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Lost - Part 13

So Miles has a heart after all.

I’ll admit I was getting a bit bored with last night’s episode even with Hurley’s hilarious and oddly touching contributions. Until the very last scene. Give Lost credit, they know how to grab your interest for the next episode.

Still, does everyone in this show need to have daddy issues? Every single one? There can’t be any deviation from this plan? Are the writers of Lost trying to work out some personal issues?

We all know how this works, right?


What Happened

We are introduced to a very young PAD (Miles as he’s called in the show) as he begs his mother for money. Mother PAD seems hard up, promises the scummy looking landlord that PAD is very quiet, then has things blow up when PAD barges in on some guy in another apartment that has just died. How rude.

On the island, Sawyer calls PAD and asks him to erase the security tape for the sonic fence camera. As he’s helping Sawyer out, Horace comes in and asks PAD to join the ‘Circle of Trust’ by bringing a package to that prick Radzinski (who’s been asking for a good beating). He’ll also need to bring something back without ‘asking questions’.

PAD brings out the package which turns out to be a body bag. Radzinski and crew bring a body out of the jungle, put it in the bag and tell PAD to bring it back to Camp Dharma. Before he does, however, PAD asks the dead guy what happened. Apparently the ‘Don’t ask any questions’ part of the deal doesn’t apply to corpses. There’s always a loophole.


Wait, sidenote here. I’m using ‘Flashback’ in relation to PAD’s life not in relation to actual time. Since PAD is in 1977, technically we would be flashing forward in time. But as far as PAD is concerned we’re flashing back on his life since it’s already happened in his past. Even though it’s in the future and hasn’t happened in real time, yet. Still with me?

OK, flashback to a hilarious looking PAD in some ‘cry for help’, punk rocking stage of his life. He’s come to visit his dying mother, confront her about his father and probably ask for her earrings when she dies. His mother claims ‘your father never cared about us’. PAD wants to know where his body is since there doesn’t seem to be a time limit on decomposing bodies PAD can communicate with. He wants to hear it straight from the corpses mouth. His mother says his father’s body is ‘someplace you can never go’. Yeah, don’t think so, Ma!

Back on the island, PAD brings the dead dude to Horace who tells him that the body needs to be taken to the new Orchid station instead. Dr Chang wants it delivered to him there. So, PAD trudges back to the Dharma Mobile only to find Hurley packing up his sandwiches to bring to that same Orchid station. PAD reluctantly takes Hurley with him and on the way Hurley smells the decomposing body in the back. Thinking his sandwiches have gone bad, he tells PAD to pull over, discovers the body, discovers that PAD can talk to dead people and casually drops ‘It’s cool. I can, too!’

Back to the future we join PAD in his con man stage, faking talking to some father’s dead son and lying that his son knew he loved him. After taking his cash he’s met by none other than Naomi who will soon take a Locke knife to the back. Bet she can’t wait for that! She takes PAD for an ‘audition’ to join Widmore’s freighter team and he passes by interviewing the world’s worst restaurant health code violation; a dead body in the kitchen. At first PAD declines the invite to Lostville, but he’s given 1.2 million reasons to change his mind. ‘When do we leave?’

Back in 1977, the you know what is beginning to hit the fan regarding Little Ben. His father comes by to visit and, in a stunning bit of observance, notices his boy is missing. He flips out, goes to tell security and Juliette simply says ‘Well, here we go’. Later Kate sees Ben’s father drinking himself silly on a swingset (which is where I always go to drink, too!), shifts into mother mode and accidentally tips off that she may have had something to do with Little Ben no longer being there. ‘Want to help, Kate? Mind your own business!’ Now, if a smoking hot chick like Kate starts showing interest in your well being and you look like Ben’s father, perhaps you should just go along with things. Just a thought.

Later, Jack and Ben’s dad have a heart to heart about Kate’s involvement with Missing Ben. Jack basically tells Ben’s Dad off and throws his drunkenness in his face, which is like the old Jack we grew to love. Still later, that weasel working for Sawyer shows up with the videotape PAD never had a chance to erase. He obviously knows Sawyer and Kate were behind Missing Ben, so Sawyer does the only thing he can: Punches him out and ties him up. Brilliant!

Meanwhile, new buddies Hurley and PAD compare ways to communicate with dead people. Hurley plays chess and PAD just ‘gets feelings’ intermingled in their stench of death. They arrive at the Orchid and Dr. Chang is not at all pleased that PAD brought Hurley along. Hurley promises not to say anything and Chang vows to have him cleaning up polar bear poop if he says anything. Chang has two workers bring the body inside the Orchid (still under construction), stops to chew out another worker. Hurley comments on the douchiness factor of Chang which prompts PAD to admit ‘He’s my father’.


Hurly pounces all over that, trying to get PAD to talk to the past version of his father and get to know him. Communication is key, says Hurley. Just look at Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker; Luke even lost a hand because he wouldn’t sit down and hash things out with his father.

They drop Chang off at the new Swan station and Hurley gets to witness the hatch numbers being imprinted on the door. ‘They’re building our hatch’, which is going to crash the Oceanic 815 flight. I’m getting dizzy.

Flashback again to PAD walking along when a van pulls up, some dude that looks familiar says to him ‘Hey, Miles’ while two other guys get out and pull him into the van. ‘What lies in the shadow of the statue?’ this guy asks. PAD doesn’t know what he’s talking about and the dude tells him that he should not take Widmore’s offer. He tries to recruit him to work for his group, but since they can’t ante up 3.2 million dollars, PAD takes a pass.

Later that night on the island (in 1977), PAD witnesses his father catering to his newborn (which just happens to be PAD – I know, it’s confusing as hell). Turns out Chang wasn’t such a bad father after all. The phone rings and Chang must head out for something. PAD tries to get away, but Chang sees him and calls him over. ‘We have some scientists coming in from Ann Arbor’.

PAD drives Chang over to greet the new arrivals and lo and behold out pops Daniel Faraday.

‘Hello, Miles. Long time no see.’

What We Learned

- PAD has been able to hear dead people since he was a kid and doesn’t enjoy it.

- Faraday isn’t dead or insane. Well, not dead, anyway.

- Chang is PAD’s father.

- Hurley is trying to improve ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and seems to be the only one trying to take advantage of his trip back in time.

- PAD’s mother is a lying…um…female dog…

- There is no ceremony to join the Circle of Trust.

- Radzinski is in a perpetual bad mood. No wonder he kills himself.

- Sawyer’s plan is beginning to come apart at the seams.

- Still love Naomi’s accent.

- You don’t have to register Dharma Mobiles.

- The electro magnetic force on the island is so strong it can rip fillings out of your head.

- Kate’s maternal instinct towards Aaron is looking for a replacement.

- Ben’s father is not the best choice for that replacement.

- PAD enjoys fish tacos.

- Ewoks suck.

- The bounty hunter chick is not working for Widmore.

- On a related note, this means there is a third, wild card group now in play for control of the island.

- I like PAD better when he was heartless and logical. Seeing him cry was downright uncomfortable. That said, the actor playing him is much better than I would have ever thought. He excelled in last night’s show.

New Questions

- Where has Faraday been this entire time? How long did he stay on the island before going to Ann Arbor?

- Why Ann Arbor? Is that the one place where people living would actually want to come to an island that contains hostiles and an unstoppable smoke monster?

- Will PAD ever come clean to his father?

- Why isn’t somebody other than Hurley trying to cash in on this going back in time thing? I would be finding the local bookie and placing all sorts of bets. Ironically, Hurley is the only one that doesn’t need the money.

- Why did PAD’s mother take him off the island?

- If Hurley somehow prevents the building of the Swan station, would Oceanic 815 not crash on the island? Or can you really not change the past? Which, when you think about it, is still the future in 1977 Dharmaville.

- Anyone else get headaches thinking about this stuff?

- Did Hurley inadvertently coin the term ‘douche’ as an insult? Imagine one of the Dharma people hearing it from him. They find it funny, bring it back to the mainland after their Dharma time is over and it spreads like wild fire throughout the 80s. Seems reasonable to me.

- Are we witnessing a shift in power again? Anyone notice the old, take charge Jack briefly reemerge when he confronted Ben’s father? I also found it interesting that Sawyer seemed relieved that Jack paid a visit to tell him about Ben’s father. Almost like he wanted Jack to take over or, at least help out. Is Sawyer feeling a bit overwhelmed?

- Did Juliette know Sawyer went to help Kate with Little Ben? Kate thanked Juliette for sending Sawyer to help, but there was a hesitation from Juliette before she said ‘Sure’. Could Sawyer have gone to help Kate against Juliette’s wishes?

- Did Dharma invent the non removable pull tabs on cans? You’ll notice when Ben’s father hands Kate a beer on the swing set that the tab doesn’t come off in Kate’s hand like the old days. It was the newer safety tabs that don’t come off. I don’t believe they had those in 1977. A Lost mistake? If so, it’s the first one I can remember.

- Why has Faraday come back to the island?

- Where has Sayid been this whole time?

- When is everyone finally going to get back together? And will it happen in 1977 or 2008? I just want the gang back together again.

- Why would PAD’s mother lie to him about his father caring about him? Is she protecting him from something? Or just vindictive?

- Who are these new ‘Shadow of the Statue’ people? How did they know about the island and that Sayid would bring them there?

- More importantly, what is the correct answer to ‘What lies in the shadow of the statue?’ Corn? Moss? Darkness? Smokey The Monster? Christian? Richard Alpert’s beauty salon?

No new episode next week, so let’s hope Lost gets it’s mojo back when it returns in two weeks. I think that ‘Shadow of the Statue’ group is going to lead to some kick ass shows.

Today's distraction: As a tribute to all the motorcycles reemerging on the roads this spring, here are some cool helmets. My favorites are the skull (like Ghost Rider) and Pee Wee Herman.

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