Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Almost Perfect

Just a quick note and fun new distraction for today.

Today's perfect weather got me motivated to stroll down to the harbor for lunch. I brought so I just prepped things as much as possible and took a lovely walk down the street.

I get a perfect seat looking out over the water and realize an enormous yacht is throwing off lines directly in front of me in preparation of leaving. This is one of those boats that has multiple levels with a full staff of cooks and cleaners and workers.

To my delight the crew working the lines is all female. All three are cute as a button, wearing form fitting white shorts, blue polo shirts and are intent on getting the boat sea worthy. They bring up the gangway, stow the lines, and I watch as the ship goes out 50 feet only to start backing in again.

The captain lines things up and the girls go to work again. Tossing out the lines, getting things ready for dock and they have all sorts of problems. One of the lines gets tangled, the other is stretching out too far. It's a clusterfuck and now there is an all male audience standing on the pier watching it take place.

Thankfully, the head crew dude comes down to help and even he can't get the line untangled. Validation for the girls.

So, I got to spend a beautiful afternoon by the ocean watching adorable, sexy girls for nearly an hour.

To top things off, on my walk back to the office I pass one of my friend's buildings. As I'm going by I notice a guy sound asleep on the building's property. There is a lush lawn in front with ample shade. I get closer and sure enough, there's my buddy. Sound a - fucking - sleep.

I hop the short wall, walk over and sit down right next to him; almost on his head and say 'These fucking Federal Employees (he works for the Federal Reserve) are a bunch of lazy asses'.

Only he doesn't move.

I give his head a shove to the side and he snorts, but still doesn't wake up.

So I did the only thing a friend would do: took his picture with my phone. I've already emailed it to him, but he's apparently still sleeping on the front lawn of his office building as I haven't heard anything back.

If I play this correctly, there may be free beer in my very near future.

Today's distraction: A fun keyboard game called Jelly Jumper. Consider the rest of today a goner.


Hammen said...

Ummm good thing he snorted, or I'd be telling you that your buddy is probably dead or dying.

BeachBum said...

I'd still take his picture if he was dead. And probably would have walked away and gone back to my office. So, really my actions wouldn't have changed at all.

Clayton Bigsby said...

I've been the guy on the lawn before. Saying that, I would have left him too. A nap in the sun is an amazing time.

BeachBum said...

Agreed, Bigs. I couldn't bring myself to fully wake him. If it was me I would have been pissed.

Rob said...

My bud and I had 4 or 5 pints at Kitty O'Sheas last night. We both enjoyed the place a lot. Good music, a friendly and efficient bartender, and the COLDEST beers in town. Thanks for the recommendation.

BeachBum said...

Glad to hear it! I was actually at the Grand Canal last night, myself. Was all excited for some new beer recommendation by the Irish waitress until she came back and told me they were out.

Still, can't go wrong with Stella.