Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Runing Back By Committee

Meant to get this out yesterday, but I still spend a majority of time being life’s bitch. Stupid life.

Let’s get to it. No fucking around as we have the manly business of talking about those macho running backs today.


Adrian Peterson: Consensus number one for good reason.

Michael Turner: Can he repeat last year’s numbers? History says no, but who do you take over him?

Matt Forte: Has Cutler to throw him screens now, so he could have a monster year in total yards.

Chris Johnson: Love this guy and hope to get him on my team. As good as he was last year, I still expect him to be better.

Stephen Jackson: Even on a crappy team he put up solid numbers. Rams should be better this year.

DeAngelo Williams/Jonathan Stewart: Trouble with this tandem is who you think will get the ball near the end zone more often. Last year was Williams. This year?

Frank Gore: TDs were down last year, but he’s still a workhorse and San Fran should have a better offense.

Brandon Jacobs: Another bruiser who could lead the league in points if he stays healthy all season.

Steve Slaton: Last year I tried for 5 weeks straight to trade for Slaton and the dude wouldn’t pull the trigger. Expect even bigger numbers this season.

Marion Barber: Again, if he stays healthy, he’ll produce.


Clinton Portis: Had a much better 2008 than anyone expected.

Kevin Smith: Could he put up even better numbers this year? Or will having a rookie QB stifle him?

Thomas Jones: See Smith, Kevin.

Pierre Thomas: The main back in a potent offense. Expect another solid year even with Bush back.

Ryan Grant: Really picked up the pace in the second half of 2008. I nearly put him in the Sleepers section, but he’s too high profile.

Ray Rice: Despite the three running back hydrahead in Baltimore, he’s usually the one to get the end zone carries. Besides, expect McGahee to get injured at some point this season. Happens every year. Like the changing of the seasons.

Cedric Benson: Came on strong at the end of last year which could mean he’s finally fully healthy and happy again.

LenDale White: Will get points by osmosis playing with Johnson.

Willie Parker: Absolute dynamo when healthy. Too bad he can’t seem to stay that way.

Jamal Lewis: Another back that has been consistently solid the last few years. I keep expecting him to tail off only to have him prove me wrong again and again. I still wouldn’t draft him, though.


Kevin Faulk: Can put up big numbers on occasion, but way too many backs (especially with Fred Taylor on board). You know what? You can put any New England running back here. Who knows who will get carries on a weekly basis.

Julius Jones: The definition of ‘Last Resort’.

Tim Hightower: You willing to take a gamble after how he ended last year?

Justin Fargas: Good luck.

Edgerrin James: Is he even on a team this year?


Ronnie Brown: Injuries dropped his numbers, but Miami will be mostly run again and he (seemingly) is at full speed.

Derrick Ward: Do we even know who the QB for Tampa is, yet? Expect them to hand off quite a bit this year.

Darren McFadden: I know, but he could figure it out.

Beanie Wells: Rookie with Cardinals who will be sharing time with Hightower. So, let’s say Hightower does his dancing routine from last year. Who will be there to pick up the slack? Just saying.

Darren Sproles: Exploded at the end of last season and doubles as a returner.

Correll Buckhalter: No longer backing up Westbrook and is now a part of McDaniel’s high octane strategy.

TJ Duckett: He’s Julius Jones’ backup. And we all know how effective Jones has been the last two years.

Chris Brown: If you manage to get Steve Slaton on your team, you may as well grab his back up in this promising second year player.


LaDainian Tomlinson: Was he really hampered by a big toe last season? Will he bounce back with a vengeance? Or are the miles adding up?

Brian Westbrook: Is he healthy? And can he stay that way?

Maurice Jones-Drew: Will you be getting the first half Jones-Drew or the second half Jones-Drew?

Larry Johnson: Believe it or not, someone drafted him either fourth or fifth in last year’s draft. If he makes the first five rounds I’ll be shocked.

Marshawn Lynch: He’s suspended for the first four games already. Who knows how that will effect him.

Joseph Addai: Will he be 2007 or 2008 Addai? Flip a coin.

Reggie Bush: A gamble worth taking?


Jamaal Charles: On a Kansas City team with a good QB (Cassel), new coach, and questionable lead back in front of him.

Shonn Greene: Rookie back who could see major playing time especially later in the season.

Mewelde Moore: Had great games while filling in for Parker.

Willis McGahee: If he’s healthy and if he can get a majority of the carries and if the coaches decide not to play him for no reason….way too many ifs, but might be a good late round pickup for insurance.

Dominic Rhodes: Now with Buffalo who will be missing Lynch for at least 4 games.

As always there will be some no name running back who comes out of nowhere that sends everyone scrambling to claim him on waivers.

Good luck figuring out who that one’s going to be.

Today’s distraction: Take a long, gloriously time wasting tour of The Simpson’s home town.


Hammen said...

I'm gonna commit one of my pet peeves here and brag about how "I totally knew he was gonna be good before anyone else" regarding Chris Johnson. We had an automated draft, and I moved CJ wayyyyy up my list of running backs to ensure that I got him, and then he was money for me all year. In addition, I fleeced another guy by trading him Larry Johnson straight up for Portis.

So now to make up for that paragraph patting myself on the back, I ALSO released DeAngelo Williams after week 1 because I was convinced he wouldn't get the ball enough, and because I wanted to make room for CJ. That's right, released. Probably cost me the division.

BeachBum said...

Nobody could have seen DeAngelo Williams' production sky rocket like that though. I think Stewart will have a better year this season. No reason other than everyone thinks Williams is going to repeat last season.

Portis is probably one of the most under rated players. Consistently good year after year.

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

Thanks for DeAngelo Williams last year Hammen, pretty sure that's why I won our fantasy league last year. I think I picked him up like week 6 and I had no clue he was going to kick some serious ass the rest of the year.