Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crush of the Month (Sept Edition)

I haven’t failed you (this time). I realize I never got around to September’s Crush Of The Month, so this week I’m giving you two.

To be honest, I searched for some possibilities last month but came up woefully short. While I took that as a sad indication regarding the talent of women in show business, something deep inside me knew I would be rewarded for my patience. And, no, that something was not a large bowel movement. It was faith.

I was tempted to combine both lovely honorees as ‘Co-Crushes’ but felt that would be unfair to both of them.

Instead I’ll present September’s Crush a month late and tomorrow will be October’s Crush. It’s only fair to give each lovely lady their time to shine.

Let’s get to it, shall we? Hot chicks wait for nobody.

For your consideration, here is BeachBum’s Very Belated Crush of the Month for September.

Who?: Amazingly this actress has been in not one, not two, but now THREE of my favorite television shows. She’s been in ‘Ed’, one of the most under rated, quirky, hilarious and touching television shows of the past 20 years. She’s played Jack Sheppard’s wife/ex-wife in ‘Lost’ and now she can currently be seen in one of the funniest goddamn shows on television, ‘Modern Family’.

Ladies and gents, I present to you Julie Bowen.

She’s a beauty, no?

She’s also very funny. I’ve been on her band wagon since the early days of ‘Ed’ when she had the short hair and portrayed cute and clumsily sexy to perfection, but after her way too serious stint on ‘Lost’ I forgot how comically talented she is. Not easy to transition seamlessly from drama to comedy, but Bowen pulls it off and makes it look easy.

What Else?: Between ‘Lost’ and ‘Modern Family’ she had a recurring role in ‘Boston Legal’ as a defense attorney, but I never saw that show so that does little for me. What does, though, is her role as the love interest in what is still the best Adam Sandler movie ever made: ‘Happy Gilmore’.

I can see why his Gilmore was Happy

True, there wasn’t much for her to do, but I still love that movie and she’s a part of it so she’ll always have a special place in my heart.

She also had a recurring role in another very good series on Showtime called ‘Weeds’. Since I have Showtime now, I must admit this is an entertaining show even if I still haven’t caught up on all the characters and story lines.

That All?: Besides having one of the best smiles on television, you mean?

Fine, she also has the best last name ever. Sadly, it’s only her screen name (her actual surname is Luetkemeyer) but if she ever decided to leave her current husband and marry a certain BeachBum, the screen name wouldn’t suffer at all.

Keep that in mind, Julie. I know it’s tempting.

She’s also an east coast girl, having been born and raised in Baltimore. This helps explain her dead pan, sarcastic sense of humor and innate ability to be that damn good looking and still seem down to earth.

But what puts her WAY over the top, is her marrying a dork. I shit you not. This hot, successful actress married a software developer! The luckiest – and now coolest – nerd in the history of mankind.

Code makes me so hot!

So, join me in congratulating Julie Bowen for being September’s Crush of the Month. Being a month late doesn’t tarnish the accomplishment in the least.

Today’s distraction: Proof that Julie is a good sport, freakin’ adorable, generous and down to earth. Check out the dance in the dunk booth near the end. Too bad she wasn’t wearing white. Apologies in advance for linking to an ‘Ellen’ clip, but it’s relatively painless.


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

Excellent choice. I've had a crush on her since the Happy Gilmore days. Plus she was awesome on ED.

Clayton Bigsby said...

I loved her on Boston Legal. You should get the DVD'. It's a great show. Denny Crane!

Hammen said...

Ohhhh Virginia Bennett. Probably my biggest crush when I was 14 years old....then again as Carol Vessey at age 19.....then again as Lisa at age 26.