would think.

- Sayid gives the best threats of anyone on the show. ‘If I see either of you again, it will be extremely unpleasant.’

- The island is in flux not because the 6 left the island, but because Ben knocked the wheel out of kilter. Ben’s such a screw up.

New Questions

- Throughout the arc of this entire series, Ben has come off as manipulative, deadly, pathetic, and extremely intelligent and knowledgeable. But we’ve always been given the impression that he has the island’s best interests at heart. Moving the island so it couldn’t be found by Widmore (who has always been viewed with suspicion, as well). With Christian’s question to Locke about what listening to Ben has ever done for him, the show has made us question Ben’s ultimate motives.

1: Is he really trying to protect the island?

2: Is he – along with Richard The Ageless Wonder – actually trying to use the island for self serving purposes?

3: Who are the ones we should be leery of? Ben and the Others or Widmore and his crew?

4: Is it possible the Widmore, not Ben, is the one trying to save the island and the people on it?

5: And, if so, then what does Ben have to gain by protecting the Oceanic 6? Does he need them simply to get back to the island? I wouldn’t think so, since he can get there using Mother Faraday’s math. Right?

6: Going back to Ben’s last line to Locke ‘Sorry I’ve made your life so miserable’, has Ben been somehow manipulating Locke’s life both pre and post island in order to keep him from it? Considering Locke’s connection to the island via Jacob via Christen via walking around again, it certainly seems like Locke’s destiny was to be a part of the island’s history. The question now is whether he should have been on the island much sooner than the plane crash and if Ben and Richard actively worked to keep him off it.

7: Did Ben purposely move the island because he knew Locke was supposed to and wanted whatever glory Locke was supposed to get on the other side or was it truly the first selfless act in Ben’s life?

- Charlotte’s knowledge of the well’s location, her happy memories of spending time on the island, and her ‘This place is death!’ line made me wonder if somehow the island has been poisoned or corrupted. Was the island once a real life Eden? Could Ben and Richard killing all the Dharma people have turned the island dark? Or is the island just a piece of land and it’s the people chasing it’s power and talents that make it death?

- Did Charlotte get to have a piece of chocolate before dinner?

- Did we know Charlotte spoke Korean? If so, I don’t remember it and if not how did Jin know?

- How did Faraday get his sleeves rolled up so high? That had to have taken serious time.

- Who is Charlotte’s father? I get the feeling this will be important.

- Why was Sun so quick to believe Ben? Just because he had his ring doesn’t mean Jin is still alive.

- Is Sun’s daughter also Jin’s?

- When older Rousseau first meets Jin, does she show any recognition? Anyone remember anything unusual about them meeting?

- What happened to Rousseau’s crew that they turned on her and tried to kill her? How did they survive Smokey the Monster’s lair? And what happened in there that changed them? Rousseau’s boy toy even used Ben’s line of ‘It’s a security system’.

- Anyone else annoyed with Faraday’s soft, half whispering line delivery besides me? Speak up, man!!! Your outdoors and not at a funeral.

- Will Locke keep his promise to Jin? I say he does whatever he can to bring everyone back including breaking his word to Jin.

- Is Christian a ghost or time traveling from the past when he was….you know…still breathing? Was it inability or just refusal when he wouldn’t help Locke off the ground even though his bone was ripped out of his leg? Is Christian that much of a dick? Quite frankly, this is a toss up.

- Where is Claire? Wasn’t she hanging out with Christian and acting all smarmy and uppity?

I think that’s enough for this week. Hopefully some of this will be answered soon. I would really like to know if Ben/Richard have been and are still messing with Locke.

Did I miss anything?

Today's distraction: Give the internet a high five! It deserves it.


Anonymous said...

I go through a rollercoaster of emotions when you post these Lost recaps. I get excited to see that you've posted something, but when I see it, I get sad to know I will get no pleasure from reading it.

BeachBum said...

It makes me sad that you get sad. On the other hand, if you would just start watching one of the greatest shows ever, we'd both feel better.

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

I agree with beach start watching it. Christian is Jacob right?

BeachBum said...

I don't know, man. I think Jacob uses Christian to communicate with others, but I don't know if it's actually him. I saw some online chatter that they think Jacob is actually Locke in the future.

But it could be anybody. Or nobody.

m.e.g. said...

Haha, you captured the episode so perfectly and it's quite amusing. do you write about lost each week?

Anonymous said...

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