Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lost - Part 8

Mr Lafleur, is it?

Have to admit I have more questions than ever. Not the least of which is whether Sawyer accidentally set off a chain reaction of events by talking to Richard The Ageless Wonder. We’ll get to that in the questions section.

A distinctly Sawyer based episode last night. Glad to see him cram as many spur of the moment nicknames in as possible, too. Not even sure I can remember them all, but loved the ‘your friend with the eyeliner’ line referring to Richard. Finally someone on the show mentions the elephant in the room!

You know how this works.

Look away if you haven’t watched.

What Happened

We catch up with Sawyer, Juliette, PAD, and Jin at the well where Locke disappears. Sawyer is holding the rope while Locke descends. White light and boom, the well is gone, Locke is gone, but in both their places is an enormous statue that I’ll bet has four toes. Remember Sayid, Sun and Jin seeing one foot as they sailed around the island? Think this was season one when they tried to rescue Walt. Or maybe season two.

Anyway, when Locke fixes the wheel underground there is another big white flash, accompanied by a rumble. When it’s over the well is back (Sawyer jumping in to save Locke only to land on ground was funny), the headaches and nosebleeds are gone and Sawyer still needs to shave.

Flash forward three years (get used to this) and we’re in a Dharma monitoring station (which looks like the same one in which Jack witnessed Kate and Sawyer doing the dirty deed), there is a Dharma employee with a cute girl. They’re interrupted by another Dharma dude who disapproves of the girl being there. ‘What’s gonna happen? The polar bears going to escape?’ Suddenly they see a man on the monitor. He takes out a stick of dynamite and blows up a tree.

‘We have to tell Lefleur,’ one of them says. Both argue whether it constitutes an emergency, decide it is, run to one of the Dharma houses and knock until a man answers. They explain to Mr Lafleur that Harvey (or Harry?) is blowing up trees, which must be unusual. The man groans and grabs his jumpsuit that’s labeled ‘Head of security’. It’s Sawyer. Lafleur is Sawyer. Sawyer is Lafleur. Wha??? On his way out he grabs PAD who is part of his security team. Double WHA?????

They pick up drunk, dynamiting Harvey (I’m going with Harvey) who is passed out on the grass next to a burning tree. Sawyer…er….Lafleur takes him back to the camp and drops him on his couch. Just then his wife begins having contractions.

Flash to three years later. See, rather than just telling us what the holy hell is going on, Lost writers are going to toy with us for a bit. It’s what they’re good at.

The Fab Four catch up to Faraday who may becoming unhinged after watching Charlotte’s mind short circuit and her dead body disappear. It happens. He tells them they don’t know when they are, but when ever it is, this is where they’re staying. Seems Locke fixed the island skipping after all. ‘We just may not like the song that’s playing’, says mopey, whispery Faraday. I might call him Whisper Man from now on. Sounds good and it’s kind of creepy. Just like Faraday.

As they head back to the beach camp because Sawyer has no better plan and hasn’t had enough flaming arrows shot at him (according to PAD), they witness a woman being assaulted by two creepy, killer looking guys. One man is already on the ground, dead and wearing a Dharma jumpsuit. The woman has just had a burlap bag placed on her head and there is little doubt the two men are getting ready to kill her.

Sawyer steps in, Juliette ‘gets his back’ by shooting one of the men while Sawyer takes out the other. The woman is the same woman that goes into labor three years from now. Still with me? She’s appreciative, but mumbles something about ‘the truce’ and that the bodies need to be buried and the other one taken back to camp. The dead man turns out to be the woman’s husband. Yes, we’re all thoroughly confused at this point.

Jin carries her husband’s body back to the Dharma camp while they argue about what to tell the Dharma people. Sawyer tells them not to worry about it. He’s a professional liar and will tell them they were in a ship wreck. Just let him do the talking.

Recent widow brings them to the Dharma camp and she thanks them all for saving her life and carrying her husband’s corpse through the jungle by tricking them into walking through the active sonic fence. What an ingrate. Like their brains weren’t scrambled enough from all the time skipping.

While we flash forward three years again, I’m beginning to get a headache and wonder if my nose will start bleeding soon.

Ingrate/Recent Widow is in major labor but the baby is breach (that means the baby is upside down and won’t come out naturally. I have two. I know all the lingo). The doctor says she needs a Cesarean section (C-Section for short. Again, two kids) but he’s never done one. Not to worry, Sawyer knows just the welder! He convinces Juliette to perform the surgery and she reluctantly agrees.

As he’s waiting outside, Jin comes up and tells him he finished searching ‘grid 133’. Sawyer/Lafleur/James tells him to start 134 tomorrow. When Jin asks ‘how long are we going to keep doing this’, Sawyer simply tells him ‘As long as it takes’. Just then Juliette comes out and announces everything went fine and a healthy baby boy was delivered. Go Juliette!

Flash to three years earlier. Yup, feeling nauseous now.

Sawyer wakes to find Harvey standing above him. Sawyer introduces himself as Jim LaFleur and smoothly lays down a think layer of BS to Harvey. They were treasure hunting (‘Black Rock? Ever hear of it?’) when they got caught in a storm and landed on the island. Harvey understands and tells Sawyer that he and his posse will be taken by sub back to Tahiti. Sawyer wants a couple of weeks to look for his crew, but Harvey tells him only Dharma people are allowed to stay and he ‘is not Dharma material’, which I assume means he doesn’t get drunk and blow up defenseless trees.

Outside he finds Whispery Faraday, Juliette, PAD, and Jin hanging out. He fills them in while Juliette admits she used to live in ‘that house’. PAD sarcastically welcomes her home while Whisper Man sees a cute, red haired girl. He – wait for it – whispers ‘Charlotte’.

Conveniently an alarm goes off and all the Dharma people scurry like cockroaches when the lights turn on. Sawyer and the others are shoved into a house and watch while none other than Richard The Ageless Wonder strolls in (past the sonic fence, mind you). He argues with Harvey a bit. When Harvey comes back ready to start war with The Others (Dharma dorkily called them ‘Hostiles’), Sawyer asks to talk to Richard.

Sawyer tells Richard that he was the one that killed his men. He was just defending himself and he’s not with Dharma so no truce has been broken. When Richard asks who he is, Sawyer asks what he did with the ‘Jughead’ hydrogen bomb. ‘You bury it?’

He then goes onto explain that he was with Locke when he strolled into Richard’s camp and is now waiting for him to return. Richard still needs some sort of ‘justice’ for his two dead men, so they convince recent widow to give up the body of her husband. She agrees and removes a wooden cross (or some symbol) which the camera lingers on much too long for it to not mean something.

For helping Harvey tells Sawyer he’s bought himself two weeks to search for his missing crew. Juliette, though wants to leave. She’s been trying to leave the island for years and wants off now. Sawyer sweet talks her into staying. ‘It’s only two weeks. Who’ll have my back?’ Juliette buys it and says ‘OK. You have two weeks.’

Flash (yup again) to three years later.

Sawyer is walking through the Dharma camp, picks a flower and delivers it to….

Juliette. That’s right. Sawyer and Juliette got IT ON!!!! This now creates the rare and confusing love parallelogram containing Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliette. Juliette kissed Jack, Sawyer nailed Kate, Jack nailed Kate, now Sawyer nailed Juliette. Let’s hope they’ve all had their shots. If Jack and Sawyer go gay, this is going to start looking like a love spiderweb.

Harvey wakes up all hungover (and probably smelling RIPE!) and Sawyer tells him he’s just slept through the birth of his son. Harvey explains that he found Recent Widow’s dead husband’s cross in the back of her drawer and asks Sawyer ‘Is three years enough time to get over someone?’

Talk about hitting a sore spot. Sawyer tells him that he once had a thing for this girl, missed his shot, and now can barely remember what she looks like. I have a very hard time believing this, but let’s go with it for now.

The next morning the phone rings and Sawyer reaches across a naked Juliette to answer it. ‘Meet me on the north side’ he tells whoever is on the other end (it’s Jin! I know it is!). He tells Juliette to stay put and heads over in an garishly colored Jeep to see Hurley, Jack, and finally….Kate get out of the van.

Quick note here: One of the strengths of Lost is the fine acting done on the show. Both Kate, Jack and Hurley had perfect expressions on their faces. Jack looked just happy to be there, Hurley was somewhat dismayed to be back and Kate smiled at Sawyer, but did not appear at all happy to be back.

Still can’t wait for her back story.

What We Learned

- Sawyer, Juliette, PAD and (I assume Faraday) all worked for Dharma for 3 years.

- Harvey was a light weight.

- Sawyer fit right in during the 70s.

- Faraday is losing his grip. Anyone else remember when we first met him on the show, some woman he was living with asked if he had taken his medication? He was watching television and the news that Oceanic 815 was found on the bottom of the ocean. Have to wonder if he has some underlying condition that hasn’t been revealed.

- Deep down Sawyer is an old softie.

- Babies could be born on the island at one point.

- Jack, Kate, and Hurley are all found and reunited with Sawyer and Jin.

- Sawyer can talk a good game.

- Or Harvey isn’t as bright as he likes to think.

- Apparently Sawyer, Juliette and PAD really are Dharma material.

- Back in 1974, life on the island looked pretty sweet. Other than the occasional killings and random smoke monster attacks.

- Even though he can get through a sonic fence unphased, Richard still can’t afford a flashlight.

- Juliette and Sawyer were sweet on each other for quite a few years. This is going to make for some very awkward dinners when Kate and Jack visit.

- Juliette is simply never getting off the island. She better just accept it and move on.

- Even the Dharma people enjoyed goofing around. Good for them.

- The polar bears were in cages at one point and they do wind up escaping. Stupid Dharma employees.

New Questions

- What are the high moral and intellectual requirements for being ‘Dharma worthy’? Because the ones I’ve seen are kind of stupid and lazy.

- What year is the island in when Locke fixes it? Did they start in 1974 and spend three years working for Dharma? So when Jack and crew come back it’s now 1977? Or was it 1971 and now it’s 1974? I remember Sawyer saying it’s 1974, but don’t remember whether we were flashing back or flashing forward or flashing backfored.

- Is it JUST the island that is in 1974? If Juliette were to get on that sub and head back to the mainland, would it still be 1974? Or would she wind up in 2009?

- How old was that statue? And who built it? And why were there only four toes? Did they run out of material?

- Is anyone else creeped out about where the Whisper Man/Little Charlotte storyline is possibly headed?

- If it is 1974 everywhere, does that mean there is a little Sawyer and Juliette running around in another part of the world? Could he go back and stop his father from killing himself? Or invest in Microsoft and become a billionaire? Hmmm, maybe that’s how Widmore gets rich….

- If the Oceanic crew are stuck on the island during the 70s, do they run into little Ben? And if they do, shouldn’t they just kill him on the spot and save all everyone all this trouble?

- As for Sawyer’s conversation with Richard, did he inadvertently set off a chain of events that leads to the gassing of all the Dharma people? Sawyer tells Richard that they are waiting for John Locke to return (getting the Christ subtext here?) so he can become leader of the Others. Does Richard not want this to happen and recruit Ben to wipe out the Dharma people because he thinks Locke is among them?

- Even better – Are Sawyer, PAD, Juliette, Jin, (and possibly Jack, Kate, and Hurley) part of the Dharma Initiative on the island when the gas attack occurs? Do their bodies wind up in the mass grave wearing jumpsuits with Dharma logos on it?

- Where is Locke? Did he and the other survivors wind up in 1974, too? Or are they in the present day?

- Do the Oceanic crew get to celebrate America’s Bicentennial all over again?

- Have we seen Harvey and that wooden cross necklace before on Lost? Both seemed significant.

- Is Sawyer really over Kate?

- Does Whispery Faraday actually stay on the island? We saw him earlier this season when Dharma first finds the source of ‘incredible power’, but is that him jumping around through time or just him working in 1974?

- Are any of the Oceanic people – who now work for 1974 Dharma Initiative – responsible for those orientation films they find in the stations? How great would it be if PAD were the camera man on a bunch of them?

- Who was the baby boy that was born on the island?

- What happened to the island that women stopped surviving long enough to give birth? I’m convinced Ben and Richard killing all the Dharma people somehow poisoned the island and the Oceanic people are there to set things right.

- Which leads me to this final thought: When Sawyer and crew run across the Dharma woman about to get killed and PAD says to Whisper Man ‘We don’t get involved right? Don’t get involved?’ Whisper Man whispers (obviously) ‘It doesn’t matter. Whatever happened is going to happen’. Sawyer and Juliette get involved anyway and stop her murder.

My question is: What if Faraday is wrong? What if you can change the past? Mother Faraday told Desmond that ‘course corrections’ happen if you change something. She pointed out the man she’s saved countless times only to have him die some other way. He was just meant to die and no matter what she did she could not stop it. Just as Desmond couldn’t save Charlie.


What if the gassing of the Dharma people was NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN? What if John Locke was supposed to have been on the island since he was a little boy and Ben and Richard have actively worked to keep him away from it?

This means the course correction taking place is stopping Ben and Richard from killing all the Dharma people. That Dharma occupying and studying and nurturing the island is what was supposed to happen only Ben, Richard and their band of merry men changed all that.

Until next week. And, yes, I’m still as confused as ever.

Today's distraction: Some photos to make you feel better about your area's winter weather. I would be in tears if this was my house. Then quickly get drunk.


Clayton Bigsby said...

I don't watch lost, but I enjoy the links.

Hammen said...

Hey! It's 1997 in Grand Forks, North Dakota again!

Anonymous said...

Regarding Mr. Faraday, the track record for time travel/quantum physics type scientists remaining sane is not very good.

Rob said...

Those pics are great, but what is greater is when you click NEXT on the bottom of the screen. The meat man is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

The statue is possibly of Egyptian goddess Tawaret, who is supposed to protect pregnant women.. Interesting, ha?

BeachBum said...

Very interesting. When the statue falls or is destroyed, the women can't give birth on the island.

Continuing with the Egyptian theme, suggested that Richard Alpert wears eyeliner because it was an Egyptian fashion. Men and women would wear it. Also Richard Alpert initials make RA which is an Egyptian god.


That cross thing the woman took off her husband was an Egyptian symbol.