Friday, June 26, 2009

Iconic and Ironic

It's appropriate that Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both died on the same day.

Both were iconic superstars from the 70s and 80s that literally became bigger than themselves.

Both became parodies of themselves over the past 15 years.

Both were international sex symbols (yes, even Michael Jackson at one point).

Both had way too much plastic surgery.

Both became involved in high profile, questionable relationships with other famous people.

But more importantly

Both were very talented people who became famous for a reason. You can mock them all you want – and, granted, they gave us plenty of reasons to do so over the past decade – but let’s not forget that Farrah reinvented herself from sex symbol bimbo to legitimate actress with ‘The Burning Bed’ before drugs and personal issues got in the way.

Jackson wasn’t always the reclusive superstar with questionable babysitting tactics. While ‘Thriller’ gets all the hype, his greatest album was ‘Off The Wall’ which not only reinvented him as a solo artist, but ushered in the entire concept of a blockbuster album. For all you young ones out there, ‘Off The Wall’ was one of those watershed albums that everyone of my generation remembers hearing for the first time.

I didn’t even like Jackson or his music, but even I appreciated that every single song on that album was great. Not good; fucking great. It changed the way I looked at soul and disco and pop. It also changed the way I looked at Motown, since they were reluctant to let the Jackson 5 take creative control over their own careers. So they left, went to Epic who let Michael release a solo album as part of the deal. Holy shit, what a great deal that was!

Sadly, Jackson’s family life and subsequent borderline insanity eventually took it’s toll and tarnishes how we remember him. His awkward kiss with Lisa Marie Presley is just as imprinted in our heads as his trademark dance moves. Just as Farrah’s bizarre Letterman appearance is just as memorable to us as her hair.

Take the good with the bad. But make sure you remember the good. These were two talented, yet troubled, people.

Today’s distraction: One of the most addicting games I’ve stumbled across in a while. Be warned, once you start you will be playing for the better part of an hour. Great way to kill time on a summer Friday at work.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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For as many people criticized Michael over the past decade-plus, there are a hundred people who adore him, admire him, or idolize him. He changed music as we know it.