Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Step Back

I don’t know if you’ve heard, yet, but Ted Kennedy died.

I shit you not. Just check….well…any news site, anywhere.

This morning in Boston you can imagine the uproar over this. On Channel 5 (ABC) our local news had a reporter on site at the Hyannis ‘Egg and I’ gauging people’s reaction to the news. It was laughable since it was 6 am and nobody was even at the diner, yet. He resorted to interviewing the guy that drops off the morning paper.

The reporter actually used the word ‘shocked’ to describe the reactions to 'uncountable' passersby.

Really? Shocking? People are shocked that a guy who had incurable brain cancer for more than a year died? Are they shocked every time the sun comes up, too?

I get that the Kennedy’s are royalty around here….

…wait. Actually, I don’t get that at all.

What exactly has Ted Kennedy done? Can anyone – off the tops of their head – name one significant achievement Ted Kennedy accomplished during his eight terms in the Senate?


You read that right. He’s been in the Senate for eight terms. That’s…a long time. How many years is a Senate term, anyway? Six years?

From what I can gather, politicians on both sides are praising Ted Kennedy for ‘shaping American politics’, which should truly be a mark of shame instead of a badge of honor. Politics has become a lobbyist shark tank where every new law and societal resolution is bogged down in a rotting quagmire.

For such a wealthy, powerful country it sure seems that anything remotely resembling progress is a painful, bloated, laborious process that takes two steps forward and one step back before coming to fruition. And even then the final result is a watered down version of the original idea that has hardly any effect.

Hell, look at Kennedy’s life long pet project of universal health care. Eight terms and he still hasn’t seen it come to life. How, exactly, has he been this generation’s model politician if he couldn’t even get his own passion to come true?

I know it’s wrong to speak ill of the dead, but let’s gain some perspective here. Like Michael Jackson and Steve McNair death creates an instant vacuum in which all bad qualities have been erased from history.

Jackson isn’t a pedophile who descended into a drug induced fairy tale of his own creation, he’s the world’s greatest musical artist.

McNair isn’t a two timing scumbag living in two different worlds, he was a great teammate who worked tirelessly with a variety of charities.

Kennedy wasn’t an impotent politician with a drinking problem who just so happened to have killed a young woman by driving off a bridge then left her in the car to drown, he was the single most important Senator of our lifetimes.

Do you think the current sentiment that Kennedy was considered by most to be one of the most efficient Senators of all time is a compliment?

Yes, I’m cynical. But to praise Kennedy for his political prowess is the most damning criticism of our current system anyone could make.

Today’s distraction: Behind the scenes at Pixar. Maybe they should take over the US Government. They’d be light years more fun and productive.


Clayton Bigsby said...

Didn't he do a bunch of stuff for woman's rights? Equal pay, sick days, and shit like that? I don't understand all the press either. Every news organization says they've been expecting this for a few months and already had tributes recorded. WTF?

Hammen said...

Michael Jackson is a pedophile? Was that in the news or something? Where was I?

BeachBum said...

We're on day 2 in Boston of non stop coverage. Like nothing else in the world is going on. They barely had time for a forecast this morning. One dude sat on camera for a solid 10 minutes reading emails from viewers about what Kennedy meant to them.

Hammen, you may have been partying in Chicago the week they released that information.

thepowerof10 said...

I hate when shit like this happens. People die, it's part of life and we all know it. When people have incurable cancer on their brain, they die. Show his picture on the news for 10 seconds, and be done with it.