Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crush of the Month

The month is nearly over and I totally forgot to elect a new Crush of the Month. Well, not totally. There was an alarming shortage of possibilities this month. Every option either had something in their background to make me steer clear or had some annoyance that crossed her off the list.

You may call me picky, but I prefer ‘highly selective’. This is a prestigious and highly sought after award. I need to select the winners with decorum, good taste, bust size comparison and massive bribes.

Unfortunately, nobody reads this and bribes are in short supply. By short I mean nonexistent.

So, I’m left to my own devices and have to select women who actually do something for me.

Without further ado here is BeachBum’s March Crush of the Month.

Who?: Genevieve Gorder, that’s who. Most people know her from TLC’s 'Trading Spaces'. She was one of the designers that would recreate a space for families or friends swapping houses. What struck me about Genevieve was her ability to simplify a space while making it fit the people she was working for. I never cringed looking at a room she built. It was always easy on the eyes.

Just like her:

Beautiful, no?

She moved from 'Trading Spaces' to her own show called 'Town Haul' where she would literally make over an entire town. So she’s ambitious.

Taking time off to have kids, Genevieve has returned with a vengeance with another show of her own called ‘Dear Genevieve’ on HGTV. You can sample some of what the show is about by watching the clip on that link. Basically, people email her asking for suggestions and she will tape a reply and even draw up sketches to show what she has in mind.

If she thinks you really need help, she’ll come to your house and work with you on the room. TV crew comes standard.

What Else?: Besides her seductive eyes (are they green or brown or hazel?), she’s very comfortable in front of the camera, doesn’t waste words while communicating what it is she’s trying to do and has a common sense not often seen with television designers. Let’s face it, some of them are a bit ‘off’, but it makes for great TV so they roam free ruining homes all over the country. Even better, she’s one of the few designers who truly seems to enjoy what she’s doing, often doing grunt work while barefoot.

Yes, barefoot. It’s sort of her signature thing and I find it oddly human and kind of sexy.

Oh, she also runs her own design company, gg Studios (her initials, get it?) and is probably worth a fucking fortune.

That All?: If she’s made this list, you all know there is some kicker that launched her to the highest peak in all the internet. In this case, it was when I learned she was responsible for designing the bottle for Tanqueray Gin No 10 (it’s the sleek and sexy one in the middle).

Not only is Genevieve beautiful, talented, sexy, wealthy and competent, she also designed a bottle for one of my favorite alcohol brands. Wonder if she gets free gin as part of that deal?

I think I’m in love.

Today’s distraction: A bunch of people on a boat watching the under water volcano eruption. If I were on that boat, I would be asking the captain to move us a bit further away. Like 1000 miles further away.


Anonymous said...

The only acceptable reasons for a man to ever watch TLC:

-Sex is promised as repayment
-This chick is on the screen at least 70% of the time

Clayton Bigsby said...

I sometimes watch that John and Kate show on TLC. It's funny to see that guy get castrated on tv once a week.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to like her new HGTV show, but the end never seemed to look "wow" - - - I think Candice Olsen and Angelo Surmelis (and even Vern Yip from time to time) do a much better job... I don't always like the rooms for myself, but they always seem to hit it out of the park for what the homeowners were looking for & in the end that is all that matters... I don't like country kitchen, but when it's done well I can appreciate it (btw I don't think I've ever seen any top designer actually do country kitchen... it was just an expression lol).