Monday, March 30, 2009

Lessons Learned

20 things I learned this weekend.

1: That I know nothing about college basketball

2: New England weather will never change. Saturday spent most of the day in the mid 60s. The boys were riding their bikes around the neighborhood. I invited my buddy over to watch the Madness. We unwrapped the grill, packed the cooler with ice and beer…

…and the temperature dropped 15 degrees in less than 30 minutes. Un-fucking-believable. Wound up huddled by the grill, by myself, while everyone ran inside for warmth.

3: Ty Lawson is much better than I thought.

4: Tyler Hansbrough will not make a good pro. Blake Griffin (who will make a good pro) absolutely abused him on Sunday. On a related note, what was that ridiculous dunk over Griffin that Hansbrough tried? He was four feet away from the basket, tried to dunk and wound up throwing it off the rim.

5: That Villanova and Michigan State are my nemesis (nemisisis?). Every year they fuck me over. Either by losing early when I pick them to go far or knocking out one of my Final Four teams. In this case they both knocked out my Finals picks. Louisville and Pittsburgh. Bastards!

6: That said, I really REALLY like Villanova to take it all. Impressive win.

7: Tiger Woods has erased any doubt that he’s the greatest golfer ever.

8: That people can be total idiots. These two asswipes across the hall from me are talking to each other on speaker phone even though their offices are right next to each other. One kept saying ‘What? I can’t hear you. You’re cutting out on me’. Hang up the phone, get your fat ass out of your seat and walk ten steps to the other office! I’m surprised there wasn’t feedback.

Note: this is more a confirmation on what I already knew.

9: The ‘Sex and the City’ movie is even more atrocious than I even thought possible. As a compromise to wifey, I watched the last half of this movie since she’s put up with a barrage of college basketball games this weekend. Three things to say about this disaster:

- That Sarah Jessica Parker’s character is supposed to be a fashion maven and trend setter is an absolute joke. She was dressed like a clown half the time, including a dress she wore to a fashion show that made her look like a cream puff and stockings that hurt the eyes.

- This movie was downright depressing. It wasn’t funny (granted I missed the first 45 minutes) and there were moments I considered putting my head through the television screen just to put an end to my misery.

- It’s never easy to listen to characters whine and complain about their lives in general. That each of them is wealthy, successful and connected enough to live on the beach in the Hollywood area, get front row seats to a top notch runway show, and can afford multiple penthouse apartments makes feeling any sort of sympathy towards them nearly impossible. They come off as catered, pampered, whiny brats. That, my friends, makes a movie nearly unwatchable.

10: Taking family time every now and then is recommended. I took Friday off because my youngest’s day care was closed. Wifey decided to take it off, as well. So, we decided to take our eldest out of school, as well and made it a family day. Went to see ‘Monsters vs Aliens’ at the 11 am showing and had the theater all to ourselves. Hung out while doing yard work. It was a nice, stress free day.

11: That this March has flown by. Usually March drags on by like a slug on depressants. This year I’m stunned it’s nearly over. Time to think of my annual April Fool’s Joke for my office friends. Or enemies. Whichever.

12: Beer o’clock never gets old. An old friend unexpectedly texted me to let me know she was in the area. ‘Thirsty?’ was the key question. Fuck, yeah! So, I met her for a beer after lunch and I’m feeling much more relaxed. Impromptu beer o’clock. Does it get any better?

13: ‘Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlistisn’t nearly as funny as I thought it would be. Cute, at times utterly disgusting (in a funny way), great music, but not at all as hilarious as I was expecting. Pushes the edge for a PG-13 movie, too.

14: It’s well past time for a Guy’s Night Out. My buddy came over with his pregnant wife to watch the games on Saturday. We watch the first game, then, just as the second game gets started his wife says ‘I’m tired, we should get going’. It wasn’t even eight o’clock!! To his credit, he says to her, ‘I came over to watch the games with my bud! Next time you’re staying home.’

15: Something I hope our government learns soon: We can’t save them all, Obama. Some car companies and banks are going to HAVE to fail in order to save the economy. There is no way around it. We can’t keep throwing billions at mismanaged companies in the hope that they’ll suddenly self correct. All we’re doing is driving the country into a deeper financial abyss. You’ve done what you can do, now step back and hope the imbeciles that got us into this mess in the first place are taken out of power (not likely) or have learned from their mistakes (even less likely).

While I do like Obama’s administration requiring the GM CEO to resign, I wonder what kind of severance package he got for doing so.

16: There is a very good chance I will never, ever get sick of hearing Robert Randolph and his Family Band. Hearing him pop up on my iPod while it’s on Shuffle brightens my day.

17: Next year I’m picking my brackets before I listen to any ‘experts’ talk about teams they like. I’m kicking myself over being talked out of Michigan State making it to the Final Four because Louisville just had too many weapons. 52 points, people. They scored 52 fucking points! From now on, I’ll check injuries, make my own picks and not change a thing.

18: That people love to congratulate themselves. If multiple cities turning off non essential lighting for an hour can save so much energy, then why don’t they do it every day? Why not turn off all non essential or decorative lighting from midnight to 5 am? How much would that save? A one hour gesture is meaningless. Make it a habit.

19: Despite my recent affair with gin and tonics, beer will always be my true love.

20: The trailer I saw of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ makes me hopeful it could be one of the most magical movies of our generation.

Today’s distraction: My Little Pony gets a Hollywood make over. I would buy the Alien one.


Clayton Bigsby said...

I too watched the Sex and The City movie this weekend. Strange. It was terrible.

thepowerof10 said...

I talked to a girl Saturday night about the Sex and the City movie. I pretended like I was interested, but the whole time I was thinking "I will never watch that pile of shit in my entire life."