Monday, April 6, 2009

Rattled Yet Ready

Mixed emotions today.

Not only is it opening day for MLB but it’s also the culmination of March Madness. Needless to say I’m restless with excitement. I have never been in a better mood coming to work on a Monday morning. There is a spring in my step.

However, there’s a 99.9% chance the Red Sox home opener is going to be rained out since there is a storm system heading our way even Noah’s descendants are nervous about and there is no way in hell I’m finishing in the top five in my office pool this year. Every streak must end, I guess.

Since I can’t sit still, never mind keep a coherent thought in my head, today will be a stream of consciousness type of entry.

For your consideration.

- My ‘Streak for the Cash’ losing streak hit an all time high seven games. That’s right, I haven't been able to pick a simple winner for over a week. I’m pathetic.

- Decided at the last minute to see if my buddy wanted to watch the Final Four games at a bar on Saturday night. He jumped so fast and hard at that suggestion he may have given himself whiplash. Called him at 4, he was ready to go by 5 and we were at the bar by 6. For the first time in ages (I’m guessing post college days) we were splitting pitchers of beer. We polished off 6 pitchers of beer, had buffalo tenders (just ok), nachos and cheeseburger club sandwich all of which only totaled $60 (pre tip). That’s pretty damn cheap!

- Was lucky enough to witness a UConn freak experience his team’s loss. I fucking hate UConn and took great joy in watching Michigan State knock them out. Oddly, this dude’s rationale for rooting for UConn is that he was from Connecticut. And? I’m from Boston, but don’t root for Boston College. Is it required that all Connecticut residents root for the University of Connecticut? Do they have to root for all other colleges in their state, too? Are there any other colleges in that state?

- Who is responsible for putting those stickers on every single apple?

- I heard someone in my office mention that the outgoing GM CEO is getting twenty million to walk away but haven’t been able to confirm it.

- All the so called experts are acting like Michigan State has no chance against North Carolina tonight. I beg to differ and here are five reasons why:

1: UNC is built like the UConn team that just lost to the Spartans.

2: Michigan State is playing at home.

3: Everyone is looking at that UNC demolition of Michigan State way back in December as a measuring stick. However, Michigan State was hurt at the time and are currently a much, MUCH better team. If anything, this Spartans team will be itching for some payback.

4: The Spartans have redefined the term ‘swarming defense’. Watch any five minute stretch of the UConn game to get an idea of how often they deflect passes, knock the ball away and start fast breaks. My one concern about MSU heading into the tournament was their offense. They played slow, deliberate, and at times horrifically. Now they are creating fast breaks out of their defense which they should have been doing all season.

5: Roy Williams going head to head against Tom Izzo in a big game. Who do you pick?

- At the gym on Saturday, Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ came on the loud speakers. I’ve always enjoyed that song, but immediately thought of the fantastic video that went with it. This triggered an involuntary series of synapse connections that ended with me concluding that music videos have become a lost art.

Almost all of today's videos are generic, cookie cutter, singers lip syncing or pretending to play their songs. In fact, there are only two videos that stick out for me in the past 5 years: Feist’s ‘1234’ and Alkaline Trio’s ‘Mercy Me’ which I didn’t even know existed until I was browsing around YouTube over the weekend. I won’t even get into the Hip Hop videos that are nearly indistinguishable from each other.

I’m sure it doesn’t help that MTV (which stands for MUSIC Television in case they forgot) and VH1 barely play videos any more. I also noticed that some of the major recent releases have no videos to promote it. Anyone know if U2 has a video out for one of it’s latest songs?

Are music videos dying?

This may merit it’s own post.

- Lastly, so we end on an up note, here are two items that will probably lead to the end of mankind.

First, scientists from that troublemaking MIT have developed a battery with the help of a genetically modified virus. According to the link ‘Virus-built rechargeable batteries would have the same power capacity as the batteries used to power hybrid cars’. That’s great. Creating viruses to help us build sources of energy that go into our everyday gadgets. Fan-fucking-tastic. These geniuses know that most viruses biological imperative is to replicate and take over any host it can, right? They’re sure these virus helpers aren’t slipping in microscopic pieces of itself in order to release into the air at a certain time?

Are they really REALLY sure?

Second, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) just announced that they’ve developed a robot scientist. Big deal, right? Well, yeah! This robot scientist became the first of it’s kind to discover new scientific knowledge. That’s right, it can think and learn.

Oh boy!

Says Professor Ross King, ‘Ultimately we hope to have teams of human and robot scientists working together in laboratories’. That will be fun for the humans when the robots learn that the universe will be better off without humans around fucking everything up. You can bet those virus batteries running the robots won’t have a problem with that decision.

Today’s distraction: Yeah, opening day…NCAA men’s b-ball finals. You really need a distraction from me today?


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

U2 has a video for "Get on Your Boots." MTV and VH1 have way too many reality tv shows on now. Really Brett Michaels?

Clayton Bigsby said...

Peter Gabriel does rock. stat tracker just said Arthur Rhodes is pitching now for the Reds. Wow, sucks to be a Reds fan.

thepowerof10 said...

MTV and VH1 are both the antichrist. Being a Tar Heel fan, I've had roughly 2,000 discussions about the game already, but here's what I see:

- Ty Lawson being a good two steps faster than anyone on MSU's roster.

- Hansbrough being all-around better than Suton. And let's face it, he's going to get more calls too.

- UNC's defense is going to be key. If they can force turnovers and score in transition (which we know they excel at) they will have the Spartans on their heels all game.

- UNC's bench is about three times deeper than MSU's. MSU has two guys who average double digits in points, while UNC boasts five.

- The only thing that makes me nervous is this: Of the 75,000 people that will be there, 65,000 of them will probably be cheering for Michigan State. However, I take comfort in the fact that UNC consistently goes into Cameron Indoor Stadium and beats Duke despite the stadium full of retards who paint their faces and jump around all game. The Heels know how to win on the road.

BeachBum said...

You don't think 65,000 MSU fans will sway the refs into giving the Spartans more calls? I do.

Especially since they're in Detroit where unemployed auto workers are running around with firearms and looking for an excuse to kill something.

I just think MSU's got the mojo going, Tom Izzo is ten times the coach Roy Williams will ever be, and if there are several questionable calls going against Team Sparta there is real potential for a riot breaking out.

Hammen said...

Michigan St. goes 10 deep, easy, so their bench is better than Carolina's. The problem is that Michigan St.'s starting five can't even be compared to UNC's. Kalin Lucas was Big 10 player of the year, and he probably would've been like third team All-ACC.

Either way, go Spartans.