Friday, July 10, 2009

Crush of the Month

Let’s knock this out of the way early this month.

I was inspired for July’s Crush of the Month by a recent movie I watched. It wasn’t great, but it is certainly watchable simply because this month’s honoree (and she should be honored) was playing the lead.

Who?: That would be Ms Anna Faris. Most of you know her from the 1500 Scary Movies she’s been in, but in this case the movie was ‘The House Bunny’. Faris doesn’t just carry this movie, she IS the fucking movie. There are very few actors who make me laugh just from their expression, but Faris has now joined the list.

For the record the list includes John Belushi, Jim Carey, Will Farrell, and probably someone else I’m forgetting at the moment.

In any case, Faris is now on the elite list and for good reason. She plays the House Bunny like a demented, sweetly innocent Britney Spears who just happens to dream of being a Playboy Centerfold.

She inspires other emotions, as well

Faris does such a good job in this movie, I’m slightly offended she wasn’t considered for Best Actress last year. Shouldn’t one qualification of that be carrying an entire movie for an hour and forty minutes? She certainly does that here.

What Else?: This is now the second time Faris has charmed and beguiled me in a movie. I’ve always enjoyed her in the Scary Movies, but there has been some question as to whether she was acting or becoming more of a crash test dummy. At the very least, she’s been one of the more courageous and willing comedic actresses to come along in a long time. I still remember the scene where she’s blown into a ceiling and covered with (I'm assuming fake) semen in the first Scary Movie. Gross and hilarious.

But the movie I’m referring to is ‘Just Friends’ where she plays a spoiled, deranged and abusive movie star/pop star/some sort of celebrity. She steals the movie right out from everyone. She’s alternately spacey, dangerous, sexy, downright insane and hysterical.

What really grabs your attention is the underlying sweetness she exudes whenever she’s on screen. Even when she’s playing a self absorbed bitch, you never take it seriously. Check out this interview she did when ‘Just Friends’ came out. You get an idea of her sincerity and, as a bonus, get to see clips from her work in that movie. The toothpaste scene still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

That All?: In a related note to my last post, Anna has been quoted as saying she doesn’t enjoy going out to the fancy LA clubs. She would much rather go hang out at a dive bar.

Holy shit! Come to Boston, Anna. I’ll show you around.

And wear this outfit when you come

She also doesn’t take her fame and celebrity too seriously; often posing for paparazzi in appropriately goofy positions with whoever she happens to be with. For someone who looks like her and is achieving the fame she is, it’s nice to see her stay grounded and affable.

One last thing.

I’ve noticed that she arrives at red carpet events dressed in a simple, elegant, slightly casual manner that I like. Very much. That she has the kick ass body to pull it off definitely helps.

Oh, yeah. Like this

Congrats, Anna. You are BeachBum’s July Crush of the Month.

P.S. I was serious about showing you around Boston. Just say the word.

Today's distraction: I give you Won Park, Master of Origami. Actually, very impressive. Enjoy the weekend!


thepowerof10 said...

I didn't have much respect for her as an actress through debacles that are the Scary Movie series. Then I realized that the Wayans brothers are idiots and no one would have looked like a talented actress in those roles. She redeemed herself in my eyes when she appeared in a few episodes of Entourage a couple seasons ago. Plus, I'd totally have sexual relations with her.

Clayton Bigsby said...

This may have been your best crush of the month so far. I'm normally a brunette guy.

BeachBum said...

10, there is definitely something odd about those movies, but it proves she's a good sport. Besides, I honestly believe that if it were anything else in that role we would have hated the character with a passion.

Bigs, she looks good as a brunette, too.

BeachBum said...

*anyone else. Not anything else. I'm drunk.

Hammen said...

As soon as I started reading this post, I was hoping you were gonna bring up Just Friends. That movie is the shit, and Ms. Faris is the shit in it.

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

I second that Hammen