Monday, March 23, 2009

Likes and Dislikes

Likes and dislikes from the past weekend.

- Liked immersing myself in March Madness.

- Disliked the lack of true upsets this year.

- Like that I decided to pay for two brackets in this year’s office pool. My ‘take the favorites’ is currently in first place.

- Dislike my ‘actually thought it out’ bracket which is in the middle of the pack.

- Like that ‘Buffalo Wild Wings’ commercial where the photographer uses his giant, super bright flash to sabotage a basketball game.

- Dislike that it was aired 5132 times during the games; including one break where it was shown twice. We don’t even have any around Boston!

Sidenote here: That ad shows Boston fans rooting for the place to sabotage their own team so the game can go into overtime. This would never, ever happen. Boston fans prefer their teams to win by 60 points; like what they did to the Lakers in Game 6 of the Finals. That they would root for overtime against a New York team of all things is just insulting. We don’t need an excuse to stay at a bar drinking and certainly wouldn’t root for our team to miss a last second shot in order to extend the game. Sidenote over.

- Like that both champions in my brackets are still alive.

- Dislike that neither looked very good this past weekend (Memphis who beat up on a weak, tired Maryland team and Pitt who won sloppy and seems to be lacking a sense of urgency).

- Liked the teams that lost valiantly – Siena, Oklahoma State, USC, Texas, Western Kentucky

- Disliked the teams that won ugly – Pittsburgh and Michigan State (ugly is the only way they can win, apparently).

- Liked Blake Griffin showing what all the fuss was about.

- Liked Sam Young of Pitt reminding me of Cedric Maxwell with an outside shot.

- Disliked Pitt point guard Levance Fields lackadaisical play. Especially the ‘what the fuck are you doing??!!!’ pass into the fourth row of the stands during the critical final 4 minutes.

- Liked that I drank more beer than I have since last summer.

- Disliked that it made me feel really bloated and gross. I’ll need to try harder this weekend.

- Liked – no – LOVED Cole Aldrich completely taking over the defense for Kansas. I wish I had them beating Michigan State in my bracket because I think they will.

- Liked that I used the theory that it’s the year of Pennsylvania for sports. Phillies and Steelers won championships so why not Pitt winning the NCAA title.

- Disliked (a lot!!) that I forgot Villanova is also in the state of Pennsylvania.

- Really, really dislike that Pitt and Villanova could meet in the Elite Eight this weekend. In Boston, no less. Fuck me.

- Like Gonzaga’s chances against UNC this weekend.

- Dislike Arizona’s chances against Louisville.

- Like that we decided to keep my youngest boy’s birthday party small.

- Dislike that his godfather bought him approximately 25 gifts. Most of them Spider-Man toys. As it stands now youngest boy has more Spider-Man related toys than I had toys in total. Friggin’ ridiculous.

- Liked Temple to be the surprise team of the tournament.

- Disliked when they lost in the first round.

- Liked that I finally got to watch ‘Changeling’.

- Disliked that Jolie’s performance was over rated and the ending of the movie.

- Liked that I had a chance to see how ‘Better Off Ted’ was.

- Disliked that the fucking DVR somehow deleted it instead of playing it like I asked.

- Also dislike that there is no ‘Recover Deleted Shows’ option on the DVR. It’s basically a hard drive, why not give it a recycle bin or something.

- Like Living Thing’s new album ‘Habeas Corpus’ so much that I recommended it to ESPN’s Paul Shirley for his next review.

- Like that Shirley actually responded with a thank you note.

- Liked that I got to catch up with some old buddies Friday night.

- Disliked that the bar we went to didn’t serve Stella.

- However, I liked that I got to reacquaint myself with Harpoon.

- Disliked that this same bar wasn’t showing March Madness on the enormous, high def television that the bar was centered around. Instead it was showing the Celtics – Spurs game. That’s fine and all, but fucking March Madness was on!!! I have money riding on it!!!

- Disliked the bartender’s attitude when I asked her to change the channel, instead pointing me to one of the smaller, hard to see televisions. I’m fucking 40, lady, I can’t see that far. Especially with 6 Harpoons swimming around my stomach.

- Liked the weather we had over the weekend.

- Dislike the return of 20 degree temperatures this morning.

- Like that I’ve decided to take this Friday off. I need it.

- Dislike that March Madness is unavailable to fill my fix for the next few days.

Today’s distraction: A new and creative way to deal with all of those old music cassettes. And, yes, I'm painfully aware I may be the only person with a blog that remembers the old cassettes.


Hammen said...

I figured you'd have KU in your list of teams that won ugly...besides Aldrich, they were AWWWWWFUL yesterday, lucky Dayton shot 20%.

BeachBum said...

Offensively, they were awful, but their defense and Aldrich blocking 10 shots was why Dayton shot 20%. It got to the point where they didn't want to get within 5 feet of him.

He single handedly changed the way Dayton played the game. Quite impressive.

Anonymous said...

Dislike that you don't have a Buffalo Wild Wings in the Boston area. That is absurd.

Hammen said...

KU's defense and Aldrich contributed to the 20%, but Dayton had plenty of missed open shots all by themselves. I'll take the win and the Sweet 16 though, obviously.

Clayton Bigsby said...

STELLAAAAAAA! It's obvious joke day.