Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mold Spores

It’s officially day four of the World Without Sun in the Boston area and I need to take my mind off my plummeting emotional state. There was brief session of sunshine on Saturday, but since we’ve had a not so healthy diet of clouds, rain, more clouds, drizzle with occasional breaks of mist. On the bright side we’re supposed to have massive fog tonight and tomorrow.

There’s mildew on my soul.

Anyway, let’s check in on the rest of the world which, I assume, still sees sunshine.

- In my ‘Endorsement’ entry I totally forgot to mention the one thing that prompted the post in the first place. The Prey series of books written by John Sandford. ‘Wicked Prey’ was just released and I’m nearly done with it. The books (of which there are many) all center around Lucas Davenport and his band of Minneapolis cops trying to solve one crime or another. They started out as typical ‘catch the serial killer’ books, but have evolved into much more complex, satisfying thrillers that are totally unpredictable, funny, and realistic; often in uncomfortable ways.

- One thing that strikes me on the unrest in Iran is how technology is making it nearly impossible for countries to keep a lid on information. Cell phones are beaming videos to the rest of the world and infuriating the Iranian Government because it’s contradicting everything they are saying. I imagine a meeting with the Iranian higher ups that goes ‘Who here knew about these video cell phones? Why wasn’t I told this was possible? Can’t we block those signals or at least triple their roaming rates?’

- Let me officially go on record that dealing Rondo would be a huge mistake by the Celtics. He’s the spark plug on that team and the main reason the Celtics over achieved in the playoffs. He doesn’t need a lot of shots, wreaks havoc on the defensive end and doesn’t complain or whine when things don’t go his way. In short, I love the guy. High energy, low maintenance and seems to enjoy getting shots for his teammates.

That said, I could see making a deal if there was proper compensation coming back. But don’t deal just to deal. Unless…and I hate saying this…they already know Garnett won’t be the same ever again due to this injury. Is there something else going on we don’t yet know about?

- Wow. The Timberwolves just dealt Mike Miller and Randy Foye to the Wizards for the 5 pick. That gives them 5, 6, 18, and 28 picks in the first round this year. And they kept Al Jefferson and Kevin Love. Are they done trading? I bet no. Rumors are they’re trying to get up to number 2. Is Tyler Hansbrough bound for Minnesota? I bet yes. White boy in Minny. How can you go wrong?

- Say what you will about Ed McMahon being a sidekick or ad whore, but there aren’t many people that can last 50 years in show business. Besides he got to do an ad with MC Hammer. How many people can say that?

- Let me get this straight. There has already been an electric car invented and scrapped. Toyota and Honda are building hybrids of nearly all their models. Yet our government has just handed out nearly eight billion dollars to Ford, Tesla, and Nissan so they can develop more fuel efficient cars? It’s nearly 2010 and none of these companies have started development on more fuel efficient cars and trucks on their own? Tesla, being new, can be excused, but Ford and Nissan? Have they been sitting on their hands for the past 20 years?

Here’s what large companies need to remember. Innovation, quality and self motivation are three qualities that keep companies relevant and in business. You don’t sit on the status quo until everything stagnates and you become a side note; incapable of moving forward. Look at Apple, who were on death’s door until they introduced the iPod. That led to the iPhone and we all see where Apple is now.

Look at Netflix, built from the ground up fairly recently and are already focusing on other means to get us our movies. Their CEO just announced they’ll be focusing more on streaming movies over the internet or onto boxes attached to your set. I’m skeptical this will replace the quality and ease of DVDs, but at least they’re looking forward and trying to find way to stay ahead of the curve.

Ford and Nissan and GM all should have been researching better and more efficient ways to make better and more efficient cars. Not because they were required to, but because it’s good business. No wonder I own half their stock. You do, too. I would go pick up my free car at the Ford dealership, but they suck and I don’t want one.

- My oldest boy loves ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ on Nick and I’ll admit that I am also entertained while watching. It’s original, action packed, yet focuses a lot on the human relationships and what constitutes good and evil. Turns out they’re making a live action version of it that I thought was going to be directed by James Cameron. Instead M Night Shyamalan is directing and I’m a bit nervous. His last two movies were horrible. Well, judging by the new trailer, this might be M Night’s resurgence. Judge for yourself.

- In what amounts to Abbott and Costello joining forces to negotiate peace in the middle east, Time Warner and Comcast are joining forces to deliver television over the internet. Can’t wait to see how poor the quality is and how much money they lose on this disaster. Do you think anyone at either company is aware exists already?

- While I’m all for technological innovation, this fucking thing creeps me out. Look at the size of the needle on that thing!!! If you were a wounded soldier, would you want that poking around in your body looking for shrapnel with nobody at the controls? I sure as hell wouldn’t. ‘Uh, Doc? This robot is trying to stick it’s needle up my dick. Could you make it stop? Like…NOW!!!!’

- A second attempt at a hastily made Cleveland tourism ad. Great stuff because it’s true.

That’s all folks. Need to head home early so wifey can get drunk with friends while celebrating the last day of the school year. Still haven’t figured out if me going home to my wife can get drunk constitutes parental responsibility or neglect. Or is it simply enabling?

Today’s distraction: With the upcoming draft, here is SI.Com’s biggest steal’s in draft history. Pay attention to what Rodman’s doing in the Karl Malone picture. Not cool, Rodman. Not cool at all.


Anonymous said...

I heard Hansborough was going to Utah, which might be even more fitting than Minnesota. Utah has a long history of taking tall white guys that end up as busts

BeachBum said...

Oh, yeah, Sloan would L-O-V-E Hansbrough. White guy who hustles, looks like he's going to cry at any minute and won't talk back. Match made in heaven. Nice call.

Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I am a lifelong Tar Heels fan AND a Timberwolves fan, and I still don't want Hansbrough on the Wolves roster?

Anonymous said...

Oh and also, how can you question the convenience of the possibility of streaming movies straight to our TVs? You sit down, press three buttons on the remote, and almost any movie you could want to watch is playing. I'd take that over my collection of 350 DVDs and Blu-Rays any day. Maybe I'm different, but I find that possibility to be exponentially exciting.

BeachBum said...

My question is more the picture and sound quality than the convenience. I've steamlined some Netflix on my laptop and the quality is passable at best. If they can guarantee HD quality I'm all in on that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the stuff you can stream to your laptop isn't always the greatest, but I would like to think that if they go for the gold with this "straight to your TV box" idea, they upconvert it to HD picture and sound.

It's just hard for me to imagine that something won't come along to replace traditional DVDs.