Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pros and Cons

Some random pros and cons while I try to keep up with a suddenly loaded inbox.

Pro: The Red Sox putting some last minute pressure on the Yankees. There is nothing I’d enjoy more than watching the Yankees stumble into second place, having to play the Angels in the first round and getting knocked out. That would make me happy.

Con: Those same Sox losing not one, but two straight games to the Royals. Who, I should point out, are the worst team in the American League. Way to keep the pressure on, fellas.

Pro: My new Dish Network service that will soon include that new Red Zone package so I can watch games from around the NFL when teams get close to scoring. Picture, if you will, me sitting in front of my 42 inch television, a single tear rolling down my cheek, as I watch Drew Brees throw his fourth touchdown of the day. In High Def, of course.

Con: DirecTV not letting go. Look, guys, you had your shot. Unless you’re going to move your HD satellite so I can get a signal from my house then stop badgering me to switch back. No HD, no business. Stop mailing, emailing and calling me to come back. We’re through. Accept it and move on.

Pro: winning another $50 from my fantasy league and facing my best friend in week 3.

Con: Marion Barber’s injury and his status marked as the dreaded ‘Questionable’. This wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to worry about Brian Westbrook’s status, as well. I would simply sit Barber and play Westbrook’s backup, LeSean McCoy. But since both are one big shrug I have no idea what to do.

You know what, this will be today’s distraction. I’m putting it to a vote.

Pro: The season premiere of ‘House’ which I had many doubts about and several minor problems with (a music box fixes a decade of silence?) but nailed the complexities and issues of House in an intelligent, non sentimental and perfectly acted manner. I really hope Andre Braugher (who played House’s therapist) returns as he is the only person who out thought and out schemed House since the series began.

Con: Lack of 13 and Cameron in that same premiere. They’re hot.

Pro: The movie ‘Sugar’. If you are a fan of baseball you must see this. A realistic look at the Dominican Republic and how they herd major league hopefuls by schooling them with a singular purpose. With no elementary education there is little for these boys to fall back on if the dream of making the majors falls flat. That the title character is likable, talented, loyal, hard working, and flawed forces us to feel his frustration, joy and confusion all the more. One of the best sports movies I’ve seen in years and has forever changed the way I view all Dominican players.

Con: That a majority of you reading this have probably never heard of this movie.

Pro: The weather and sun we’ve had this September. It’s been cool at night which makes for great sleeping.

Con: That it now is fully dark by 7:30 and winter is right around the corner. I feel a mixture of depression and frantic ‘let’s move to California now that wildfire season is over’.

Pro: The new show ‘Community’ that had me and wifey laughing out loud during the study group scene. I forgot how deadpan funny Chevy Chase can be. ‘Asbergers…’

Con: Having a triple scheduling problem on Thursdays now. The following shows are on between 8-10: Bones, Fringe, The Office, 30 Rock, Community and now FlashForward which I wanted to check out. One or more of these is going to be a casualty and we all can guess which one it’s going to be. Sorry, FlashForward, but you’re the new kid on the block and I just won’t have time for you. There is nothing on Tuesday nights, ABC. You couldn’t tuck it in there somewhere?

Pro: Three new wish list games for Wii being released over the summer: Punchout, Wii Resort, and Need for Speed: Shift.

Con: The outrageous prices being asked for them. Wii Resort could cost you over $75 if you had to buy the new, improved motion controllers (which I do). Need for Speed is priced over $50! Man alive! I got into the wrong industry.

Pro: My oldest boy deciding to take up karate. He took it when he was 4 but baseball became his passion. We told him he needed to take up some physical activity over the winter and he selected this because his best friend is already going.

Con: His forsaking a basketball camp in order to take karate. Basketball’s my first sporting love and he’s already good for a nine year old. I was hoping camp and games would help him get better and pass down the basketball loving gene. Maybe next year.

Pro: Kanye West providing the only moment during the Video Music Awards worth talking about. Sure, he was a dick, but it was also the most spontaneous moment of the entire show.

Con: My built in cynicism telling me it was all a stunt and not so spontaneous. What better way to have people talking about him for the next two weeks. My cynicism was confirmed when he just so happened to be a guest on the opening of the brand new Jay Leno show. Coincidence? You tell me. Just remember there is no such thing as bad publicity. During the next few months (or when this talk dies down) Kanye will be entering rehab for a ‘drinking problem’. I’m guessing alcohol because wifey told me he was overly conspicuous arriving with a bottle of Hennessey or something. Laying the foundation.

Pro: That reforming the health care system seems to be a priority to Obama.

Con: Way too many to count here, but let’s try.

1: The way Obama has been handling this entire process. Meaning, he’s acting like a pussy. You’re the President for fuck sake. Start acting like it. Tell Congress and the House that if they really serve the people then they will pass this bill and make life better for everyone in the country. If not, well, then he will veto every bill that caters to special interests and stop bailing out financial institutions where their friends work until they change their minds.

2: That rational debate has been tossed out the window. How did Sarah Palin convince Redneck Nation that if Obama got his way Death Squads will be coming to exterminate everyone over 70? I wish I were kidding when one news program interviewed a man protesting outside one of these town hall meetings and he broke down in tears while proclaiming that he loves his mother and didn’t want to see her killed off.

Oh, no. I’m not kidding. I watched dumbfounded that not only did this yahoo truly believe this, but that the NEWS GAVE HIM AIRTIME!!!

Speaking of which….

3: News media everywhere. I blame this entire flow of misinformation on you guys. You are the ones that are supposed to be telling average Americans what this health care reform bill is all about. Instead you’re putting morons like the guy above on the air and showing hillbillies in Kentucky screaming about losing their Medicare and not wanting the government involved in their health care. You may want to read that last argument again.

I found it very telling, by the way, that one CNN segment about this was showing commercials for Cialis and asthma medications. Who do you think paid for those ads?

4: The term ‘socialism’. Do the opponents shouting this word even know what it means? And if so, why is it a terrible thing? If not, then pick up a book instead of following the herd to every protest Rush Limbaugh tells you about.

5: That this entire health care issue has reinforced how truly stupid Americans are.

Let’s dumb this down.

In America, right now:

There are millions of people without health care coverage.

There are hundreds of millions that pay partial payments for their own coverage. Even you. If you get coverage through your work, you are still paying out of your own earnings for part of that. There is no free ride. If you are not paying anything it means you either have no coverage or work in Congress.

There are tens of millions of sick people who are being dropped or denied coverage even though they’ve paid into HMOs for years.

Do you really think we don’t need a different health care plan?

If yes, let me ask you two more questions:

1: Do you think every legal American citizen deserves health care coverage?

2: Do you know one person – just one – that is happy with their HMO?

I’ll bet a 99% of you answered yes to number 1 and no to number 2.

Still think this don’t need fixin’?

Today’s distraction: Here we go. I’m putting this to a vote and will play what the majority agrees to. I’m sitting Marion Barber because I don’t think he’ll play and if he does he won’t be very effective. And, honestly, why risk it if you’re the Cowboys.

My other running back is Kevin Smith who will be playing.

Here are my options with their opponents.

Jonathan Stewart vs Philly. He hasn’t done much so far, but seems like he’s ready to bust out.

LeSean McCoy vs Chiefs. I’m strongly leaning this way since it looks like Westbrook is in the same boat as Barber and McCoy will be running against the Chiefs suck ass defense. That's their official nickname and everything. The Suck Ass Defense of Kansas City.

Willie Parker vs Bengals. Another strong possibility, but Parker has blown in a big way this year.

Donald Brown vs Cardinals. Another good one. Played well against the Dolphins and Arizona’s not known for their defense.

Let me know your thoughts.


Hammen said...

I'm voting for Donald Brown. He looked good the other night, and Arizona's D is kinda shitty.

Anonymous said...

Definitely McCoy, the Eagles will play Westbrook sparingly, if at all, plus, as you mention the Chiefs suck ass.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with McCoy as well. Simply because Westbrook has been a band-aid lately.

BeachBum said...

I could go with any of these votes. I think Brown is ready to have one of those 'Holy shit' games within the next 2-3 weeks.

Making things more complicated are reports that Barber is actually practicing and might play after all.

Anonymous said...

Your football no skills

thepowerof10 said...

I've always wondered which is better between Dish Network and DirecTV. I've had Dish, and I liked it a lot, but DirecTV always has such convincing commercials. Yes, I am a sucker for good advertising.

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