Monday, March 9, 2009

Questionable Thoughts

Thoughts and questions collected over a glorious weekend. New England had a fantastic sneak preview of spring. Temperature in the 60s, all the snow melting away, a few flowers sprouting up in various locations.

Of course, this morning we wake to 30 degree temperatures and a friggin blizzard. Mother Nature can be such a tease.

For your consideration.

- When my wallet contains more losing lottery tickets than actual cash, should I be concerned?

- Anyone else get the feeling this A-Rod surgery ‘fix’ isn’t really going to fix anything? The doctors and Brian Cashman have already admitted that he will need more extensive surgery after the season and this arthroscopic one is just to make him able to play this season. Something tells me it’s going to be a lost year for A-Rod. And, yes, I'm enjoying every minute of it. Maybe Karma does exist.

- If you’re a Yankee fan are you concerned that this is year two of a TEN year contract?

- Final A-Rod thought, I promise: There is mention in the above article about insurance covering a portion of the time A-Rod would miss due to injury. However, if the insurance company could prove that this injury is directly related to his past steroid abuse (‘roids are infamous for causing problems with tendons and ligaments), could they somehow get out of not paying the coverage? If I were that company, I would certainly look into the option.

- Should I consider myself a ‘foodie’ if the highlight of my work day is lunch? It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, I plan my day around it, and I’m sad when it’s over.

- Love the 5 year, $30 million deal the Sox have reportedly signed Jon Lester. This means they now have Lester, Beckett, Dice-K, Youkilis (I think) and Pedroia signed for the next 2 – 3 years. And, it’s during their prime years. I like how this team operates (with the exception of signing Bad Back Drew for all those years and all that money).

- With the disclaimer I know nothing of high finance (I specialize in low finance), would it be so horrible if Citibank and Bank of America fold? This has happened before and there are always smaller banks that will gladly step up and fill the void. The benefit to everyone would be that these smaller banks have actually been well managed and handed out logical mortgages and loans. Most of them are still in fine shape. Shouldn’t mismanaged companies face the firing squad for their greedy, poorly thought out business plans? Isn’t that the entire concept behind capitalism?

- If Citibank does go under, do I have to pay off my credit card?

- Allow me to chime in on the Terrell Owens story with a big ‘who gives a fuck’? Buffalo is the perfect place to exile him. After all his complaining about Romo, let’s see how he enjoys playing with Trent Edwards.

- It may have been a fluke, but yesterday I went to Stop & Shop and picked up the following: 8 yogurts, 2 bottles of lime soda water (to go with my BAMF bottle of gin), gallon of milk, box of oyster crackers, 2 bottles of laundry detergent, 2 bottles of liquid fabric softener, 2 bags of ground coffee that totaled $28. That’s good, right? Are grocery prices finally coming down?

- I have advice for everyone freaking out about the economy: stop watching the news. They are all doom and gloom for the most part anyway and they are THRIVING on this mess. Keep this in mind when CNN gleefully displays the latest Dow Jones loss – those stock prices are only what people THINK these companies are worth.

Yes, there are major problems with our economy, but the reason consumer confidence is at an all time low is because news programs on all channels and all parts of the country are pounding us to death with the ‘We’re fucked!’ angle. Things are bad, we get it. Maybe you can provide us with some details on what the Obama package is actually trying to do and stop all the gloom and doom stories.

Yes, I’m blaming the media. Partly.

- Since I’m not all complaints and will try to prove there is good news out there, Obama just reversed Bush’s incredibly shortsighted limit on stem cell research. This isn’t just good news for medical research. Now that other lines of stem cells will be available for research, just watch how this positively effects the biotech industry. This decision – more than any half assed, throw money around stimulus package – will prove to turn the economy around.

- Enough! Please! I don’t want to hear anything more about this loony, though humorously nicknamed Octomom. She obviously did this in order to become famous and every interview and article is just enabling her psychosis. Can’t we do what we do with other children throwing temper tantrums and just ignore her?

- The Celtics looked great Friday night, horrible Sunday afternoon, then briefly great again Sunday late afternoon. Figure it out, boys. The playoffs are right around the corner.

- Watched the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ last night and had two thoughts.

1: If you call a show ‘Celebrity’ anything you really should have people I have heard of on the show. Half of these people are nobody and the other half are lame ass, used to bes.

2: Can Joan Rivers and her mask do anything without her daughter being involved?

- Heard that ‘Life On Mars’ has been cancelled. Supposedly the show will be allowed to finish up the story line and explain what the hell is going on. I’m torn on this one as I enjoy the show, but just don’t have time to watch it most weeks. I spend weekends trying to catch up on that and ‘24’ and am not doing a very good job at it.

- Yet another step towards Google’s world domination. Soon they’ll be running our government. Very soon.

- Lastly, there is yet another fantastic reason I can add to my ever growing list of why alcohol totally rocks! According to this study from our very own Tufts University (it’s campus is in my home city), regular, moderate alcohol drinking is associated with greater bone mineral density.

Even better, it showed it was more strongly associated with beer (Gasp! BEER!) and red wine.

Summary: My bones are most likely stronger than those steel girders holding up the office building you work in. I could be like Wolverine without the anger, steel claws, and motivation to do anything worthwhile with my life.

Today’s distraction: More Fun Facts. Number two on this list gives me a bizarre sense of pride. Whatever. I need self esteem where ever I can find it. For the record, I have no idea who writes these and if they are at all accurate.


Clayton Bigsby said...

I agree with the economy stuff you mentioned. Let the banks file for bankruptcy(ironic). You will still have to pay your bills to them, but they won't have to pay their bills. The news thing is spot on. All they talk about is the country going under, socialism, and who's to blame. Why worry about who's to blame and worry about who's going to fix it?

Hammen said...

I wouldn't be surprised if A-Rod's injury is a ploy, so he has an excuse if he struggles this season after all the steroid hullabaloo.

BeachBum said...

I feel like that character from SNL. I keep thinking 'Fix it! Stop pointing fingers and FIX IT!'

FIX IT!!!!

BeachBum said...

Oh, interesting take, Hammen. Rather than dealing with the taunts and heckles, he simply bails for the first 10 weeks or so of the season.

Problem is, he'll still have to deal with it when he returns. ESPN will probably cut to his live at bats no matter when his first game is.

Anonymous said...

The jury is still out on the grocery store thingie. I have to go shopping tomorrow so I'll see what happens.

If Citi goes under, I am not paying a red fucking cent to those pricks. My bill just came from last month and it's about as thick as my phone book. Scary.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Does Citi read your blog? They must have seen the common folk and not the talking heads complaining.

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

I'll bet my left nut that the stock market shoots higher for the next month or 2 and then crashes again. I'm not saying I'm just saying.