Friday, July 17, 2009

Vacation Time

I’m off next week to spend some quality time with my kayak. And, I guess, the family if I have to. So, to keep everyone occupied for the next week, here are some random links, thoughts, and stories.

Enjoy. Think of me next week riding the ocean waves of Cape Cod. Oh, and beer will be involved.

- Last night we had a company outing (that was actually a small gathering of about 12 people) at the Grand Canal. Since it was a nice night, we hit the back deck and immediately a lovely Irish lass approached to take our drink orders. Her and I hit it off right away and the rest of the evening was like something out of a dream: She would walk by, eye my drink and if it was in the lower quarter of the glass she would bring me another Stella without me having to ask. It was delivered with a smile and wink and she called me ‘Hon’ when I finally paid up. It was love at first beer.

- In a recent podcast, Bill Simmons and Chris Connelly debated what should be considered the ‘defining’ movie of this decade. They considered ‘No Country for Old Men’, ‘Dark Knight’, ‘The Departed’ and a few others. The criteria was the movie should be rewatchable, successful, and immediately pop into your head the minute this decade is mentioned.

Well, I think they overlooked one and this is the movie I think defined the decade of 00: ‘Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy’. No, it isn’t the greatest movie of the decade, but it certainly is funnier with repeated viewings, has spawned countless catch phrases and influenced many of the movies that were released following it. You could argue that if Anchorman wasn’t successful we may not have seen ‘Wedding Crashers’, ‘The Hangover’, ‘SuperBad’, ‘Knocked Up’, ’40 Year Old Virgin’ or any of the other comedies that have been released since.

I could also be persuaded to include ‘Old School’, but I think ‘Anchorman’ is the funnier of the two and has certainly added more to pop culture. Stay classy, ‘Anchorman’.

- I watched the Michael Jackson clip where his hair caught on fire while filming that Pepsi commercial and was stunned at how awful it was. I never knew it was that bad. I was also taken aback by how long it took anyone to notice he was on fire. It was a solid 30 seconds before anyone came to put him out. Thirty seconds of your head engulfed in flames is thirty too many.

- There’s a new form of yoga out there. Here are some hilarious examples of it.

- One man’s list of the top gangster movies of the past 40 years. While it’s tough to argue with the top bunch, how could he put ‘Carlito’s Way’ on here in place of ‘Scarface’? And where’s ‘Heat’? Shouldn’t that be considered a gangster flick? And ‘Snatch’ has no place in this group.

- Normally I wouldn’t link to this story, but this dude’s name is throwing me for a loop. It’s an inside joke, so apologies to anyone who never had the privilege of meeting one of my favorite people ever.

- Clay Buchholz is making his first start of the season for the Red Sox tonight. I wonder if this is an audition for the trade deadline?

- It also looks like the Julio Lugo era is over in Boston. Only two years too late.

- The new Boston Garden is being renamed. Again. It started out as The Shawmut Center then to the FleetCenter when Fleet Bank bought up Shawmut’s assets. Then FleetCenter became TD BankNorth Garden and now it’s just going to be TD Garden because we’re living in a truly retarded sports arena world. For the record, everyone here just calls it The Garden because we can’t keep up with the constant switches.

- That said, TD BankNorth (which is now TD Bank for reasons unknown) had a kick ass promotion for the name change. Taking a page from Willy Wonka, they handed out candy bars with only five of them containing golden tickets. What do those golden tickets get you? How about tickets to every single event at the Garden? This means all Celtics and Bruins games, any college games (including the BeanPot tourney), and all concerts. Unfortunately, all five winners have already come forward so I’m shit out of luck before I knew I even had a chance. Pity.

- Some great fake ads from Miller High Life that should be actual products. Especially that leg crossing one. Not sure why, but it’s always bothered me when men cross their legs like that.

- Here is one list of the top 100 April Fool’s jokes of all time. I remember the Taco Bell one and enjoyed the uproar immensely. Number 15 sounds like a classic.

- Remember all those rumors of satanic and drug lyrics that you can only hear if you play the record backwards? Well, here is proof that they actually exist. The Spears one is hilarious.

- 50 impressions in 50 seconds. Oh, it can be done.

- Witness your brain fail. This is strangely disorienting.

- Hey, look. They finally organized the internet! Good for them.

- Here is a list of the top 70 vampire movies of all time. What is our fascination with vampires? For the record I always considered ‘Fright Night’ to be one of the better (and funnier) of the vampire movies. And, no, I’m not going to watch ‘Twilight’ (which doesn’t make this list thus lending it credibility). It’s just not in the cards. A lot of these I haven’t heard of before, but look interesting. Wonder if they’re available on Netflix?

- Test your reaction time. Mine averaged out to .232 with my best being .199. Considering I’m an old, decrepit man I’ll consider that a success.

Ok, folks. I’m heading off for a week. Be in touch when I get back. Hopefully rested and recharged.


Today’s distraction: Test yourself on the countries of Europe. I did horribly on this. Geography isn’t my strong suit.


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

Those high life ads were awesome. Enjoy your vacation.

thepowerof10 said...

Enjoy your vacation Beach. P.S. Did you hear that Bill Simmons isn't going to write for ESPN The Magazine anymore?

Rob said...

Before the Green Day concert, my group hit the patio at the Grand Canal. While we waited for a table to clear, that same Irish lass took our order at the stand-up tables and I thought of you. When we sat down, a very atttractvie blond in very tight short-shorts served us.

That patio is a great use of otherwise unusable space. So, your bar recommendations are 2 for 2. Kitty O'Sheas and the Grand Canal. My buddy said he paid the rent at Crossroads for about 10 years, so I think we'll try The Times.

Oh, and the Grand Canal was out of about 8 beers due to us being there on a Monday. Though, the Irish gal suggested a Summer Shandy. At first I thought that was some euphemism for something real fun. The beer was delicious -- like a hefeweizen.

Rob said...

5:04 and 35%. I bet I did worse than you.