Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lost - Part 12

Well now.

I have no idea what last night’s episode was titled, but I hope it was ‘Role Reversal’. Or how about ‘Payback’s a Bitch And So Is Widmore’?

When you think about it, Lost only has 30 or so hours left before it (pretty please) explains what in holy hell is going on. Last night certainly made things a bit clearer, but I couldn’t help feeling like we’re being setup for something larger. So far, the revelations this season have been rather lackluster.

Kate gives up Aaron because she couldn’t answer the phone with one hand.

Ben evicted Widmore from the island because Widmore ragged on Ben’s stupid haircut.

Not really, but do you think I would spill something so early? C’mon now!!

Everyone knows the drill.

What Happened

Galloping through the jungle comes a shaggy haired, manic looking man along with my personal wish for a low tree branch. The man is here to visit the recovering Little Ben and confronts Richard Alpert on why he took Ben into his care. ‘It’s what Jacob wanted,’ Alpert says. Jacob wants strange things.

The dude enters a tent, tells Little Ben that the island saved his life and just because he can’t stay with them doesn’t mean he’s not one of them. He then introduces himself as Charles Widmore. Put ‘er there!

Since we’re on the subject we may as well visit Ben’s other past incidents from the show.

- He – along with a young Ethan - kidnaps Rousseau’s baby daughter, Alex, but for some reason can’t bring himself to kill Rousseau herself, thus condemning her to live the rest of her life on a lush, tropical island. That bastard! He brings the baby back to Other Camp where Widmore insists he kills it. Nice guy, that Widmore. Ben refuses, tells Widmore that if it’s supposed to be done then do it yourself. Widmore storms off in a huff, which seems to be his standard reaction to everything.

- With Alex a toddler now and unable to swing herself which means she wouldn’t have been Dharma material, either, Ben walks down to the dock to say goodbye to Widmore. Widmore is in handcuffs and being escorted to the sub. He’s being exiled per Ben’s orders. ‘You’re here to gloat,’ he says to Ben. ‘You brought this on yourself. Leaving the island, having a child with an outsider. You broke the rules,’ Ben says. Widmore asks Ben what makes him think he’ll be any better. ‘Because I won’t be selfish and will do whatever it takes to protect the island.’

So there! Widmore tells Ben that the island did want Alex dead and it will make that happen at some point.

- Ben visits the LA marina and spots Penny on her boat. He calls Widmore to remind him of his promise and hangs up as Widmore throws one of his standard, threatening from thousands of miles away tantrums. Ben takes a gun out, shoots Desmond as he tries to stop him with a bag of groceries, then aims it at Penny. But before he shoots little Charlie runs out. Ben falters, then puts his gun down just in time for the indestructible Desmond to beat the living tar out of him and toss him in the water. Bet that felt good.

But last night’s show was more about Ben finding redemption. Or death. One of those. He actually teams up with Locke and in a bizarre role reversal, Locke seemed to have all the answers and kept things close to the vest. Even taunting Ben with ‘How does it feel not having all the answers?’ Hint: Ben didn’t like it.

Ben and Locke head to the main island at the expense of Cesar and his exploding chest, hike to the Dharma camp and find Sun and Captain Frank waiting for them. Seems Christian told them to hang out and wait for Locke’s return. Get it? A Christian telling others to wait for a resurrection? And just before Easter!

By the way, this is the second example of symbolism on this show. The first being Widmore on his high horse.

Sun, understandably stunned and confused, decides to ride out this psychedelic roller coaster and see whether Locke can take her to meet Jin in 1977. Captain Frank has had enough and heads back to the crash site to see if he can fix the radio and get help. When presented with the picture Ben seems surprised Jack and company somehow went back in time, but he’s got things to attend to and goes through a closet, climbs through a tunnel, manually flushes a nasty looking toilet and tells the outhouse hole he’d be waiting outside.

He goes outside but Smokey doesn’t appear. Locke comes out of the jungle and says ‘Follow me. I know where he is’. Locke knew a LOT about what was going on. He even knew Ben wanted to be judged not for breaking the rules but ‘for killing your daughter’. When Ben states that Locke couldn’t possibly know what the island wants, Locke calmly and mockingly replies ‘You sure about that?’

Locke leads Ben to the same hole where Rousseau’s crew mate got his arm torn off. Ben tells Sun that if she gets off the island to tell Desmond he’s sorry and heads into the hole. I’ll bet Desmond isn’t sorry he kicked his weasel ass.

Ben falls through a hole in the floor and Smokey emerges from an ancient Whack-A-Mole game. It swirls around Ben and flashes pieces of his life before disappearing. Ben turns to find Alex standing there. He apologizes and says it was all his fault. She whole heartedly agrees by slapping Ben around a bit and telling him he should listen to whatever Locke says. ‘I know you’re planning on trying to kill him again,’ she says, ‘but if you don’t do exactly what he says I will hunt you down.’

While all this was fine, what really piqued my interest was whatever the bounty hunter chick was up to. We see her and some other packing a crate and get it ready for moving. When Ben offers help they decline and stare him down until he walks off. Then, when Captain Frank gets back she and her male goons confront him with a question ‘What lies at the foot of the statue?’

Captain Frank – being sane for this show – has no idea what she’s talking about and gets a rifle butt to the face for his ignorance.

‘Tie him up. He’s coming with us.’

What We Learned

- Ben had Widmore banished from the island because Widmore broke the rules.

- If you want to do something on the island just tell everyone Jacob wants it this way. ‘The women need to be naked at all times because Jacob wants it that way. Don’t look at me. I’m just the messenger.’

- The Others really needed to recruit a barber.

- Ben kidnapped Alex, but for whatever reason didn’t kill Rousseau.

- If you hear the whispers, run the other way.

- Widmore was a horn dog.

- Smokey is added to the list of Lost characters to have had the opportunity to kill Ben and didn’t.

- Alex is strong when dead.

- Desmond was responsible for Ben’s injuries. Good for him.

- Cesar signed a short term contract.

- Bounty hunter chick is up to something.

- Ben can release Smoky but has no control over it.

- Ben killed Locke because he thought it would be faster than trying to talk him into hanging himself again. I agree with that.

- Ben’s apologies involve dead daughters (Alex), intermediaries (Sun), or extreme, unprovoked violence (Cesar). Just hope he doesn’t need to apologize to you about anything.

- Ben and Widmore were in a power struggle from nearly the beginning.

- Summoning Smokey is nasty business.

- Maybe Ben ain’t so bad, after all.

New Questions

- Was Alex getting killed by the mercenaries last season part of the plan? Did Widmore give explicit instructions to his team on the freighter to kill her in order to show Ben she should have been killed as a baby?

- Who is Jacob and why is he such a stickler for the rules?

- What are the rules? Are they like the commandments or swimming pool rules? No horseplay, no running, no diving, no leaving island to procreate, run when you hear the whispers.

- Speaking of which, what are the whispers?

- Who is Penny’s mother? Do we know this, yet? She must have been something if Widmore kept leaving the island to be with her.

- How did Ethan become part of The Others?

- Who is watching Sun’s kid?

- Why did The Others move into the Dharma camp? It looked like they were all living in the jungle after the gas attack (which often happens to me after a night of drinking) when Widmore was in charge. Did Ben make that decision?

- Did something else happen with Desmond, Penny and Ben? We see Ben get tossed into the harbor, but does he get out and finish the job or just slink to the nearest hospital?

- Where does Richard fit into the power hierarchy of The Others? He seems to know who should be the leader, but doesn’t seem to lead himself.

- Where’s Jughead?

- How does Locke know what’s going on? Is he talking to Jacob now?

- What’s bounty hunter chick up to and what’s in that big box? Were those goons with her on the plane for a reason? They certainly seem to be working well together.

- What happened to Widmore’s horse? I would think it’s dead now, but could it have been the one Kate saw outside the Dharma station a few seasons back?

- Did Ben and the others know Widmore was leaving the island because of his horrible hair pieces?

- Did something else happen between Widmore and Ben? There must be something we haven’t learned yet, right? It seems pretty extreme for Widmore to obsess over Ben and the island when he’s a multi billionaire and living a very comfortable life style. Especially since Widmore knew he was breaking the rules. I mean, seriously, dude, let it go. You’re not a 13 year old girl. Or are you?

- Does Ben have really bad aim or is Desmond now being protected by the island? It was point blank range, for crying out loud. Does the island have some purpose for Desmond? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him or Penny.

- How is Locke going to get Jack and everyone else back from the past? Or will have to go there himself with Sun somehow?

- What does lie at the foot of the statue?

By the way, just looked it up and the title for the show was ‘Dead is Dead’. Let’s assume that’s irony.

Until next week.


Chuckwagon said...

Irony be damned! Almost everyone who gets killed on this show comes back to life at some point. I wonder if any Catholics find this a bit weird?

On another, happier note, apparently, French has begun to post again!

BeachBum said...

Yes, Lost in an actor's wet dream.

I read your boy's posts. Let's hope he ups the pace to more than 1 or 2 a month.