Monday, April 27, 2009

Let's Do This!

Let’s light this candle.

After an emotionally and physically exhausting weekend, it’s time to get some projects underway. I’m not referring to work, by the way. Although I do have several things to finish up this week, as well.

Oh, no. I’m talking about two fruitless, mindless and most likely doomed to fail projects that I came up with last week.

First, is simple.

I plan to spend no money this week. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I’ll bring lunch, make coffee at home, and eliminate any sort of snacks/drinks/miscellaneous afternoon treats. Already I see a problem with the end of the month coming.

That problem being my monthly subway/bus pass. I’ll need to renew it before Friday. I should make an exception for transportation costs, but I may have an trick or two up my sleeve that may or may not include simply not coming to work on Friday. Shhhhhhhh. I’ll keep track of things and update all my loyal readers on my progress. You’ll be anxiously awaiting each and every one, I just know it.

Also, I should note my refrigerator is fully stocked with beer, my gin supply is full and I can always send wifey out with her money in case we need anything else (like limes or tonic water). I think I can do this. It’s only 5 days.

Project number two is a bit more ambitious and will take much more time to complete. I want to listen to every single song on my iPod. I spent last night importing some long missing CDs into iTunes while watching the Sox trample the Yankees again.

Currently my iPod has 1.953 songs on it. I cleaned things up last night; removing albums I don’t like or listen to any more, adding some oldies from my over flowing CD collection and making sure it was fully charged. The biggest problem I can expect is the thing running out of juice, which would be very bad.

Here is where we stand so far. I missed the gym this morning (waaaayyyy too tired to get up this morning), so I’m only on song 28 of 1953.

Worst song listened to so far: ‘Kiss The Rain’ by Billy Myers. Not even sure where this song came from as I’ve never heard it before nor do I have a full album of Billy Myers listed. Good thing as if there were more songs like this I would seriously reconsider this entire idea.

Damn, I just had my first temptation to spend money. A guy in the office has season tickets to the Red Sox and just sent out an email offering them at face value for a May game. I immediately replied before remembering the ‘no spending money’ thing and decided against it.

See? I’m dedicated.

I’ll post updates throughout the duration of each project below the daily distraction.

And since I have nothing else to add, here are a few responses to some recent comments.

Hammen: I never take Remy for granted. He is worth 2-3 laugh out loud moments a game. For everyone else who has never heard Jerry Remy do color just know that he does three things all great color men should do: 1 – makes things more interesting by pointing out the intricacies of the game, 2 – makes everything more entertaining, 3 – brings out the best in his play by play partner. How Remy is passed over year after year for national jobs is beyond me. Maybe he declines, them, but he was on a Fox game last season and was just as good.

Besides, all it takes is one ESPN game like last night's for me to fully appreciate Remy again. Whoever is in charge of baseball coverage needs to get rid of Joe Morgan. He is atrocious and gets worse every time I hear him. Last night Wifey was watching with me. She doesn’t know much about baseball (‘You can steal home?’), but after listening for a while finally shouted ‘What the hell is this guy talking about?’ I had no idea as Morgan was on one of his random, rambling, rants of obviousness. What really pissed me off was he kept talking over Steve Phillips who had some insightful comments to make.

It’s time, ESPN. Get rid of Morgan. Or just move him to the studio with the Baseball Tonight crew. Maybe they can get him to shorten his points up to less than 15 minutes. And it won’t be during a game.

ChuckW: Thanks for bringing the summer up north with you. However, you’ll be the first one I blame when things cool off again. Double edged sword, I’m afraid.

Anon: Very glad to hear that and hope things are going well. Or to summarize - YES!! (Insert image of me fist pumping here).

Tribute: You’ll enjoy Swoon. It’s quickly growing on me.

10, I noticed in iTunes that it will estimate the time your entire music library will take to play. Mine was over 5 days. Yours must be over a month.

Bigsby, interesting take on the Craigslist Killer entry. Everyone stupid enough to meet up with strangers via the internet will be killed off first. Who knew technology would be the new age ‘Survival of the Fittest’ theory.

That’s it. Need to do some real work.

Today’s distraction: A bizarre, haunting photo essay on the town of Muynak. Formerly a fishing village, the Aral Sea has receded leaving nothing but desert where a thriving community used to live.


thepowerof10 said...

Great, now I have to recalculate my entire project to adjust for your new song total. As far as it staying charged, when you have it docked at work it charges right? If so, you'll be fine.

And yes, I have 14.1 days of music in my iTunes. Absurd.

Clayton Bigsby said...

I only have like 40 hours worth of music I would actually listen to.

I'm not saying the chick deserved to be killed, it's just alarming to me that people meet strangers alone in motel rooms. Who are this chicks parents? They should be sent to jail too.