Monday, July 6, 2009


We finally had some fantastic weather this past weekend. Finally! That needed to be stressed. Just in time for the holiday weekend, too.

For those of you not in the area who think I may be exaggerating for the purpose of literary license, I have two points to make.

1: Don’t ever mistake what is written down here as literature. That term implies some sort of art form and semblance of coherent thought. Please look elsewhere for that.

2: Here are some eye opening stats that you can Google if you want to verify.

- It rained 23 of the 30 days in June.

- This past weekend was the first entirely rain free weekend since April 25th and 26th.

- Normally June has sunshine 70% of the time. This year it was below 25%.

Enough of that. June is over and July has started off perfectly. Let’s move on.

I glad to announce that our new pool in up and running and we took the plunge (get it? Plunge? Pool?) and purchased a salt water filter that I have yet to setup. We researched and it just seems more low maintenance than having to constantly add chlorine and algae fighter and whatever else. Salt apparently naturally creates chlorine and this filter will automatically regulate the water so all we’ll need to do is skim and make sure the filter is properly loaded.

Done and done.

The boys were so excited that the pool was open they jumped in Sunday morning despite the temperature only being 65 degrees. They lasted 10 minutes before coming out shivering and chilled. Still, they christened the pool and summer has officially begun.

Works for me.

Other random events from the weekend.

- Lamely, I fell asleep before the Boston fireworks began. We usually watch them from our bedroom window, but this year they pushed them back so they didn’t kick off until 10:30. Every year I can remember they have started at 9pm. Last year they began at 10. Next year they may just wait until half the city is asleep before launching the first volley. Or maybe they’ll just wait until July 5th. Anyway, I was laying on my bed while wifey was next door. When I regained consciousness it was midnight and I had slept through the entire thing. Stupid late start. It’s bad enough my kids can’t watch any major playoff sporting events because of television start times, but now the city of Boston is pulling the same shit? 9pm works great for members of every family, so of course they keep making them later and later. Get with it, Boston. This is supposed to be a family event and you’re cutting out the people that will carry on the tradition.

- We had two cookouts to attend over the weekend. The first was Saturday and involved the shrillest member of my neighborhood who proceeded to squawk on endlessly about things nobody cared about. She officially entered my ‘can’t fucking stand being in the same room with her’ section of life. Even wifey, who was her defender to me for a long time, said ‘What was with her? Every single thing someone said she turned it around to focus on her’. You mean just like every other time she’s been around?

Marriage tip: Just because you think things like the last sentence doesn’t mean you should say it out loud. See, women have a bizarre tendency to hate each other only to turn around in one week to be best friends again. Then that sarcastic comment will be held against you for eternity. When it doubt, say nothing.

- Second cookout was yesterday and involved wifey becoming defensive because – for the third time in three weeks – she screwed up either the start time or location of an event. In this case she told us all that the cookout started at 4. I say aloud when she tells me this ‘Oh, good. I can still get to the gym’. So we go to run some errands and on the way home she gets a text from the neighbors asking where we are. Turns out the cookout started at 1, not 4. Fine.

But when I ask about it she says ‘I didn’t say it started at four, I said three! You just heard four because you want to go to the gym’. I don't mention that going to the gym isn't exactly something I look forward to or that even with the three start time she was still fucking wrong.

Marriage tip #2: After you have kids, all arguments are settled by an objective third party. Normally I would have been confused by how I could have misheard her. Wifey was adamant she told me three. Only my nine year old says, ‘Mom, I heard you tell Dad four o’clock’. Yes! I finally have some verification that my wife deliberately fucks with me just so she doesn’t look like an idiot. My boy gots my back!

Considering that this comes on the heels of giving me the incorrect start time of a birthday party for one of my son’s friends by a full hour AND her having the incorrect address of an anniversary party for a friend of hers I’m beginning to wonder if her faculties are failing.

- Not much shocks me these days, but I let loose an audible gasp when I heard Steve McNair was killed over the weekend. Despite his co-MVP award, I always thought he was under appreciated outside the state of Tennessee.

- That said, we seem to be entering an era of instant forgiveness. Barely a word is uttered regarding pedophilia concerns when Michael Jackson dies. Instead focusing on his music and his obvious influence left behind in the industry. Now McNair was murdered by a woman he was cheating on his wife with and nobody is even mentioning this in the reports. Simply stating that this was someone he had been ‘dating’ for a few weeks.

Look, I’m no angel and I certainly don’t expect celebrities to be, but McNair was married with four sons. Maybe there was some arrangement between him and his wife, but regardless the way he died should dim – at least a little bit – how we regard him. Four boys are now fatherless because he was fucking around behind their backs.

Maybe news agencies are skittish in passing judgment (especially regarding a black male) but pretending the entire situation in which he died doesn’t tarnish his image in a lot of people’s minds is not telling the whole story.

On the other hand, maybe we’re entering a kinder, gentler America.

Thanks, Obama. This really won't be much fun .

Today’s distraction: Great news for Celtic fans. If it were 2005. Sorry, but I can’t get super excited about Kevin Garnett’s backup. Although, maybe I should since there is no guarantee he’ll be 100% for the rest of his career.


Clayton Bigsby said...

All athletes cheat. I would bet it's over 50% cheaters among male professional athletes. They always have to prove their "manliness" and they think boning chicks half their age is the way to go.

BeachBum said...

Yeah, it's to be expected at this point, but you'd think retiring means retiring the old habits as well.

If anything, maybe McNair will be a cautionary tale for other guys. It won't, but anything is possible.

thepowerof10 said...

I imagine that not a lot was said about McNair's indiscretions out of respect for his death. There's a time and a place for everything and I suppose the media will let this one breathe before delving into the grimy details.

Clayton Bigsby said...

I don't think the cheating diminishes his on the field career or work he did in the community. It just doesn't surprise me. Everyone has their moments of weakness.

Hammen said...

I agree with you guys, everyone does it...still sucks to hear about your heroes acting like douches though.