Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ringing Endorsements

Since I’m in a fantastic mood today, I wanted to share some of the things I have enjoyed or will be enjoying. Some of these I may have mentioned before, so apologies for being repetitive.

Today’s Weather: Just perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, brilliant blue skies, comforting warmth of a long lost sun. After two weeks of miserable shit weather, it was nice to wake up to blinding brightness. Sadly, it isn't looking like it will last.

DirecTV: I’ve had this since we moved into the new house (over 9 years ago) and have never taken it for granted. Crystal clear picture, much cheaper than ComCast (which is a total ripoff!) and constantly adds new features to make my life a pleasure. The latest being a ScoreGuide you can access by pressing the red button on the remote any time you turn to a sports oriented channel. For example, if I flip to the Red Sox game and hit the red button a menu pops up on the right of the screen. I can see the current score of every ongoing game in every sports. If I want to, I can select Watch Now and it will turn to the channel broadcasting that game. Simple, yet brilliant. And I didn’t even ask for it. DirecTV just added it (at no extra cost) simply to make me happy.

Kenny From Dunkin’ Donuts: Kenny who made my ice coffee just the way I liked it every time. It’s past tense because they recently renovated the DD across the street from my building and apparently replacing Kenny was one of the ‘improvements’. He’s no longer there and when I asked where he was I get a ‘Kenny who?’ in response. So, my buddy R and I have come up with possible options as to what is going on.

1: We made Kenny up in our heads and he really didn’t exist. Since he physically handed us coffee before and took our money, this seems a stretch.

2: Kenny was dealing something other than coffee out of Dunkin’ Donuts and was caught. This led to his dismissal and the renovation of the shop just so corporate was sure whatever Kenny’s ‘product’ was had been completely cleared out with no evidence left behind. Or those old counters are now in a police evidence warehouse to be used in Kenny’s trial.

3: Kenny was fucking with us from day one and his name really wasn’t Kenny. So when we ask where Kenny is the other workers truly don’t know who we’re talking about because they knew him by his real name.

Kenny, you'll be missed.

City of Boston: Especially in the morning. Nothing like taking a leisurely stroll through the city first thing in the morning. The sidewalks and cobblestones have all be hosed clean, it’s not too hot, the harbor sparkles, and – most importantly – there aren’t throngs of people getting in my way. With school getting out this will become a regular thing for me throughout the summer.

Morning Sex: Any kind of sex is obviously a plus, but unexpected, half asleep morning sex gets the day off on the right foot. This may or may not have something to do with my good mood today. You'll never know.

Al’s Chicken Salad Sub: Which I picked up for lunch yesterday. Al’s is a deli shop that has two locations. One on State Street and a new one right on South Street which, conveniently enough for me, is right next door. They make the best goddamn chicken salad in the city. Combine that with the freshly baked bread, their Bag Lunch deal that includes a small sub (which, at 8 inches long, ain’t so small), a drink and bag of chips for $6.50 and you can’t go wrong. I get mine with pickles. Mmmmmmmm, chicken salad…..

Bill Simmons: Who intelligently and articulately summed up my thoughts on Kobe and the Lakers while providing evidence that I should be appreciating Kobe more than I have. He’s right. The last 20 months of Kobe’s career have been nothing short of historic. Considering how much I hate Kobe, that Simmons got me to appreciate him at least on a professional level is a tremendous achievement. Well done!

My Job: Yeah, that’s right. I still have one. I usually enjoy it. It pays me fairly well. That’s all I’ve got.

My BlackBerry: Which helped out a cute, young thing when she was lost and trying to find her way to a job interview. I wasn’t sure where the street was she was searching for so I pulled up Google on my phone, entered in the address and showed her the map. Turns out she was only a few blocks away and could still get there in time. Cutie girl, I hope you get the job.

My Boys: Who now sleep through the night and make me laugh on a consistent basis even if it’s unintentionally. We seem to have turned a corner where they are more fun and less work than ever before. I’m enjoying it.

My Friend M: Who will remain nameless, but has been the sunshine of my workday for several years now. Thanks for keeping me smiling even during the shittiest days.

That’s it for now. I’m sure there will be many more things I’ll be grateful for as the day progresses, but this is all I have time for today. Feel free to share your own small pleasures.

Today’s distraction: Silhouettes made from an unusual source. Would love to know which albums are being used for which to see if the titles match the figure. I may be reading too much into these.


Hammen said...

Can't decide if I want to read the Simmons article on Kobe yet, might make me too angry.

Chuckwagon said...

RE: Chicken salad - I'd have to try Al's to decide, but for me, the best chicken salad I've had recently was from a store called "Fresh Market" (I don't know if there are any around here - I was in Columbia, SC at the time). They make theirs with rotisserie chicken - mmmmmmmmmm! The other chicken salad I thought was the best BEFORE Fresh Market is from a store in Beverly called Henry's Market. They make it with a mix of chicken and turkey white meat - mmmmmmmmmm!

So, where is Al's? I'll have to drop by some day and get me one of them "bag lunches" you mentioned.

BTW: I am off to Canada - Atlantic Provinces - tomorrow AM. I guess we'll be gone about 2 - 3 weeks. Check out the blog (if you still have the address). I'll be posting almost every day, time permitting. I'll even include pictures.

BeachBum said...

Hammen, I suggest you read it. He doesn't morph into a Kobe fan and you'll share some of the same thoughts he does. He just pointed out some aspects of his career I over looked and never really considered before.

Still think Kobe's a douche!

CW, have a blast in Canada. Hopefully you'll get better weather there than we're getting here. I'll be checking the blog.

thepowerof10 said...

Unexpected morning sex > expected night time sex

BeachBum said...

I like that math!