Thursday, August 13, 2009

Air It Out

Short on time today, so let’s blow through the wide receivers. Check out Matthew Berry’s Draft Day Manifesto when you have time, too. He makes a great argument that drafting one of the top receivers may be more important than who you draft at running back.

I don’t totally buy into this. While having one of the elites is always a plus, I find that except for a few players, these big scorers have such up and down seasons (35 points one week, 5 points the week after) they don’t help as much as a reliable and consistent receiver like Wes Welker. Welker guarantees you anywhere from 15-20 (at times more) points a week especially if you are in a league that rewards catches as well as yardage.

To each their own. Let’s get to it.


Larry Fitzgerald: Hands down the best receiver in the league.

Roddy White: Ink still drying on new deal which makes White happy, confident and ready to rack up the numbers.

Andre Johnson: Just spectacular last year and should be just as good again in 2009.

Randy Moss: Proved last season that he doesn’t need Brady to be effective.

Greg Jennings: Under appreciated, yet highly effective.

Hines Ward: A one man wrecking crew for the Steelers.

Reggie Wayne: Even a subpar 2008 kept him at the top of the receivers. Expect a bounce back year.

Wes Welker: Old Reliable.

Dwayne Bowe: Will flourish with Cassel.


Roy Williams: He may be in the top group by the time the season’s over.

Lee Evans: Having TO may open even more opportunities for him.

Eddie Royal: Broncos version of Welker.

DeSean Jackson: Potentially huge numbers during returns, as well.

Vincent Jackson: Everyone is predicting huge year, which means you should beware.

Antonio Bryant: Some huge games in 2008, but who will be throwing him the ball?

Steve Breaston: Could make the leap if Boldin doesn’t come to play healthy and happy.

Santana Moss: Often criticized, but does put up respectable numbers.

Bernard Berrian: Same boat as Bryant. Until we know who the QB is not sure I would take a gamble until later rounds.


Muhsin Muhammad: One good year and everyone still drafts him way too early.

Domenik Hixon: Watching him drop sure TD passes after Plaxico shot himself in the leg swore me off him forever. By the way, if you want a glimpse into the Giant’s 2008 season just read that first sentence again. Talk about Super Bowl Hangover.

Issac Bruce: Not the same one we remember.

Deion Branch: Will intrigue you just enough that you’ll play him only to see him gain you 3 points. I speak from personal experience.


Josh Morgan: Loved him last year; hope to get him this year.

Devin Hester: Getting better in the receiver position and Cutler will be throwing primarily to him.

Anthony Gonzalez: Now that Marvin Harrison is out of the way, he should be Manning’s full time second receiver.

Kevin Walter: Very quietly had a good 2008.

Michael Jenkins: Came on at the end of last season.

Patrick Crayton: Now that TO is out of Dallas, will Crayton finally bloom?


Terrell Owens: Buffalo?

Marques Colston: Is he full healthy? Love this guy, but not sure I’d take him in the early rounds until it was confirmed he was 100%.

Any Jet/Lion Receivers Not Named Calvin: Rookie quarterbacks = growing pains for everyone.

Steve Smith (Panthers): Injured again, so check his status.

Anquan Boldin: Is he coming to camp? Will he sit out due to his contract? He pulled this last year, too, and wound up having a great year.

TJ Houshmandzadeh: New team, new QB under a new coach. Transition period for the entire team.

Brandon Marshall: Unhappy, injured and in trouble with the law again. Love his talent, but there is big risk that he won’t stay on the field long enough to help.

Chad Ochocinco: Personally don’t foresee any resurgence.


Michael Crabtree: Claims he will sit out the entire season. Keep an eye on his status as draft day approaches.

Santonio Holmes: Absolutely killed me last year, but will he play with renewed confidence after the Super Bowl?

Braylon Edwards: Supposedly minor injury, but will you get Dynamic 2007 Edwards or Cement Hands 2008 Edwards?

So there you go, folks. My pay league draft is August 30th and I’m already counting the days. Boo yeah!!

Not going to bother with tight ends, kickers or defense/special teams. Just leave those until the last few rounds. I have faith you’ll do the right thing.

Today’s distraction: Play Pel and welcome your new addiction with open arms. There is no point resisting.


Hammen said...

I didn't really agree with MBerry either....wide receivers are too much of a crapshoot, I wouldn't want to take one in the first round.

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

Crabtree is a fucking d-bag I hope he has a career ending injury. Too much?

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

Speaking of addictions I'm on level 43 of Crimson Momentum. Fuck you for showing me that game. Seriously though Crabtree is a fag.

Clayton Bigsby said...

The problem with WR's is that so many are hit or miss. Fitz, Moss, A Johnson, Wayne, and Welkah are the only guys you can count on for at least 6-8 points per week. There may be a few more than that, but I usually wait until round 4 for a WR. Even TO and White will go off one week with 100 and 3 then 2 catches for 36 the next

thepowerof10 said...

Yeah receivers have to depend on their quarterback in order to put up numbers, so I'd be more apt to take a running back first.

BeachBum said...

I agree with everything said here. Esp the Crimson Momentum. It's evil.