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Lost - Part 9

Let’s all give thanks for the return of Hurley, who seems to be the voice of the viewers all over the world.

‘Dude, you know all the Dharma people die, right?’ he says to Sawyer upon finding out they’re in 1977 and working for Dharma.

‘Jin, you’re English is awesome!’

‘I guess we found Sayid.’

‘Nama what?’

We need more Hurley on this show. Just not in jumpsuits. C’mon, Lost people. First the orange jail outfit then the Dharma beige?

While Hurley was certainly the same, everything else is all turned around.

You know the drill.

What Happened

We finally see what happens to the Ajira plane that Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, Ben, Captain Frank, New Guy (Cesar?) and New Girl were on. We watch as Capt Frank realizes what’s going on, freaks a bit, then crash lands the plane on the secondary island. But not before Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley are white flashied away.

That’s right. Sun stayed on the plane. She survives the crash (Co pilot not so lucky after meeting the business end of a tree branch) joins forces with Ben for approximately 15 minutes before clobbering him with an oar.

Two quick sidenotes here

1: How great must have Sun felt nailing Ben upside the head like that?

2: Anyone else catch her answer to Frank’s question of ‘I thought you said you trusted him?’. She answers ‘I lie’. Not ‘I lied’. The implication being she is possibly lying about something else, too. Or maybe she did say ‘I lied’ and misheard. I like my idea better. Has more intrigue.

Anyhoo, Captain Frank and Sun head to the main island in one of those outriggers, get there at night only to be greeted by some large animal shaking some trees. Captain Frank is understandably concerned, but Sun just shrugs it off. Probably just that wimpy smoke monster who stands no chance against the new, ruthless Sun. Smokey, realizing Sun shouldn’t be messed with, scampers away with it’s tail between it’s legs (not really, but that’s what I imagine happening) and leaves them alone.

They wind up in the Dharma camp and are greeted by Christian who is just as useless as ever. Sun explains she’s looking for her husband (not ‘What the hell are you doing here?’ but then she’s used to the island’s…um…eccentricities). Christian tells them to follow him and takes her to an old, rundown Dharma cabin. He takes down a picture from 1977 and says ‘Here they are’.

In the picture are Jack, Kate, and Hurley as the new Dharma recruits. Christian, in his usual, cryptic manner says to Sun, ‘You have a bit of a journey ahead of you’. Or something as equally annoying. He needs a lesson in straight talk. It’s like he’s a banker or politician. Can’t just come out and answer a question.

Meanwhile, back in 1977…

Jack, Kate, and Hurley all reunite with Sawyer who explains to the incredulous returnees that he and Jin work for the Dharma Initiative and, oh yeah, it’s 30 years in the past. Zing! Jack returns the favor by telling Sawyer Locke is dead.

By the way, Jack used the old ‘that doesn’t matter’ line when Sawyer asked how Locke died. DRINK! (Remember, I invented a Lost drinking game? Never mind).

Hurley explains that they need to find the rest of the people on the plane and when Jin hears that Sun was aboard he races to the Flame station (where Patch was hiding out a few seasons back. Remember Patch? He was funny. Just wouldn’t die).

Sawyer tells Jack, Kate and Hurley to stay put while he figures a way to get them into the Dharma camp. While Jin races to the Flame, Sawyer races back to camp (Lotta racing going on last night). Sawyer fills in Juliette, who doesn’t seem so pleased at the news then remembers a sub is coming that afternoon.

While Sawyer gathers some clothes, Juliette goes to grab the sub manifest and accidentally wakes up the new mother (I don’t know her name. Does she have a name?) who explains that they’ve finally decided on a name for their baby: Ethan. Yes, I was creeped out by that as much as Juliette seemed to be. I’m pretty sure she almost threw up on the baby, which would have been hilarious.

In the meantime, Jin gets to the Flame, bullies some nerd looking dude who’s building a model of the underwater station where Charlie winds up blowing up. Hey, again we go back to Patch. Interesting…..

There is no record of a plane crashing on the island (since it happens 30 years in the future), but an alarm does go off indicating an intruder. Jin races (again - Jin with the racing around) out with his rifle and finds….

…Sayid. Still in handcuffs and wandering around like he’s never been on the island before. What a dope. Jin captures him, then acts all ‘I don’t know you, get down, you Hostile bastard’ on him, which confuses Sayid no end.

Sawyer brings surprisingly not disgusting 1977 style clothes for Hurley, Jack and Kate and explains that their names will be added to the incoming sub’s manifesto. Just get in line, accept your assignments and be good little soldiers. Hurry now.

At the Dharma camp, Jack interviews with none other than the Orientation Film Dude who assigns Jack to the janitorial services. Kate’s name is lost in the shuffle and she’s nearly bagged when Juliette arrives to save the day. Both Kate and Juliette pretend they don’t know each other, but the Dharma dude feels the weird, hostile yet somewhat erotic energy exchanged between the two. Or maybe that was just me.

Sawyer, after getting a call from Jin, races to the Flame (He’s in charge. Nobody out races Sawyer!) to find Sayid jailed up in a closet. He asks Sayid if he’s ‘a hostile’ because part of the truce is if he identifies himself as one they are not allowed to shoot him. Sayid, enjoying his breathing, admits that he is an Other and is transported back to Camp Dharma and thrown in a cell there. Just like his Iraqi days. Only reversed. And no torture.

That night Jack visits Sawyer, discovers him shacked up with Juliette and that he is definitely not the Sawyer of old. Reading a book, drinking a beer, he tells Jack that Winston Churchill would read a book a night because it helped him think. Jack says that they need to stop thinking and act. Sawyer cuts him down by pointing out that when Jack operated without thinking a lot of people died. ‘I got us off the island,’ Jack says. To which Sawyer replies ‘And here you are again’.

Ouch! To me, this was the best scene in the show. Two alpha males fighting over who’s in charge. Only this time Sawyer uses his wit and brains to outduel Jack for the territory. Sawyer calmly and intelligently telling Jack to back off. This is his show now. I really like this new Sawyer. Or LaFleur. Or Ford. Or whatever he’ll be called next week. Just don’t call him James.

Lastly, we’re back at Sayid’s cell when a boy comes in and offers him a sandwich. ‘What’s your name?’ the boy asks.

I’m Sayid.

I’m Ben.

What We Learned

- Ben was just as creepy as a boy.

- Ethan was the baby born on the island.

- Sawyer totally owns Jack.

- Sun never white flashied back in time.

- Sun is the reason Ben is in the infirmary tent where Locke finds him.

- Captain Frank and Sun are the two that steal one of the canoes.

- The island apparently has healing powers on Ben, too. Anyone else see him shrug off the sling after testing his shoulder? Or he was faking. Either is possible.

- Cesar and the bug eyed Dharma dude are going to be trouble.

- Handcuffs can be white flashied back in time along with the person wearing them.

- Faraday is no longer with Sawyer, Juliette and Miles by 1977.

- Captain Frank is a really good pilot. Just don’t ever fly with him.

- The dude at the Flame is kind of a prick.

- I want to kick Christian in the crotch. Maybe that will jar some straight talk out of him.

- There is no love lost between Jack and Sawyer.

- Ben was on the island when the old crew were working for Dharma.

New Questions

- If Ben meets Sayid as a prisoner, does older Ben remember him when they meet 30 years later?

- Are there still feelings between Kate and Sawyer?

- Are there still feelings between Jack and Juliette?

- Are there still feelings between Miles and dead people?

- Could Sayid just reach through the bars of his cell and choke little Ben to death? Maybe just snap his neck? He’s a trained Iraqi commando, so he has that ability.

- If he did that, would current day Ben die too? Would he vanish? Do it, Sayid. Do it!!!

- Do Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer become part of the pile of dead people after Ben gasses the entire Dharma Initiative? Judging by Ben’s age when he visits Sayid, there is at least 15 years before that happens. Probably more like 20 years.

- Did Juliette and Ethan have a love affair at some point? A fellow Lostie mentioned this at lunch, but I can’t remember if that happened. If it did, does that mean she delivered her future lover?

- What, exactly, was Sayid in custody for? And why was he being brought to Guam?

- Anyone else catch Sawyer calling the Dharma people ‘My people’ when he was talking to Jack? Is Sawyer fully invested in Dharma now?

- What is going on with Kate? She obviously doesn’t want to be there.

- Is Ethan the last baby born on the island? I’m betting no.

- What happened to Faraday? Was he banished after he made a move on 4 year old Charlotte?

- Why didn’t Sun get white flashied back in time along with the rest of the Oceanic 6? Was she wearing her metallic girdle under her clothes or something? Was she asleep? Did the SkyMall magazine somehow protect her?

- What is Locke doing this whole time? Is he just hanging out and recovering from being dead?

- Remember when Kate and Sawyer were held captive by the Others (Season 2, I think) and they made them work at building a runway on the small island. Do you think Ben had his people build that with the knowledge that Ajira airplane would need it? Even that he would be on the plane?

- How will Jack react to not being in charge? Will his role somehow become the selfish, gun hoarding, loose cannon that Sawyer initially was?

- To further that thought: Are all the members of the Oceanic crash somehow supposed to play a specific role? And once that role is transferred to another person, does it create a vacuum that someone must fill? For example: Jack was the leader. He left the island and Sawyer stepped in as leader. Now Jack is back, Sawyer is the leader and the loose cannon, wise ass role is no longer filled. Does that mean PAD is now that guy? Does Jack somehow fall into it? Maybe Kate, although she doesn’t have much of a sense of humor and doesn’t think of nicknames on the fly so that’s a stretch.

This helps explain the second Ajira flight where everything needed to be a close to the original Oceanic flight as possible. Dead body, same passengers, etc.

What we do know is these specific people are supposed to be on the island. Each seems to bring something that contributes to the group. They are here for a reason.

What is that reason?

Today's distraction: A diagram of how my body works as a filter. You could add beer to step 2 and have the same effect. Only more of number 4. Much more.

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A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

"What happened to Faraday? Was he banished after he made a move on 4 year old Charlotte?" Hilarious! I'm not sure what I think about the new people. What role are they going to play? I guess we will find out, things are getting interesting.