Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lost - Part 10

Sayid, you cold blooded son of a bitch!

Finally, someone does what most viewers have been rooting for since Henry Gale emerged from the jungle to torment Locke in that first Dharma station.

I will go no further in case someone hasn’t watched, yet.

As a quick sidenote, I wasn’t particularly fond of last night’s episode. It was one of the weaker ones of the season. Wasn’t horrible, just dragged a bit. At least, until the end. Just my opinion.

Off we go.

What Happened

We flashback to Iraq to see Sayid as a little boy stoically and efficiently dispatch a chicken in order to make his big brother look good. Father was very proud of Sayid, which makes him the polar opposite of everyone else on the show.

Sayid. A killer even at a young age. Yes, this will be a theme throughout the episode.

Back on the island, Little Ben brings Sayid another sandwich (Chicken salad this time!), asks Sayid if Richard has sent him. See, young Ben ran into a shaggy haired Richard in the jungle. Richard told Little Ben that he would have to be patient, but his time would come. Little Ben tells Sayid ‘If you’re patient, maybe I can help you, too’.

Flashback to Moscow, where a middle aged man is frantically running through his apartment closing and locking doors. He gets to a safe and opens it just as Sayid busts through the door and shoots the dude. Sayid is one bad mofo.

After the deed, he meets Big Ben (who looks dapper in a fedora). Ben tells Sayid, ‘Hey, nice work, but we’re done. You basically killed off the entire Board of Widmore’s organization. Kudos!’ (the quotes I use don’t necessarily mean that’s EXACTLY what Ben said in the show, but it’s the general idea). He then goes to leave while Sayid asks ‘Well….I mean….what now?’ (again, quotations are more for effect). Ben tells Sayid to ‘go live your life’ and strolls off into the Moscow night looking like Humphrey Bogart. Actually, Peter Lorre would be a better comparison.

Did anyone under 50 get that? If not Wikipedia those names. It will totally make sense.

Back on the island in 1977 (which makes this technically a flashback. This is getting confusing as hell), Sayid is refusing to talk to anyone, although he’s striking up quite the relationship with Little Ben. Sawyer comes to chat with him, asks him how Sayid is doing to which he replies ‘I’m being served sandwiches by a 12 year old Benjamin Linus. How do you think I’m doing?’

Unexpectedly, Sawyer head butts Sayid which leads to both of them jumping around the cell in pain. That was funny. Sawyer isn’t really thinking things through all the time. Saywer tells Sayid to confess to wanting to defect from the Hostiles (aka The Others) and to make it convincing, it must look like Saywer roughed him up a bit. Otherwise, Horace (or Harvey as I like to call him) wants to take him to some dude who specializes in getting the truth from people. Kind of like the island’s own Sayid.

‘Why would I do that?’ Sayid asks. ‘So you can join Dharma-ville,’ Sawyer replies which made me laugh again. I like the interaction between Sawyer and Sayid. Sort of a ruthless, murdering Abbott and Costello. (Again, anyone under 50?). Sayid, of course, refuses the offer.

Meanwhile, in the Dharma CafĂ©, Hurley serves waffles and ham to Kate and Jack. Then slips about Sawyer and Juliette cozying up in their Dharma Love Shack. Kate didn’t know which made breakfast very awkward. When Kate asked Jack if he knew, he did his usual head nodding for a bit before answering ‘Yeah’. Jack knows he can simply nod or say ‘Yes’, right? He doesn’t need to do both? Sorry, that should have been in the question section.

Juliette is having her own crisis of faith with the return of Kate. She asks Sawyer if their time is up and Sawyer assures her that he has everything under control and that nothing is going to change. Juliette also has a meet and greet with Kate (who will be working with her) in which she basically tells Kate to stay away from Sawyer.

Back at the cell, Sayid witnesses Ben’s father treat him badly when Little Ben brings Sayid yet another sandwich (not sure what this one had in it). Little Ben, always quick on his feet apparently, quickly tells his father that he brought it for him. His father doesn’t buy it and throws the sandwich and plate against the wall, which was counter productive since he’s going to have to clean it up being the janitor and all.

Flashing back (forward?) to Sayid working for Habitat for Humanity (or something), he turns to find Big Ben standing there. Ben tell Sayid that Locke is dead, Hurley is in danger and Sayid might be, too. ‘If I can find you, they can too’. Sayid wonders how this could happen since Ben told him they had killed everyone that posed a threat. Ben tells Sayid that there is a man parked outside Hurley’s hospital that Sayid must kill.

Sayid asks why Big Ben came to him. ‘Because this is in your nature,’ Ben tells him. Sayid gets pissed, Ben half heartedly apologizes and leaves.

Back on the island, Sayid is brought to Oldham who gives Sayid a magic sugar cube which makes Sayid trip the light fantastic and he spills the truth. He’s from the future, all the Dharma people are going to die and he knows all about the Dharma stations. Nobody believes him, of course, so they vote and decide they need to kill Sayid.

Back to the future, we see Sayid drinking $120 glasses of whiskey or gin or something. The chick from the Ajira airplane cozies up next to Sayid, seduces him and just as he’s getting his groove on, kicks him in the face and pulls a gun on him. She’s a bounty hunter that’s taking Sayid back to Guam to answer for one of his many, many, many murders.

So off these two lovers go, arriving at the airport only to have Sayid freak out because Sun, Jack, Hurley, Kate and – yup – here comes Big Ben - are all on the same plane. ‘Are you sure we’re going to Guam?’ Sayid asks. He even tried to convince her to change flights, but she will have none of his nonsense. Sucker! Should have listened.

Back to the island (this is getting exhausting) where Sawyer is offering Sayid a way to escape. Sayid refuses which confuses Sawyer until he sees a rolling, flaming Dharma mobile go crashing into one of the houses. Jack comes running out to help only to get ‘Three years! No flaming buses! You’re back one day’ from Sawyer.

While everyone fights the fire, Little Ben helps Sayid escape but only if Sayid takes him to the Hostiles. Sayid agrees and – finally realizing why he was brought back to the island – manages to knock Jin out, get his gun and….

…wait for it….

….shoots Little Ben in the heart.

Then Sayid runs off into the jungle.

What We Learned

- Sayid seems to enjoy killing people. His reaction when Big Ben tells them they were all done said it all.

- Sayid has absolutely no luck with women. They have all either been murdered by someone else, murdered by him or been a bounty hunter tracking him down to answer for some random murder of an important Widmore associate. Guy can’t win.

- Juliette is threatened by the return of Kate. As she should be.

- Sawyer is no doubt working to score a three way out of this deal.

- Jack seems to enjoy his Dharma life and letting Sawyer handle things. Thought he’d be trying harder to take back control.

- Hurley is PERFECT for cafeteria work.

- Despite working with him to kill all the Widmore people, Sayid hates Ben with a passion and (probably) himself for being suckered in by him.

- Sayid can take a punch, kick or headbutt with the best of them. That kick from bounty hunter chick would have knocked me out. Especially with those particular boots. Those looked deadly.

- Sayid’s been going about this torturing business all wrong. Instead of violence and pain, he should have been using those effective and easy to use sugar cubes.

- Sayid really was on the Ajira flight by accident. He wanted no part of getting on that plane.

- For someone so guarded and dangerous, Sayid certainly fell for bounty hunter’s come on very easily. Maybe he was just horny.

- Dharma really needs to figure out more flattering uniforms. Those jumpsuits don’t look good on anyone.

- Jack is quite pleasant when he has no responsibility or drug habit. Sadly, that’s not often.

- There were no rolling, out of control, burning Dharma-mobiles on the island for at least three years.

- Sayid is funny when he’s high.

- Juliette is going to be highly employable if she ever gets of the island. Doctor and car mechanic?

New Questions

- What did that chicken ever do to Sayid?

- Does anyone really think Little Ben is dead?

- Who lit the Dharma bus on fire? Little Ben or did he have an accomplice?

- Were Little Ben’s sandwiches made with love?

- Who are the other children on the island? Ethan’s mother mentions all the other children when arguing why they need to kill Sayid.

- After Sayid shoots Little Ben and runs off into the jungle, does he meet up with Rousseau? Anyone else realize this show is an actor’s dream? Even when your character dies, you can always get work in flashbacks and time loops.

- On the same subject, does anyone remember when Sayid and Rousseau first meet? She captures him in her underground lair during the first few episodes of season one. Is there any recognition on her part? I can’t remember and thought someone else might.

- How could Big Ben not remember Sayid after this? He friggin’ shot him as a little boy. I’m pretty sure that would stick in a kid’s mind.

- Even better, does Ben know killing is in Sayid’s nature because he tried to kill Little Ben? Has directing Sayid to kill all these random people been some sort of karmic retribution?

- How long was the dude sitting in the car outside Hurley’s mental hospital? Sayid tells off Big Ben, somehow decides he needs to protect Hurley, flies from the Dominican Republic to Hurley’s hospital and the guy is still there? Did he sleep there? Were there shifts taken? When and how did he go the bathroom? Is it possible to have take out delivered to a car?

- Did Sayid take the Russian dude’s money? If not, does that mean Sayid is somehow independently wealthy? Or was Ben paying him big bucks? He would have had to pay for that expensive liquor somehow.

- What was the point of Big Ben telling Sayid that he thought Locke was murdered? To recap, Ben talks Locke out of hanging himself, then kills him with the same electrical cord he was going to use for the suicide, then staged it to look like a suicide, then tells Sayid Locke’s been murdered. Uh. What the hell?

- How does Ben keep all his stories straight?

- Also, how does Ben just appear all the time? Nobody sees him walking towards them or walking away. He’s always simply standing there when they turn around. ‘Hello, Sayid’. ‘Hello, Jack.’ No wonder his father beat the crap out of him.

- What was Jin doing out driving around the jungle at night? Was he helping Sayid escape? Or was that just coincidence?

- Why did Kate come back to the island and why does she seem so miserable?

- Is Kate pissed that Sawyer and Juliette are shacked up together? If so, why? It’s been three years and she did the same thing with Jack when they got off the island. No double standards!

- Does Faraday still have his tie on?

- How are Locke and Sun going to reunite with the rest of the crew currently in 1977?

- Finally, I have a thought on the bounty hunter chick. I don’t think she is actually after Sayid, at all. Anyone else struck by the fact she didn’t seem at all surprised that the Ajira flight crashed on the island? What are the odds she actually works for Charles Widmore?

I’d say better than average.

Today's distraction: The fantastic and original Ultimate Showdown. Everyone from Batman to Shaq to Indiana Jones to Godzilla to Optimus Prime to Abe Lincoln to Jackie Chan are involved. And there is a surprise winner.


Chuckwagon said...

I'm going to have to stop watching this program. I am soooo confused at this point, I don't think I can ever see the light. Since Big Ben is still alive in 2008, then he could NOT have been killed by Sayid in 1977, right?

I think I'll go back to watching American Idol, or whatever, and just read your "LOST" synopsis on Thursdays. It's easier to understand.

BeachBum said...

We actually don't know if Big Ben is still around. Last we saw was him getting an oar upside the head by Sun.

If he does get killed in 1977 would he just disappear in 2008?