Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crush of the Month

It’s time for another edition of BeachBum’s Non Stalker, Non Creepy, Non Threatening, This Should Really Be Considered a Compliment, Crush of the Month.

I putting this up for two reasons.

1: I really have nothing to say this week. I’ve started and stopped several different entries because they just weren’t coming out right. This included some half assed look into why Big Papi taking steroids hasn’t really changed anything. I may still post this, but I need to think it out more. Not something I usually do, as you can obviously tell from reading any other entry in this space.

2: I’m lazy. Like really lazy. Not sure if it’s summer finally taking hold or I’m getting tired of finding things to write about, but it’s becoming a problem.

So, let’s get to it.

Who?: This month’s victim…er…award winner is someone I’ve always considered my road mistress. I usually only watch her when I’m away on business. Since I don’t have access to Boston channels and don’t really care what the local news shows have to say, I’ll turn to CNN Headline News and enjoy the company of the talented, personable, and sexy as hell Robin Meade.

So this. Only in my hotel room. Just me and her.

Robin has been the morning anchor for HLN (as those uppity wankers over at CNN now call it) since as long as I can remember. She’s become such a popular staple that they’ve named the show after her: ‘Robin and Company’ or something along those lines. As well they should. Meade (or Robin, as I call her) is such a welcoming and warm personality you actually feel like she’s talking directly to you.

In fact, here’s a sample of her work complete with a great ‘Good morning, sunshine’ and a sexy purple top. Or perhaps you’d prefer black dress with matching black boots while she discusses the last Super Bowl.

Man, she is addictive.

Her laugh is contagious if you can get past the killer legs

What Else?: Well, she has a great sense of humor not only about herself but everyone and everything going on around her and has the ability to draw you into her joke; arching an eyebrow or giving a look to the camera after a particularly ridiculous story as if saying ‘What the fuck? Can you believe we’re reporting on this shit?’

This means that she's not only one of the hottest women on television, but she strikes me as someone I would enjoy hanging out at a bar or just sitting around my living room. Naked. Uh, the living room part. Not the bar part. Unless she's game, in which case I can handle it if she can. Can't speak for any other people in the bar when they witness the atrocity known as my upper torso, but they'll probably stick around to see her undressed.

She is also a fantastic interviewer as George H W Bush can attest. She even went skydiving with the former President as part of her piece. She’s even won an Emmy for her news work. An Emmy!! They just don’t hand those things out unless you’re Rosie O’Donnell or Ellen DeGeneres, you know!

Not enough? How about her being Miss Ohio in the Miss America pageant? She finished in the top 10 which must have made the 1993 contest a great one to watch. Wonder if Bob Barker tried to fondle her? I would have.

That All?: Not at all. I've actually saved the best for last. What really made me sit up and take notice of Ms. Meade (I know, I know, she’s married. I’ll over look it for now) is her beautiful singing voice. There was a specific clip from the news program where she simply lets loose and stuns the rest of the crew, but I couldn’t find it.

Instead enjoy this clip from the Newsapalooza concert which includes yet another smoking hot outfit. God help her husband. Imagine your wife looking like that, jet setting around the world, interviewing famous athletes, celebrities and horn dog politicians? Guy must be more secure than Fort Knox. Fort Knox is still around, right?

Did I mention she also blogs and has a book coming out? Man alive, Meade, will you take a break? You’re making all the men around you look bad. The women, too. Hell everyone looks bad next to you.

Join me in congratulating the lovely and talented Robin Meade for being this month’s Crush of the Month. I’m sure it will be listed in her bio just below 'Miss Ohio' and just above 'Jumped out of airplane with former President Bush'.

As it should be.

She'll look like this when she gets the news

Today’s distraction: It’s a real life Spider-Man who’s sneakers I want inspected for glue or suction cups or jet packs or something. This is crazy to not be trickery.


thepowerof10 said...

This almost makes me want to watch the news. Almost.

thepowerof10 said...

Oh by the way, that link of the spider-type fellow. That HAS to be fake in some way, doesn't it? Where's the rope and harness? That was unreal.

BeachBum said...

I would think it's either faked somehow or that's a structure he's very familiar with and knows all the hand holds and crevices.

Rob said...

Wish I could see her not so slathered in makeup.