Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lost - Part 11

Let’s mix it up today because we have much to discuss. Including several theories and possibilities that popped into my head during last night’s episode.

I’ll skim over the recap since, let’s face it, you wouldn’t be reading this unless you’ve already watched the show or are just so damn entertained by my lunatic ravings you can’t wait for the show.

Let’s go with that first option.

First, I was disappointed in the Kate story line about how she came to be on the island. Really? That was it? Why has she been acting like someone died the last 5 episodes?

You know what’s up.

Read no further if you haven’t seen the show, yet.

What Happened

Let’s just run down the highlights, shall we? I may do this from now on as these tend to take on a life of their own. For reference, anything marked with a * is something to keep in mind when we get to the questions section. Have many, many new questions.

Hurley and PAD’s Time Travel Debate: Personally, this was the single most entertaining exchange in the entire run of Lost. PAD trying, not so patiently, to explain to Hurley the time traveling theory Faraday left behind. ‘We can’t change the past. Whatever happened, happened’.*

Hurley (once again standing in for viewers) muttering ‘This is so confusing’ and trying to see if he was disappearing ala ‘Back to the Future’ before trumping PAD with this nugget: ‘If all of this happened, then why doesn’t Ben remember Sayid shot him while he was being tortured by that same Sayid 30 years from now?’

PAD: Long pause….’Huh’ with Hurley looking triumphant. Great stuff. These are the interactions that have been missing this season.

Jack: Much to discuss about him in the questions section, but for now he basically refused to help save Little Ben after he was shot by Sayid (hard to blame him on that one). He was also confronted by an angry Juliette as he was getting out of the shower. ‘Why did you come back, Jack?’ His answer, ironically, was very Benesque, ‘Because I was supposed to’. When pressed he admits that he doesn’t know why he’s back. Not yet.*

Little Ben: Yes, he was shot, though oddly it sure didn’t look like the same spot where Sayid shot him. Was it me or did Sayid’s bullet look like it hit him right in the chest? But the wound was around his lower right side instead. Maybe Jacob curved the bullet.

Kate: An anticlimactic revelation on why she came to be back on the island. Because she decided to. Yeah, that simple. Apparently almost having your son stolen in a grocery store is a wake up call. Kate becomes best friends with Sawyer’s ex, and Mom to his daughter, Clementine. She confides in her that the others (yes, even Sawyer) on the island are still alive and gets advice like ‘Maybe it was you that needed Aaron and not the other way around’, which sets off an entire chain of events that end in Kate handing Aaron over to Claire’s mother and sneaking into Jack’s house for a booty call.

As for on island Kate (1977 version), she and Juliette decide it’s wrong to let any child die and take wounded Little Ben to The Others for help. Sawyer helps Kate bring Little Ben to Richard Alpert who tells them ‘If I take him, he will never be the same. His innocence will be lost’.*********

Kate also has many airing of grievances during the show.

Jack: ‘You didn’t like the old me’

Sawyer: ‘I’m doing this for her’ (He was referring to Juliette on why he was helping Kate with Little Ben)


‘Me and you would have never worked out’ which Kate didn’t disagree with.

Ben’s Father: ‘I thought I’d be the best dad in the world’.

Kate, in a strange way, was camp counselor for the men on the island.

Sawyer: Admitting that he’s with Juliette, confessing that he wasn’t ready to be a father or boyfriend to Kate but has ‘grown up a lot’ in the last three years. Combine this with his responsibility of being Dharma’s head of security while figuring out how to incorporate the newly returned castaways into the camp and our little Sawyer really has grown up.

Big Ben: Oh, he’s still alive. He gets the pleasure of waking up in the infirmary tent after the Ajira crash to see John Locke sitting next to him.

‘Welcome back to the land of the living,’ Locke greets him while Ben looks strangely terrified.*

What We Learned

- Kate voluntarily gave up Aaron to Claire’s mother.

- Kate doesn’t like this new Jack.

- Jin has somehow morphed into a delivery boy. Driving Sayid to camp, driving the returnees to camp, driving a shot Little Ben to camp. Good think he can drive a stick shift.

- Sawyer asked Kate to make sure his daughter was taken care of before he jumped out of the helicopter.

- Kate complied and became BFFs with Sawyer’s ex in the meantime.

- Jack would have gladly let Little Ben die. Again, hard to blame him for that decision.

- Jack also rudely reminded Kate that he had already saved Ben during surgery once. And it was so she and Sawyer could escape. Remember that, Kate? How quickly traumatic events like having sex in a bear cage can be forgotten.

- Walt scored an A on his history test. This may be more of an assumption, but I’ll bet I’m right.

- Big Ben is alive and freaked out that Locke is, too.

- Richard Alpert may in fact be Satan. With makeup.

- Sawyer has picked Juliette. For now.

- Kate is horrible at keeping a secret. Telling Sawyer’s ex about the island almost immediately after returning home. Then telling Claire’s mother. Man alive, I knew women liked to gossip, but this is ridiculous.

- Kate lies about Aaron because she has to.

- Charles Widmore and Ellie are still on the island in 1977.

- Richard doesn’t answer to either one of them. Boo yeah!

- Kate is a universal blood donor. So even her blood is sexy and useful.

- Little Ben was sorry he stole his father’s keys. Being shot may have something to do with that.

- The Others taking Ben to get healed will change him forever and (conveniently) Ben won’t remember anything. Or so says transvestite Satan.

- Aaron can sleep through anything. This includes Other attacks, attempted kidnappings of him as a baby, and Kate’s tears raining down on him while he sleeps in a strange motel room.

- Kate either needs Bluetooth or learn to answer her cell without letting go of her child.

New Questions Might want to settle in for this section.

- What happens to Little Ben that robs him of his innocence and is Richard doing inappropriate things to him in that cave involved?

- Is it possible The Others replace the real Little Ben with someone who looks like Little Ben but is secretly another boy who works for The Others? Sort of like ‘Changeling’ without Angelina Jolie’s ‘my son’ stuttering and lots and lots of confusion. Face it, his father is half in the bag most of the time, so this might be easy to pull off.

- How do they fix Ben? Is Jacob in that cave? We know the island can heal, but since when does that healing somehow involve changing people for the worse. Rose had her cancer wiped out and she was just as pleasant as ever.

- This is more of a continuing question, but can the past really not be changed? We know Mother Faraday told Desmond that there are ‘course corrections’ whenever someone tries to change something, but is that true for everything?

- How messed up is Aaron going to be after his childhood? First, he’s born on some strange island where strange, scary people repeatedly try to kidnap him. Then his father figure gets blown up under water. Then his mother disappears with creepy Christian and develops a poor attitude. Then he’s raised by a loving (and hot) foster mother who abandons him to run back to the same island she risked her life to leave.

Best case scenario is he needs therapy for a long, long time.

Worst case involves a desperate intervention in place of his 16th birthday party.

- Where does Richard come from? He just appears all the time in the middle of the jungle. Is he summoned with chants and a sacrifice?

- This came to me as Kate and Sawyer were walking through the jungle with a half dead Little Ben: Do the whispers in the jungle happen in 1977? Or are those specific to 2004-2007?

- Where are Sun and Captain Frank? Is Christian still going through old Dharma photo albums with them? ‘And this was the time Horace got drunk! Hilarious!’

- Where is Faraday?

- Why was Ben so shocked to see Locke alive? He’s seen stranger things than that. Was he afraid he had died and was with Locke in some afterlife? Or did he think Locke was going to kill him as payback?

- How big is Drive Shaft now that Charlie is dead? They must have had a resurgence at some point, right? At the very least a reunion tour.

- Where did Sayid run off to? There are only so many places to go on the island.

- Is Smokey on the island in 1977? The earliest reference we have is when Rousseau and her team run into it and that was in the 80s.

- Does Kate really expect to find Claire again or was that just something she said to bail on Aaron?

- Why didn’t anyone call the cops on that girl in the super market? There was something a bit creepy about her smile after Kate found her walking with Aaron.

Jack Section

- Is Jack becoming the role of Locke? You may recall my theorizing that everyone needs to fill a specific role in their group and that, upon returning, Sawyer is filling the role of leader. This leaves Jack in limbo. With him mentioning the island as a living entity, is he slowly filling in the Locke Mystic Believer role?

- Did Jack cover up in front of Juliette because he was looking out of shape? He didn’t even dry off before pulling on a t shirt.

- Has Jack completely messed up? By admitting to Juliette that he wasn’t sure why he was back on the island it got me thinking that maybe Jack was brought back to save Little Ben.

Bear with me for a minute.

Jack comes back just in time for Ben to be shot by Sayid. Jack just happens to be a Super Surgeon. Makes sense that Jack was brought back to the island at this particular moment in time to save Little Ben.


Jack refuses and Little Ben is handed off to Richard Alpert for repair. This means Ben will – as Richard says – always be part of The Others. His innocence is lost forever and probably starts wearing eyeliner, too.

This then leads to Ben gassing all the Dharma people at Richard’s urging.


What if Jack decided to save Ben? And I mean that in all possible ways. What if he uses his 2007 medical training and expertise to save Little Ben preventing him from also losing his innocence at the hands of Richard Alpert (this is really sounding perverted)? That then prevents Little Ben from becoming the creepy, snake Big Ben we all love to hate.


Does it? Maybe Jack can’t help Ben even if he tries and they still have to hand him off to The Others. Maybe Faraday is right and the past can’t be changed. Maybe Mother Faraday is right and if Jack saves Ben he still gets corrupted by The Others and gasses Dharma to the ground.


What if Jack tries to save him, but can’t and Ben winds up dying? Maybe Jack made the exact right call by not doing anything and let fate take it’s course.



What if Jack’s decision was a monumental cosmic blunder and he could have prevented Ben from becoming what he currently is, thus preventing the Dharma gassing?

Jack saves Ben, Ben and his father reconcile, Ben becomes a sweet, caring (but still creepy looking) man, Jack gets to bag Kate throughout the 70s and 80s, Dharma goes on to save mankind and harness the power of the island for the good of all humanity and the VW bus never goes out of style.

Jack, you IDIOT!!!

Can you picture Jacob in his ghost cabin watching Jack refuse to help Little Ben and throwing up his hands in exasperation. ‘SonofaBITCH! You know how much time and effort I spent planning not one, but TWO plane crashes, making sure you and your friends are white flashied off the plane before it crashes and you don’t even do what I brought you here for? I can’t f***ing win!!!’

So, let’s assume Jack screwed up and my theory holds that the Oceanic people are there to prevent Dharma from being gassed into extinction.

The biggest question remaining is this:

Will they get another chance to change the past?

And if they do, can they?

Let’s allow Hurley to have the last word.

‘This is so confusing!’

Today's distraction: The strangest sights from Google's Street View. One question for the dude walking down the street with the blow up doll: Why, man? Why? Sorry, was that two questions?


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

"Is Jack becoming the role of Locke?" I'm going to say that he is, the reason he came back was because he was supposed to. That is a total Locke response. Also he told Kate that maybe the island just wants to fix things, once again sounding like Locke. That episode kind of sucked in my opinion, but at least kate was on the screen a bunch.

BeachBum said...

I agree, wasn't one of the better ones mainly because Kate's story was such a disappointment. Thought it was a strange leap from 'Stay the fuck away from me and my son' to 'Take him, I need to go back to the island'.

All because he wandered off in a grocery store?

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

Yeah that was a little retarded. Is claire even still alive? Kate said she was going back to the island to find her. Then again I guess no one really dies on this show.

BeachBum said...

We don't know what's going on with Claire. Last we saw she was hanging out with her dad, Christian, in Jacob's ghost cabin.

Chuckwagon said...

Wow! It took me almost as long to get through your synopsis as it did to watch this episode! Getting a bit verbose, aren't we? To top it off, there are too many unanswered questions at this point to even try to understand where this is going.

I'm giving up for now. I'll sleep on it and maybe tomorrow it will make more sense.

Good night all!