Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lost - Part 6

No time for chit chat today. Lots to cover and a ton of new questions. It’s the genius of ‘Lost’, isn’t it? Just when you think they’re answering all sorts of questions, the floodgates open with uncountable new ones.

You know the drill by now.

Stop reading if you haven’t watched, yet.

What Happened: That actually should be one of the questions. What the hell happened? To Ben, to Kate, to Hurley, to Sayid?

Sorry, I get ahead of myself.

In a repeat of the opening scene of the entire series, Jack wakes to find himself in a jungle, staring up at trees. He hears someone calling for help, turns into Hero Jack again, performs one of the more awkward cliff dives in television history (bellyflop!) and saves….

…Hurley. Who is struggling with a guitar case (more on that later) in a lagoon. Once he gets Hurley upright he glances across the water and sees….

…Kate (who has her own section this week in New Questions) lying on a bunch of rocks, which is symbolic for how she rocks my world but I may be projecting. She wakes and asks ‘Are we?’ to which Jack replies, looking nearly giddy, ‘Yeah, we’re back’.

Cut to 40 some odd hours earlier where Jack, Sun, Ben and Desmond are still in the church of Dharma with Mother Faraday. She proceeds to bring them down a long hallway and enters a room (The Lantern?) containing computers, chalkboards, and the worlds biggest yo-yo. She explains that this is how one Dharma scientist theorized you had to figure out where the island is going to be rather than where it was in order to get to it.

Apparently there are different entry ways to the island depending on the time, date, and the island’s menstrual cycle. The big, yo-yo thing isn’t really explained, but it looked cool. Desmond, when hearing that Jack and company are actually trying to get back to the island acts like every single one of us watching: ‘What are you nuts? You all get caught drunk driving on that island and die!’

Or something like that. Mother Faraday explains that this room (The Lamp?) was built over a pocket of energy similar to others throughout the world and that they’re all interconnected. After Mother Faraday tells Desmond ‘The island isn’t through with you, yet’ he gives her Faraday’s message and ‘I’m done with the island’ before storming out.

Quick sidenote: It was comforting to hear a sane, rational voice among all the emotional wreckage floating around the show this season. None of the Oceanic 6 can be labeled happy since their return. Desmond (although not a member of the group officially) is the only one who seems content with his post island life.

Mother Faraday takes Jack into her office and tells him he needs to recreate as closely as possible everything about Oceanic Flight 815. This means transporting Locke’s body (as a substitute for Jack’s dead father) and getting as many of the Oceanic 6 on Ajira Flight 316 (I wrote this down to remember) as possible. his flight will be flying directly over the coordinates where the island is next expected to be. She then gives him Locke’s suicide note that is addressed to Jack.

Jack then goes through some lame denials, has a heart to heart with Ben (of all people) about the foundation of faith before heading home to pack. But not before Ben says to him ‘I have a promise to keep to an old friend’, which I immediately feared for Penny’s life. Remember him telling Widmore that he would kill his daughter last season?

I digress.

Jack stops to say goodbye to Ray – his grandfather – who I can’t help but think we will see again in a more prominent role and steals his father’s shoes. Ok, granddad tells him he can take them, but still. He then goes home to find Kate in his bed with all the lights off. My dream scenario is quickly short circuited when Jack asks Kate where Aaron is and she tells him ‘I will go with you back to the island if you never ask me that question again’. He agrees while she rips her clothes off, which is what I would have done.

The next morning Ben interrupts Jack and Kate’s weird morning after and tells him he needs to get Locke’s body. We see Ben all bloody and beaten up as he tells Jack he will meet him at on the plane. Jack goes to the butcher’s shop (symbolism?) to get Locke’s body, puts his father’s shoes on Locke and gives him back the unopened suicide note. ‘Where ever you are, I hope you’re laughing,’ Jack says to Locke’s vaguely smug looking corpse.

Checking in for the flight, Jack goes through a bunch of questions about why he’s transporting a dead body, meets up with Kate and heads to security. There he sees Sayid in handcuffs (or so I assume) being transported by a woman with a badge. Sun arrives with hugs, smiles, kisses and lack of hostility. In the waiting area is none other than Hugo Hurley also waiting to board the same flight. When the airline announces that there are 78 free seats available for stand by, Hurley quickly stops her; claiming he bought up all those seats and nobody can have them.

As they board they all exchange surprised looks with Sayid who is more and more alarmed with each Oceanic 6 person coming on board. At the last minute Ben runs in all bandaged up. Hurley freaks out a bit before everyone calms down and settles in for the second worst flight of their lives. Just before they take off, the flight attendant tells Jack they found something of his and she hands him Locke’s suicide note.

As they get airborne, the pilot comes on to welcome them to the flight. It’s none other than the Lawnmower Man himself, Frank something or other. He’s just Frank to us. Turns out he’s been working for Ajira for a while….he looks around, sees Hurley, Kate, Sun, Sayid and says to Jack rather matter of factly, ‘We’re not going to Guam, are we?’

Halfway (or so) into the flight, Ben convinces Jack to read Locke’s note. It says simply ‘I wish you had believed me’ although it looked like there was an ‘in’ and some other words after it, but that’s all we were shown. The plane begins bumping around, things get white, and suddenly Jack, Hurley and Kate are in the lagoon where the show began.

As they gather themselves, a mint VW Dharma-mobile pulls up and a man with a rifle gets out.


What We Learned

- At least Jack, Kate and Hurley make it back to the island.

- That Ajira water bottle Sawyer, Locke and company found in that canoe really did mean something.

- Jack is officially a believer.

- Ben still has some of the best lines in the show. Loved his answer to Jack’s question about what happens to the other passengers on the plane? ‘Who cares’.

- Hurley and Kate seem to have been threatened or black mailed into being on the plane.

- Ben is so hated nobody even asks what happened to him when he gets on the plane wearing a sling and multiple facial bruises.

- The mystery of the island goes back a long time.

- Dharma hides underneath a church. Smokey hides underneath a temple. I’m sensing a trend.

- Ben reads the classics.

- I Googled ‘Ajira’, by the way and it’s a Hindu word that means ‘island’. I also came up with a fun site you MUST visit. I’ll link to it at the bottom.

- I also checked out ‘Ulysses’ (which looked like the book Ben was reading on the plane) in Wikipedia and here is the description of the book: ‘Ulysses is divided into eighteen chapters or "episodes". At first glance much of the book may appear unstructured and chaotic; (author James) Joyce once said that he'd "put in so many enigmas and puzzles that it will keep the professors busy for centuries arguing over what I meant" in order to attain "immortality”.’ Hmmm, that sounds familiar.

New Questions

Man alive, where do we begin?

- What happened to Aaron and why won’t Kate talk about it? Was he used against her in order to get her back to the island? Did she give him up? Is he dead? Whatever happened, Kate is not happy about it and did not seem thrilled to be going back to the island.

- Did Kate and Jack have angry sex?

- Does Kate really expect Jack to not ask any further questions about Aaron or was she just buying time? Kate makes some strange deals. Last night’s amounted to ‘Don’t ask about your nephew and I’ll have sex with you’. Actually, that sounds like a fair deal all around.

- And what about Jack? Will he ever ask Kate about Aaron again? It seems rather difficult to not know what happened to a three year old you cared for, watched grow up and was related to you. Wouldn’t you at least want to know if he was safe? On the other hand, Kate was undressing so I can understand his quick acceptance.

- What happened to Ben? His mention of keeping a promise to an old friend immediately made me think of his oath to Widmore that since he killed his daughter, Ben would do the same to him. Did he kill Penny and have to deal with Desmond at the same time? Did Desmond beat the living hell out of Ben?

- What happened to Sayid? Was he intentionally on the plane or was that a coincidence like Frank being the pilot? Sorry, was that ‘fate’? Coincidences don’t happen on Lost. Did he get himself arrested on purpose?

- What happened to Hurley? Like Kate, he certainly didn’t seem happy to be on the plane. What was told to him to get him on the plane?

- Was that Charlie’s guitar case Hurley brought with him?

- Is Mother Faraday really Faraday’s mother? She didn’t confirm or deny when Desmond asked her.

- Who came up with the theory on how to find the island? I’m betting we know him already.

- Who was the guy behind Jack at the airport counter? He says to him ‘Sorry about your loss’ when Jack walks past him and I could have sworn he’s either been on the show before or he’s just an actor I recognized from somewhere else. He was on the plane to Guam, too, so I’ll bet we see him again. Anyone remember him from before?

- Who is behind all six getting on that plane? My money is on the new, cold blooded, Sun. I think she ‘convinced’ Kate and Hurley to buy in to the return trip by not so nice methods. Still can’t figure out the Sayid angle, yet.

- Have the island returnees gone back in time? Judging by the mint condition of the VW Bus Jin was driving, it certainly seems that way. Either that or Jin is an artist at restoring rusted out Dharma vans. Although where would he get the wax?

- If they have gone back in time (seems it’s around the time Dharma was still operating on the island), have they gone back to prevent Ben from killing all the Dharma people? Is that their ultimate purpose?

- Did Ray, Jack’s grandfather, have Christian when we was 12? He certainly doesn’t seem that much older than him.

- Anyone else wish Desmond would have shoved that giant pendulum out of whack on his way out as a final ‘F YOU!’ to the island and Mother Faraday? I sure did.

- What’s the significance of Jack’s father’s shoes? You’d think Christian would be grateful for tennis sneakers since he wound up walking around on a tropical island. Sure, Jack could never have foreseen that turn of events, but it turned out pretty well for everyone.

- Did the Ajira plane crash or were the six white flashied back to the island and simply disappeared from their seats?

- Could the canoe shooting at Juliette, Sawyer, Locke and the freighter trio have been Jack, Kate and Hurley? There was an Ajira water bottle in one of them, let’s not forget. Could they have all crossed paths during the time skipping? Maybe Pilot Frank?

- And lastly, what the hell is going on?????!!!!!

Today's distraction: Here is the bonus link of the week. More proof that the geniuses behind Lost have thought of everything and quite possibly are messing with our heads at levels we may never fully understand. Just like James Joyce with ‘Ulysses’. Bastards!


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Okay, totally unrelated, but it bears mentioning and since this is really my only forum of discussion with you, it had to be done. You need to Netflix whatever episodes of Life you haven't seen yet because the new episode last night blew the door wide open. I don't care if you have to download them illegally, find a way to catch up so we can talk about these damn things on Thursdays.

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Wow, this is weird. I just added Season One to my list and bumped them to the top of the list. Literally just did it before coming here.

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It's like we share a brain sometimes man. WE should run the world together. (No homo)